Demand for golfing has been increasing dramatically for local people in Minnesota these days since this is the effective way to release the stress and keep calm. Therefore, a list of top 10 best golf courses in Minnesota will help you identify the good place to visit.

Top 10 best golf courses in Minnesota
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Top 10 best golf courses in Minnesota

  1. White Bear Yacht Club

Located on the shore of White Bear Lake, White Bear Yacht used to be ranked in top 10 best golf courses in Minnesota. This place is considered as the signature design by Donald Ross with a team of professional staff and exceptional services. Moreover, you can experience the high-class facilities and attractive programs in order to keep memorable moments after coming here. Furthermore, with women who are interested in playing golf for the first time, there are some clinics and competitions to help them pursue their golf passion for a long time.

  1. Interlachen Country Club

Having the same designer as White Bear Yacht Club, Interlachen will give you different point of view after setting your feet on this place. Therefore, it is not a strange thing when Interlachen is ranked among top 10 golf courses in Minnesota. With many people, this site seems to be one of the top golf courses all over the world since it used to host a number of championships such as the Western Open, the US Open, Walker Cup Matches as well as Trans Mississippi. However, you can take part in additional amenities apart from golf including tennis, Pilates, swimming and other winter creation. All of these wonderful factors will remain deeply inside your heart for many years.

  1. Hazeltine National Golf Club

When coming to upper Midwest of the United States, you should visit Hazeltine National once. No one will regret coming to this place and they wish to return as many times as possible to be immersed into the real-life heaven and enjoy the golf. With the combination of mature woods, extensive rolling hills together with crystal lakes, Hazeltine National may fool many golfers and prevent them from hitting the perfect shot. Therefore, both professional and amateur players should focus on the golf challenge and forget the natural beauty for a while.

  1. Spring Hill Golf Club

Spring Hill aims to preserve the purest meaning of golf and delivering the most dedicated services to every player who comes for relaxation and spirit refining. As a consequence, there is a limit of member registration for this club. However, if you are a guest and desire to play golf in Spring Hill, you need to comply with some of the regulations in order not to lose the control towards bad things. For instance, all of the guests are required to be invited or come along with at least one member. In return for this complicated point, you can go through an unforgettable feeling with warm sunshine, unparalleled terrain and hundreds of huge trees.

  1. The Minikahda Club

Now, I would like to talk about one of the places in top 10 best golf courses in Minnesota that you should stop by. The Minikahda is regarded as the oldest golf course in the heart of Mississippi, where you can observe the Lake Calhoun. Besides, its vision is to provide superb services and recreational experience, and then golfers can feel the family values, integrity and honesty. Also, The Minikahda is an ideal destination for any couples to tie the knot. For your important event, you can customize the reception, menus and other ideas with the support of friendly and thoughtful coordinators.

  1. Giants Ridge Golf & Ski Resort

Giants Ridge is well-known for being one of the best golf destinations over many years, which consists of The Legend and The Quarry course. These two courses have different features and unique layouts, which are able to grab the golfers’ attention at the first sight. Lastly, when coming to this resort, you cannot only experience golf to challenge your ability but also take part in a variety of interesting activities including skiing, snowboarding, terrain parks, biking, alpine racing as well as spa treatments.

  1. Windsong Farm Golf Club

I do not need to explain the fantastic aspects of Windsong Farm since you have to experience this feeling by yourself. Coming to this site, you can see a classic and well-maintained design that tends to honor the tradition of golf. With informal atmosphere between the players, you can feel free to test your ability regardless of what level you are. Lastly, Windsong Farm has great commitment to supporting junior and amateur golfers via many available private lessons and training programs all year round.

  1. The Wilderness at Fortune Bay

The Wilderness is certainly a perfect place that we cannot neglect in top 10 best golf courses in Minnesota. With the talented architect Jeffrey D. Brauer, this place is considered as a legendary sculpture along the shores of Lake Vermilion. As a consequence, many people will have deep affection for this fantastic scenery. Last but not least, you can visit The Wilderness Grill whenever you are hungry after a game. There are a number of tasty and well-cooked dishes offered for appetizers, breakfast, lunch, late lunch and dinner.

  1. Minneapolis Golf Club

When mentioning Minneapolis, many people remind of a traditional golf course that is covered with a number of ponds, bunkers and trees. All of these elements give this place a gorgeous and distinctive look after all. Moreover, Minneapolis tries its best to promote family activities and other helpful sports such as swimming.

  1. Golden Valley Country Club

With the purpose of providing a challenging but friendly environment when playing golf, Golden Valley does not make anyone disappointing by offering a magnificent panoramic view and toughing course for golfers of all ages and all skills. Moreover, you can go shopping and seek for your favorite items such as sportswear and bags at its Pro Shop. Also, the dedicated employees are always by your side to help you find out the most suitable item.

best golf courses in Minnesota
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After listing top 10 best golf courses in Minnesota, I have a passion to visit all of these places. Thus, if you have ever experienced playing golf at one of these destinations, make sure to share with us as soon as possible.

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