Tiger Woods – Life and Career

It can’t be denied that Tiger Woods is a great athlete. As a golf prodigy, he has developed into a pro and has such a successful career. This article has information about Woods, from his early life to professional careers.


Tiger Woods or EldrickTont Woods was born on December 30, 1975, in California. His father, Earl Woods was African American, and he was a retired lieutenant colonel. His mother, whose name was Kultida née Punsawad, has Thai, Chinese and Dutch ancestors. He also has two half- brother Earl Jr. and Kevin, and a half-sister, Royce.

Woods’ first name, Eldrick is a meaningful name as it begins with” E,” standing for “Earl” and finishes with K, standing for “Kultida. His nickname Tiger originated from one of his father’s friend.

Early life and amateur career

Tiger Woods spent his childhood in Orange County, California. He soon showed his talent for golf, as he was introduced to it at the age of two by his father, who was very athletic. Following his father, he had played in many golf courses around his place.

Until he was ten, Woods had won several events. He surpassed his father at the age of eleven, though his father had tried his best m and he hasn’t lost to his father since then. When Woods was 13, he impressed famous golfer Jack Nicklaus in their first meeting in Los Angeles

Woods became the youngest US Junior Amateur champion when he was 15. In 1992, he joined his first PGA Tour events, the Nissan Los Angeles and was considered as Golf Digest Amateur Player of The Year.

Tiger Woods entered Stanford University under a golf scholarship in 1994 and won his first college event in September. He chose economics to be major in, but he soon left college after two years to begin his professional career.

Professional career

Becoming pro at the age of 20 in 1996, Woods had an advertising contract with Nikes and Titleist. The following year, he won the Masters and set the record of being the youngest winner. It’s was not until 2 months later that he ranked No.2 in the Official World Golf Ranking.

In his first ten years of career, Woods has won numerous championships. In some years, he won successive events and set several records. The next years, Woods’s performance suffers a bit, and he also has some injuries, which hinder him in recent years. However, he has returned as the champion of PGA Tour on September 23, 2018.

Through his career, he has got unbelievable achievements. Tiger Woods has won 80 official PGA Tour events, including 14 majors. In total, he won over 300 PGA events. Experts call him “greatest closer in history,” because of his playing style. It’s said that he holds the record of the most earnings in the history of PGA. Woods is listed as one of the greatest golf players of all times.


This article provides people with brief information about one of the most successful golfers in the worlds. It can raise your interest in Tiger Woods and maybe one day, you become his fan?







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