Golf gloves from A to Z

Having a good grip that is not too loose to too tight is important for golfers. And yet, many golfers still neglect the accessories that can easily help them improve their grip: the golf gloves. While it is true that golf gloves are not as essential as golf clubs or balls, they provide great aid, especially for average amateurs. Here is everything you need to know about golf gloves:

Why Do Golfers WearGloves
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Why do golfers wear gloves?

There are some professional players who do not use golf gloves for fear that they will affect their feel. But for the majority, golf gloves are important and it is hard to play well without them.

Using gloves help prevent clubs from slipping out of players’ hands. After all, the hand is the only part of the body that touches the club. Losing grip on the golf club can lead to losing control and eventually affect a player’s performance (the golf club may fly out of the player’s hand in a wild swing).

When golfers play under extreme head, rain or cold weather and wear appropriate gloves, their hands will thank them. Gloves help avoid blisters as well.

Why do golf gloves not come in pairs?

A golfer usually needs a golf glove only for one hand, not a pair. While there are people who wear gloves on both hands, this is not common.

The reason: players wear gloves on their non-dominant hands. Right-handed player wear gloves on their left hand while those who are left handed wear gloves on their right hands.

Why do golfers take off their gloves to putt?

Gloves can reduce feel on a player’s hand: there is no denying about this. When it comes to putting, “feel” is extremely important, so professional players tend to remove gloves for better feel and control over their putts.

What are the main golf glove materials?

  • Leather

Leather gloves are the ones that give off the best feel thanks to its suppleness (especially those made of cabretta leather). They tend to be expensive and not very durable. Take note that leather gloves will stretch out with time and they work well in dry conditions but not in damp weather.

  • Synthetic

Compared to leather, synthetic materials are more flexible, durable and less expensive. However, they do not breathe as well as leather. Synthetic leather is very commonly used. Synthetic is the ideal choice for all-weather golf gloves: these gloves can perform in all types of weather conditions.

  • Hybrid

Hybrid gloves have leather in the palms and the fingers and synthetic in the wear joints and joints. They offer the best characteristics of both materials in terms of flexibilty, durability, comfort and feel.

Does size matter for golf gloves

The answer is definitely yes. It is essential to choose a golf glove that is snug but not too tight; it should allow you to move your hands easily like the second skin layer. Proper ventilation between fingers are also required due to sweat and moisture.

Never choose a golf gloves that is too big for your hand and there are extra spaces in the finger tips because the grip effectiveness will be reduced; plus, the glove itself will wear out quicker.

Golf gloves are available from small to extra large sizes.

How to take care of golf gloves?

The number one rule is to keep the gloves dry after you finish playing; or else it will lose its suppleness. Do not dry gloves on direct heat but let them dry naturally. It is best to remove them between shots

To retain a glove’s shape, put it back in its original packaging after you finish playing.  Or, you can just keep it in a plastic zip-lock bag.

Always keep at least several gloves in your golf bag and change them during the course.

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