Tips For Playing Golf in the Big Wind

Tips for playing golf in the big wind

Tips for playing golf in the big wind

The period from November to March is the ideal time for golfers to practice. However, it is also the time golfers have to play in the big wind.

Tips for playing golf in the big wind

Move the ball in the big wind

You have to move the ball back when standing and adjust the trajectory of The weather always change, so the wind also changes the direction and strength. When the ball is under strong wind conditions, it is difficult to control the ball, but please pay attention to the following tips that you can control the golf ball more precisely

Hit the golf ball against the wind

In order to hit the ball against the wind, you need to keep in mind the following three things:

  • Choose a golf club: Here you should choose long sticks, low leverage because it will be great support for you in the process of hitting the ball against the wind because the worst thing you can do is Swing stronger. So don’t be afraid to choose a club that is smaller than 1 number or 2 numbers or even 3
  • Hold the handle: In this case, you should hold the short handle and make a shorter backswing. If you make a swing that is too wide, it will destroy the chance to bring the ball to the right distance. Here the key will be your control.
  • Move the ball: You have to move the ball back when standing and adjust the trajectory of the ball lower. Next, you make a swing with as much control as possible, which will give you a great opportunity to achieve a not too difficult distance.
Tips For Playing Golf in the Big Wind

Hit the golf ball in weather conditions with the wind blowing in the same direction as the ball direction; you must also note the following 3 things:

  • Remember that the ball will be the most affected by the wind is when making the golf ball fly is too high. Therefore, strokes made by long iron golf clubs are less affected than short iron clubs.
  • You want the ball to go lower then you have to control the distance with the iron golf club.
  • After you have determined the distance, you hit the ball because in this condition the ball will be harder to stop.

Hit the ball in the horizontal wind

  • If you have good control of the ball, you don’t need to worry but hit the ball straight into the wind.
  • If you do not have good control of the ball direction, you must adjust the goal to match the wind direction.
  • The optimal swing for you is a good balance and control.
  • Adjusting the low orbit ball will be an advantage for you.

Of course, in conditions of strong winds, there are also many factors that affect your strokes. But the tips above can help you have a solid foundation and the chance to have a good shot. Golfing in strong wind conditions is never easy, but if you remember those points and keep your cool, you will succeed.


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