Have you ever made a question that how the number one world golfer- Tiger Woods play? How many hours does he spend a day training or does he practice other complementary activities besides golf? Or what are his swing strategies? In our following article, we would like to share with you some of his golf secrets. So now you will have a better insight about “Tiger Woods how I play golf”.

Tiger Woods How I play Golf

1.  Enhance training time and complementary exercises

The first thing of Tiger Woods how I play golf is his training time and complementary exercises. Tiger Woods golfer regards golf as his career. If a full-time officer works 8 hours per day, Tiger Woods retains his drill intense from ten to twelve hours a day even when he has reached the number one position in golf world rank.

To avoid to be exhausted or injury, another professional golfer, as well as Tiger Woods reduces training volume during competition periods. To sensitive sports like golf, that your health is in the best condition is really essential. If needed, Tiger regularly practices from two or three hours after each round and almost never keep training long before the main rivalry. Physical activities are cut down and he rarely plays powerful exercise too. Instead, he performs splits and does yoga as an effective complementary. Moreover, he also spares time for practicing short shots such as the chip, putt or pitch. The majority of amateurs make the mistake by practicing long shorts instead of short games or full swings.

2. Let’s have a right stroking posture

The posture of hitting the ball is extremely important. You must ensure that your back is up and your knees are lowered a bit. Tiger Woods particularly keeps his chin up too. This is also a thing you need to remember and adjust. Your chin must be up so to make enough space between your chin and chest. So that your left shoulder can turn back easily and do a perfect backswing.

Tiger Woods also emphasizes on a distance of the player with the golf ball. If you stand too close to the ball, you will have to keep your head down to be able to look at the ball more clearly. Incidentally, this put a negative effect on the rotation of the left shoulder during the backswing performance. Therefore, simply try to extend your distance to the ball and keep your head up. You can turn your shoulder backward or towards more easily.

3.Control the divots

A professional golfer is a person who is able to control the eddy, orbits, and distance of the ball. Prior to 1997, his strokes of iron clubs created the deep and larger divots. This means his downswings are too steep and he reduced the upward inclination of the club to hit the ball. Consequently, he could not control the eddy, orbit or distance of the ball accurately.

Afterward, Tiger Woods trained strenuously and changed his swings to win Masters in 1997. With his new swings, the attack of the ball becomes less wide, divots left on the grass get different too. Instead of the long and deep divots, they become narrower their size is similar to the dollar. You can perform deep divots if needed, however, the ideal divots should be long and thin. Now, you understand “Tiger Woods how I play golf, right”.

4. Perform wide backswing

Backswing is the combination of horizontal and vertical movement. Most of the amateur players have a narrow and vertical backswing. Because they tend to lift their arms straight up and raise their wrists immediately. This also causes the slope downswing and the tendency is to cross the ball instead of swinging through the ball smoothly.

Therefore, when you make a backswing, do not forget its horizontal movement. You stretch your hands and arms out of the body. When the club head moves to the knee position, then lift your wrist naturally. With this method, you can gain strength and also ensure your downswing is not too steep.


Here are some techniques secret tips of Tiger Woods, the best golfer all the time. You can consider them as your references. You can practice these technique tips by yourself or do it with your experienced coach. However, each person does not have the same program and training volume. Therefore, consider them carefully to find out your best suitable techniques.


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