The US is the fourth largest country in the world in terms of area and is the third most populous country. It has 48 states in between Canada and Mexico. There are many states in the US where golf is being played, and there are several beautiful golf courses in different states of US.

The game of golf has gained its popularity throughout the world decades ago, and the US can’t stay untouched of this.  Golf in America was introduced in 1888 by Scotsman John Reid. If we talk about this very much time, then there are now 15,372 golf courses in the US, that is, approximately 45% of the total golf courses in the world according to R&A report. By this number, we can get to know about the popularity of this sport throughout the country. Now let’s have a look at the most popular Golf Clubs in the United States.

Top 50 Golf Courses in USA

top 50 golf courses in usa
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  1. Cypress Point Golf Course: This is the number one golf course not only in the US but also in the world. Playing on this golf course is a dream of every true golfer. Only luckiest of the lucky ones has the chance to play on this golf course. It is said that once J.F Kennedy was refused entry to its restaurant. It has mere 250 members that could use the golf course. Cypress point golf course is located in the foothills of Saint Lucia Mountains. Its cliff-top terrain is very much thrilling for the visitors. Cypress point golf course is renowned for its beautiful scenic views and natural flora and fauna. It has the best “17 hole” course in the world.
  2. Pine Valley Golf Club: This club was the dream of the Philadelphian hotelier, George Crump, who died before the completion of this golf beautiful This Pine Valley Golf Course is renowned for its Penal Golf course architecture. This course is located on the New Jersey side of Philadelphia, and many of the golfers consider as Monster of the Golf Courses.
  3. Shinnecock Hills Golf Course: This is one of the old clubs in the US and is one of the founding members of the USGA. This is where one of the first designed clubhouses was built, and it never changed ever since. It is located in the Southampton and one of the most beautiful golf courses ever designed.
  4. Augusta National Golf Course: Augusta National golf club is home for the masters. It is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world and is designed by the world greatest golfer “Bobby Jones” and world greatest architecture “Alister Mackenzie”.
  5. Oakmont Golf Course: This is considered to be the one of the toughest golf clubs and has hosted many major championships than any other golf club. It is located at Oakmont, Pennsylvania.
  6. National Golf Links of America: This Golf course is renowned for its Monumental History. It is known as “Bear’s Best” of the early 20th century. It is located at 2 Miles North of Southampton, Long Island, New York.
  7. Sand Hills Golf Course: Sandhills golf club is the club to respect. As the name suggests, it is made of the magnificent sandy tract. This is located at Mullen, Nebraska.
  8. Merion (East) Golf course: This is also one of the top courses in the US. One can play on this golf course when you know a member of the club. It was founded at the time when Philadelphians love to play cricket than golf. It is located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.
  9. Pebble Beach Golf Course: If you can’t play the cypress point golf course then you can play at Pebble beach only if you could afford it. It is located at pebble beach, California and considered to be a heaven for golfers.
  10. Bandon Dunes or Pacific Dunes Golf Course: This course is considered to be the best course on Pacific Duns golf Resort. It is located at the Bandon, Oregon.
  11. Crystal Downs Golf Course: This Beautiful Golf club is set in between Lake Michigan and Crystal Lake in America’s Midwest.
  12. Fishers Island Golf Course: This is one of the most romantic locations in America, and this golf club is just made on two miles wide and eight Miles long island.
  13. Chicago Golf Club: This is a very exclusive golf club of America, and this golf club is only for the VIP’s visiting Chicago city.
  14. Pinehurst (No.2) Golf club: This is a beautiful green golf course that is renowned for its ultimate tests and this club is legendary and quite unique.
  15. Winged Foot Golf Club: This is one of the finest creations of the world renowned golf course designer A.W. Tillinghast.
  16. Seminole Golf Club: As the critics said: “this golf course is one of the finest examples of golf course routing.” It is located on the Atlantic side of Florida coastline.
  17. Praire Dunes Golf Club: This golf Course consists of many inland links and it is present in the heart of the US.
  18. For Head Golf Course: This golf course is all about options and creativity of the golfers. It has an area of 350 acres.
  19. San Francisco Golf Course: This golf course is also designed by A.W. Tillinghast and is renowned for its design and golf routing.
  20. Riviera Golf Course: This golf course is a masterpiece in architecture design and has many famous members that include Glen Campbell, Dean Martin, Gregory Peck and many others.
  21. Los Angeles (North) Golf Club: This is one of the most important pieces of real estate in the whole world and is located at Wilshire.
  22. The Country Club, Brookline (Clyde & Squirred) Golf Course: this is first of its type in the US and is famous among the golfers.
  23. Oakland Hills (South) Golf Course: This golf course has most of the holes lined by the trees and should be treated with respect.
  24. Muirfield Village Golf Course: The Architect of Muirfield Village golf course requires pinpoint tee shots in order to complete the game.
  25. Whistling Straits Golf Course: This Golf course is handcrafted by nature and time.
  26. Kiawah Island Resort (Ocean): Golf Course: This course has most of the seaside holes in the northern hemisphere.
  27. Bethpage (Black Golf Course): This golf course is only for the daring golfers because of its high slope ratings.
  28. Ballyneal Golf Course: The name of this course seems like a British Open Championship Venue and is magnificently crafted.
  29. Camargo Golf Course: This is located at the edge of Cincinnati in the state of Ohio and is renowned for its beautiful greens.
  30. Garden City Golf course: This Garden city golf course is only of Men.

Other Renowned Golf Clubs in the United States

olympic club
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  1. TPC at Sawgrass (Stadium) Golf Course
  2. Olympic Club (lake) Golf Course
  3. The Golf Club of New Albany In Ohio
  4. Bandon Dunes (Old Macdonald) Golf Club
  5. Bandon Dunes (Bandon Dunes) Golf Club
  6. Oak Hill ( East) Golf Club
  7. Somerset Hills Golf Club
  8. Shoreacres Golf Club
  9. Quaker Ridge Golf Club
  10. Old Sandwich Golf Club
  11. Wade Hampton Golf Club
  12. Southern Hills Country Club
  13. Maidstone Golf Club
  14. Baltusrol (Lower) Golf Club
  15. Pasatiempo Golf Club
  16. Sebonack Golf Club
  17. California Golf Club
  18. Peach Tree golf club
  19. Old Town golf Club
  20. Gozzer Ranch Golf Club


These are the top 50 Golf clubs in the US, and if you want to know more about the golf clubs, then you are welcome to revert back in the comment box.

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