Massachusetts is one of the populous states all over the United States, so that the number of golf enthusiasts there is increasing daily. Therefore, we will identify top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts in order to know the good places for entertainment nowadays.

Top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts
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Top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts

  1. The Country Club

Situated in the suburbs of Brookline, The Country is one of the first golf clubs that has a classic concept in Massachusetts. You will never forget the history moment when the unknown amateur golfer Francis Ouimet defeated the legendary professional Harry Vandon in the playoff of the US Open in 1913. This victory has made The Country become more popular and make inspiration for ordinary Americans who are desiring to obtain a success. Moreover, this place is truly a traditional golf course with distinct features such as glacial rock formations and the elevated greens. All of these factors are added to the appealing of The Country.

  1. Old Sandwich Golf Club

With the rich heritage from Mother Nature, Old Sandwich is considered as a traditional golf club that can satisfy a number of golfers with varying skills. On top of that, this club is committed to providing an enjoyable and fun playground for beginner golfers, thus they can learn step by step and improve their ability afterwards. Furthermore, if you are interested in staying here for a while, there are numerous high-class cottages with 4 spacious bedrooms, exclusive facilities and natural wood burning fireplace which will exceed your expectations.

  1. Myopia Hunt Club

Going to the next place in top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts, Myopia Hunt is definitely a promising name that you should talk about. Located in South Hamilton of Massachusetts, this club is able to retain most of its original golfers and trying to attract more in the future. If you are seeking for a perfect golf treatment, do not hesitate to come to Myopia Hunt. Besides, you can study the historic golf course architecture with a number of special bunkers of different sizes and shapes.

  1. Essex County Club

Originally established in 1893 and redesigned in 1917 by Donald Ross, one of the most favorable golf architects in the world, Essex County is completely able to fulfill your passion for golf as well as other activities. However, you need to comply with a variety of proper rules when entering to this course in terms of electronic devices, dress codes and accessories. For instance, men should wear tucked-in collared shirt with mid-length shorts. Otherwise, shirts and skirts are required for women. All of these regulations are quite acceptable to keep the politeness during the game.

  1. Eastward Ho! Country Club

Being constructed in Chatham of Massachusetts, Eastward Ho! Country will absolutely offers every golfer a challenging play and scenic landscape. Tricky greens and fantastic rolling fairways can easily prevent you from hitting a perfect spot, therefore; you need to focus more when playing golf at this club. Nevertheless, this toughing point will indulge the golfers to return to Eastward Ho! Country again in the future. Besides, a team of professional coordinators are always available to support for any of your events such as friend reunions, baby showers, corporate meetings together with birthday parties.

  1. Boston Golf Club

Next, Boston will be ranked as 6th place among top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts. Being built in the south Boston of Hingham, Boston is well-known for remaining the old world style and traditional values of golf. Moreover, this club is regarded as a magnificent paradise for golfers of all ages and all skills. You will get totally immersed into the warm sunshine, unparalleled layout and numerous huge trees. Last but not least, you can enjoy the outstanding living standard by staying at the unique cottages with the combination of hardwood panels, fireplace, tree-crafted furniture and authentic hickory floors.

  1. Kittansett Club

With the collaboration of William Flynn and Fred Hood, Kittansett has earned its reputation for offering the ultimate convenience and comfort for every golfer. You can overlook the spectacular scenery with small greens and water hazards. Moreover, Kittansett can continue to grow faster and more significantly thanks to the well-qualified staff. As a result, this club tends to recruit new employees annually with a few internship programs to provide them the hands-on experience in golf course management.

  1. Salem Country Club

Donald Ross seems to be the first reason why Salem Country can gain much attention when it was first established in 1895. He is the one to give this course an extraordinary design and immaculate condition. Hence, Salem Country was honorably the official host for many national championships such as the USGA Women’s Amateur, the USGA Men’s Senior Amateur and the Men’s Senior Open Championship. Finally, this course aims to provide a fair environment where the good shots will be rewarded and bad shots need improving.

  1. Winchester Country Club

When mentioning top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts, many people will automatically remember Winchester Country for sure. With a long history of more than 50 years, Winchester is excellent at providing a community that can enhance and better the human relations. People visit this place and enjoy the most of golf, and then they will share their knowledge with each other. Furthermore, you need to dress accordingly at Winchester Country so as to show respect to the other golfers.

  1. Sankaty Head Golf Club

From the past until now, Sankaty is well-known for welcoming residents and non-residents of Massachusetts all year round. Besides, this club is very suitable for family gatherings since it aims to design many activities for the whole family. By engaging in swimming, tennis and camping, you can relax and enjoy life with your beloved members.

best golf courses in Massachusetts
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In summary, all of the destinations in top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts is pretty amazing and fascinating. Therefore, do not lose any chance to come there once in your life if you can.

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