Golfing is considered as one of the most popular hobbies in Kansas City since people can refine their minds and release all of the pressure out of their heads. Hence, I will provide you top 10 best golf courses in Kansas so as to have the best choice.

Top 10 best golf courses in Kansas
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Top 10 best golf courses inmKansasTop 10 best golf courses in Kansas

  1. Wichita Public Golf Courses

The first golf course we need to mention is Wichita Public located in Kansas of the United States. Coming to this place, you can fully enjoy a number of first-class course layouts that challenge golfers of all ages, genders and levels of ability. You can choose among 5 designs including Auburn Hills in the heart of residential development, L.W. Clapp in the southeast of Wichita as well as the popular MacDonald.

Moreover, to overlook the beautiful landscape of Pawnee Prairie Park, make sure to visit Tex Consolver course. Otherwise, Arthur B. Sim is an ideal golf course for anyone being fond of the Museum District. Last but not least, you can join in the E-club anytime to keep pace with any discounts, lessons or tournaments offered by Wichita Public.

  1. Sand Creek Station

Now, I would like to introduce the second place among top 10 best golf courses in Kansas that we need to arrive once in our life. Although Sand Creek is built according to traditional and classic style, this course is still modern in many aspects in order to satisfy both the youngers and the elders. With the combination of bordering railways, platform greens and lake water, Sand Creek is considered as one of the greenest courses in this area. Besides, you can enter for a challenge club to receive gifts and vouchers whenever completing any of these 3 levels such as Bogie, Par together with Birdie.

  1. Colbert Hills Golf Course

By experiencing golfing at Colbert Hills, you can definitely feel the passion of the staff to provide a challenging but fun game for all of the players. Located in the Kansas Flint Hills, Colbert Hills will take your breath away by beautiful scenery and strategic game structure. Moreover, you are able to engage in some championship courses, par 3 courses and practice areas in form of 18-hole course, 9-hole course, artificial green and the others. In addition, Colbert Hills can satisfy your detailed requirements related to organizing any events from semi private luncheon and closed door meetings to large celebrations.

  1. Painted Hills Golf Club

Situated in the heart of Kansas City in 1929, Painted Hills pays great attention to tree-lined fairways as well as bent grass greens so as to have a stunning and refreshing appearance for any guests. However, after an extreme makeover during the period of 2012-2013, this golf course will definitely exceed your expectation with new bluegrass, greenside bunkers and cart path. For anyone who used to visit Painted Hills before 2012, you will totally get surprised with everything in front of your eyes when coming back. Lastly, make sure to register for Fall Membership Special to receive 2-month golfing for free.

  1. Falcon Ridge Golf Course

Being constructed in Lenexa, the southwest suburbs of Kansas, Falcon Ridge has earned its reputation for being one of the best courses in the Midwest. You can have a close look at rolling hills and manicured greens, which will make you remember for a long time. Moreover, taking your family to Falcon Ridge is one of the best treatment so as to enhance your close-knit relationship. Finally, a number of gift cards are offered via its online store with affordable price for many people.

  1. Andrews Golf Course

Next, the 6th golf course I am going to show in top 10 best golf courses in Kansas will be St. Andrews. You can experience the unique Ozark-feeling when visiting this course located in Overland Park. Also, every golfer with different skills can challenge themselves with 5 sets of tees available all year round. However, if you are seeking for lessons in order to have advanced skill, there are a number of outstanding programs for junior and adult as well.

  1. Quail Ridge Golf Course

With the total area of 7,361 yards in Bazine for golf course, Quail Ridge is able to become the endless inspiration for every golfer. Under the talented hand of Jerry Slack, there will be no same holes in this course, which will make you feel exciting to come back again and again. You need to notice one special thing about this course, which is the unique birthday club. After joining, you can be reminded of any activities and events all year round.

  1. Sierra Hills Golf Club

When talking about top 10 best golf courses in Kansas, you cannot forget Sierra Hills. This course aims to focus on customer satisfaction as their core priority, so that it is not a strange thing when it can appeal more and more people in the long run. However, there are some compulsory rules that you need to comply in order to have a perfect play. For instance, you are required to register at pro shop before playing golf or keep your carts behind the white line.

  1. Canyon Farms Golf Club

With the panoramic view overlooking wooden valley, a rock quarry and a tranquil lake in one frame, Canyon Farms is regarded as the masterpiece that Mother Nature has given us. However, this course may be a little bit toughing for beginner golfers. But do not worry since you can have the professional guidance from Parker Jenner, who experiences a total of 13 years in this field. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each player, he can provide you the specific training method that are the most suitable for you, and then, you can improve in the quickest way.

  1. Sunflower Hills Golf Course

Last but not least, Sunflower Hills is quite well-known for being one of the most favorite golf courses with Kansas residents. You can enjoy walking along the over-7,000-yard course while watching zoysia fairways and water hazards at the same time. You will never regret when coming to this golf course and practice all of the difficult level of golfing.

golf courses in kansas
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golf courses in kansasCreating a list of top 10 best golf courses in Kansas will help you have an overview about the advantages and disadvantages when coming to play golf in this area. Therefore, make your own choice and then enter for your favorite club to satisfy your hobby.

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