With semi-arid and desert nature, Nevada is considered as the driest state in America. Therefore, there are two main Golf Associations at this state which is divided according to the geography. Now, we are going to identify top 10 best golf courses in Nevada in order to understand clearly the golfing scene here.

Top 10 Best Golf Courses In Nevada
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Top 10 best golf courses in Nevada

  1. Shadow Creek

Being the creation idea of world-renowned architect Tom Fazio, Shadow Creek is regarded as the must-play course for all of the golfers. This course is constructed to have a classic layout in the middle of splendid natural landscape. Moreover, you can challenge yourself at the highest level with strategically-placed holes, so that your skills will be improved significantly after all. In case you are in need of transportation service, Shadow Creek can support you with a private limousine which is used to move you from your current location.

  1. Clear Creek Tahoe

Located on the pristine eastern shore of Tahoe, you can have a special feeling when entering the front gate of Clear Creek Tahoe for the first time. You will definitely get overwhelmed by a natural refuge of such amazing attraction sites such as historic Twin Pines, Incline Village, Ski House as well as the largest national forest of 6 million acres in total. Furthermore, if you are interested in enjoying the summer water, you can feel free to engage in sunrise ski, kayaking, beach hopping, early evening sailing as well as having fun with fireworks.

  1. Cascata Golf Club

The next place that I need to mention in top 10 best golf courses in Nevada will be Cascata. When coming to this place, all of the services will totally beyond your expectation. Besides, you can have your name put on the lockers so as to distinguish with the other players. Also, you can feast your eyes with pure and magnificent view of steep mountainside towering and waterfalls along the course. Last but not least, you can get lost in the world of Cascata’s gourmet cuisine when tasting some dishes at The Restaurant here. The guests are required to make reservation and then, you can become indulged in the savory appetizers, elegant desserts together with familiar main dishes.

  1. Southern Highlands Golf Club

Situated in the Southern Highlands of Nevada, this course is well-known for being another home away from your own house. In addition, with the collaboration of world-leading golf course architect Robert Trent Jones Sr. and his son, Southern Highlands is truly a hidden gem for many golf enthusiasts. This place can remain all of the characters of nature including surrounding mountain terrain, finely manicured fairways and fascinating water features as well. All of these factors have become the reasons to keep the players’ loyalty for a long time. Lastly, if you are seeking for relaxation time, Spa treatment and packages are always available all year round.

  1. SouthShore Golf Club

SouthShore has earned its reputation for being the signature design of legendary architect Jack Nicklaus. Therefore, it is not a surprise when this course is considered as one of the privileged golf clubs all over the United States until now. In particular, SouthShore used to be honorably an official host for Wendy’s 3Tour Challenge for 10 consecutive years. Additionally, you can visit well-equipped golf shop to seek for your favorite apparels or equipment in order to gain your confidence before any tournaments.

  1. Wolf Creek Golf Club

Now, I would like to talk about the 6th place among top 10 best golf courses in Nevada, which is called as Wolf Creek. This club is devoted to providing a high-class golf community with picturesque backdrop. You will quickly get immersed into the striped emerald green fairway, miraculous white sand bunkers and wandering canyons, all of which has been added to the brilliant and appealing beauty of this course. Finally, you can maximize your satisfaction since Wolf Creek always care for every detail and personal needs of each golfer.

  1. Edgewood Tahoe Golf Club

Edgewood Tahoe is widely recognized for being the real-life heaven in the heart of Nevada. This place is the great combination of natural beauty and artificial decoration including humble waters, age-old pines, boastful peaks, immaculate emerald greens, distant blue sky along with snow-capped Sierras cutting sharp lines. As a result, make sure to always keep your focus since this magnificent picture can stop you performing the perfect game.

  1. Montreux Golf & Country Club

Montreux is another splendid design of Jack Nicklaus in Northern Nevada. As a consequence, this typical 18-hole structure is a favorite destination for golfers of all ages and all skills. You can test your ability in a challenging and toughing course, but the beauty of quiet meandering creeks and towering pines can let your guard down anytime. If you are fond of learning some useful tips and methods to better your skill, a team of professional instructors is always available to support you in terms of either private lessons or small group programs.

  1. Wynn Golf Club

When making a list of top 10 best golf courses in Nevada, Wynn is definitely a stunning place that you cannot ignore. This course is the brilliant treasure that both Tom Fazio and Steve Wynn has created. You will never forget the rushing streams, rolling greens and numerous white sand bunkers, all of which has given us the marvelous picture lasting long in our mind.

  1. Coyote Springs Golf Club

Jack Nicklaus continues to give us another golf course masterpiece where you can enjoy the most from not only the majestic desert layout but also the fresh atmosphere. Moreover, you can use a diversity of quality practice facilities during your game. Thus, you do not worry about anything else when coming to this place.

Best Golf Courses In Nevada
Photo Credit: Flickr.com

In summary, top 10 best golf courses in Nevada has provided a lot of useful information for any golf addicts. Hence, if you have a chance to visit these places, do not hesitate to write us your story.


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