With the development of golf in Montana, Golf Association was founded in 1917 for both men and women who showed their interest for this activity. Therefore, we are going to seek for top 10 best golf courses in Montana to know more about golf condition at this state.

Top 10 best golf courses in Montana

  1. Rock Creek Cattle Company

With the huge area of 30,000 acres, Rock Creek Cattle is surrounded by a number of beautiful fishing streams and mountains. As a result, you can experience the Western lifestyle as well as exceptional natural wonders at the same place. Moreover, being the creation idea of world-renowned architect Tom Doak, this golf course is definitely a perfect place for anyone seeking for luxurious and excellent service. Apart from golf, there are a variety of other outdoor activities that can bring you more happiness such as fly fishing, hunting, shooting, horseback riding, trail riding, biking and hiking.

  1. Wilderness Club

Wilderness is substantially committed to preserving the character of Montana, therefore, you will become immersed into the wildlife beauty of this place which consists of paved pathways, lush all-grass driving range, well-manicured putting greens, deep faced bunkers as well as spacious pitching greens. All of these factors are the main points that can attract more and more visitors in the future. Furthermore, you can attend Golf School so as to advance your skill with either private or group lessons. According to your choice, you are able to apply for adult classes, junior programs together with group lessons all year round.

  1. Stock Farm Club

At this moment, we are going to look at Stock Farm Club, which is at 3rd place among top 10 best golf courses in Montana. This club is devoted to delivering such a private and elegant atmosphere for golf players. By this way, you can totally fall into the natural landscape to enjoy the relaxation when playing golf here. In case you are willing to live here for a few days, there are a diversity of fine accommodation options available with affordable price. You can make decision on nightly or monthly rental for a comfortable cabin, picturesque landscape, convenient amenities as well as other possible benefits.

  1. Iron Horse Golf Club

With the talent of legendary golf course architect Tom Fazio, Iron Horse is truly a masterpiece in the heart of Montana that nobody can ignore just a moment. In spite of lying in a remote part of Northwest corner at this state, Iron Horse is still stunning and fascinating due to the combination of bluegrass fairways, tricky raised greens and small sand traps along the course. Furthermore, you can have a close look at numerous attraction sites including Big Mountain, Whitefish Lake,

Firs and Tamarack as well. These fantastic elements will catch your attention and become the reasons to make you come back again in the future.

  1. Old Works Golf Club

Old Works has earned its reputation for being the signature design of world leading course designer Jack Nicklaus. Thus, many players are curious to visit this place to experience the splendid course with historic relics. Jack Nicklaus is very clever when creating the contrast between various fairways and white bunker sands. Besides, you can have more passion for golf when competing in a challenging and thrilling game. Last but not least, you can have a chance to receive various special offers with reduced price when visiting the Golf Shop at Old Works.

  1. Spanish Peaks Golf Course

Many people will automatically remember Spanish Peaks when talking about top 10 best golf courses in Montana for many reasons. Firstly, this is the masterpiece of Tom Weiskopf, who is considered as one of the genius golf course architects around the world. Secondly, you can enjoy the gently rolling terrain, surrounding mountains, natural alpine meadows together with undulated greens. All of these elements are able to prohibit you from hitting the best shot, so that make sure to keep your mind anytime. Also, taking advantage of rivers, mountains and meadows, there are a diversity of summer and winter activities held for the guests such as mountain biking and hiking, fishing, skiing, horseback riding, ski trails as well as snowshoeing.

  1. Yellowstone Club

Being another Tom Weiskopf’s design in Montana, Yellowstone is the mixture of natural and artificial beauty since you can see the marvelous mountains, warm sunshine along with diverse colorful gardens. The backdrop Rocky Mountains is absolutely added to the attractiveness of this place. Moreover, if you are seeking for one-on-one instruction, a team of professional instructors are always available for you. After this class, you can learn more useful tips and methods in order to pursue this sport in the long run.

  1. Black Bull

You will be surprised to know that Tom Weiskopf continues to be the designer for Black Bull. His talent can be proven with this golf structure since it is suitable for both professional and amateur players. You can enjoy the toughing and breathtaking game but still keep the playability for the beginners. Also, you can take part in Corral Clubhouse to connect with new friends and taste the best traditional cuisine.

  1. Yellowstone Country Club

Yellowstone country definitely deserves to take a place among top 10 best golf courses in Montana. You will totally get absorbed into the magnificent view of this course, which is covered with Billings rim rocks and snowcapped Beartooth Mountains. Moreover, you can enter for a number of social events such as hallmark Roundup golf tournament, summer picnics, holiday celebrations and seafood buffets after registering to become an official member.

  1. Northern Pines Golf Club

Lastly, Northern Pines will the stunning name to close this list. This course provides a 45-hole structure with different layouts, therefore, you can challenge your ability in the middle of scenic beauty. You will never forget the Stillwater River, rolling fairways and native grasses after setting your first footstep onto this place.

If you are interested in a playable and relaxing destination for your vacation, this list about top 10 best golf courses in Montana will not make you disappointing. However, make sure to share your trip with us afterwards.


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