Golf has been a very popular game for hundreds of years. In order to play golf one need to know about many rules of golf. Some set of rules is being enforced while playing like a ‘PRO’ while there are many others that are standard. Learning and following these standard set of rules is a must to play golf.

When you start playing golf on a regular basis and seriously then, you might want to know about the complete set of rules to enjoy the game. Some of these rules are just a part of courtesy while other rules are play oriented. If you aren’t maintaining the adequate rules, then it results in the penalty.

There are many golf courses that are strict about the rules, and if you are breaching the rules again and again, then you might not be allowed to play on that golf course.

Everything you need to know about Golf

1. Golf Etiquettes

Everything you need to know about Golf
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As we discussed earlier, there are many rules in the game of golf. As you are playing this game with many persons around, Learning and following golf etiquettes is a must. These golf etiquettes ensure your respect towards the golf course, other players, and tradition of the game. These etiquettes make the game safe and pleasing to play. Some of these etiquettes are listed below:

  • Game of golf has the basic code for the dress to play at the golf course. So it is recommended to have golfing attire.
  • Always reach the golf course on time. Reaching late will disrespect your other members that are joining you for the golf course. You should reach before their tea time.
  • You always need to stay with your party and enjoy playing with them.
  • You should always allow the faster-playing groups to go ahead by waiting for one hole as this is better than holding them behind and wasting their time.
  • Give respect to others and get respect from them in return. You should not yell at them or use foul language while being on the golf course.
  • If you are driving a golf cart, then take care of it. Always get it to the designated places and don’t over speed your cart.
  • Always park your golf cart out of the way of the other golfers.
  • Play your shots keeping other golfers in mind. Always warn them before playing your shot if they are in your way.
  • Always be ready for your turn. Prepare yourself with the perfect golf club before your time to hit arrives.
  • Let the furthest golfer hit the ball first.
  • Always stand at some distance from other players while they are taking their shot.
  • Anger holds no ground on the golf course so be patient and don’t throw your clubs in anger.
  • Drinking is prohibited on the golf course while playing except water.
  • If you had lost your ball, then there is no need to look after it for more than five minutes. Just declare that it is lost and move on.
  • Always respect the flora and fauna of the golf course. Take care of the birds and other animals on the golf course.
  • Always use the dustbin on the golf course and don’t throw the garbage on the golf course.
  • Maintain the silence while some other is taking a stroke.
  • Always remain honest with the scores.
  • After finishing your game, vacant the golf course as soon as possible.
  • Don’t have personal talks on the golf course as this might disturb other players.
  • While being on the golf courses never walk between the hole and the ball.
  • Always place your bag away from the greens, Take your necessary clubs and place the bag away.
  • If your ball hits another ball, then you should place your ball on the original location before, and a two penalty stroke will be incurred.

2. Golf Swing

The most significant aspect of playing the golf game is ‘Golf Swing’. The golf swing is the hardest thing to perfect. The golf swing is a combination of balance, power, and physics to get the ball to the desired point. The basic key to master a golf swing is to practise it again and again until you reach the perfection.

3. Grip of the Club

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The second most vital factor of golf playing is ‘the grip of the club’. You should hold the club with both of your hands from the rubber area. Every golf club has a rubber area known as the grip area. This is where you hold or grip it from. You should grip it well to have a perfect swing and hit. It is suggested that you should hold the club more with the fingers rather than the palm.

Left hand has a stronger grip on the club while the right hand is used for the direction and stability. You should never hold a grip too tightly and even too loosely. It is one on the most difficult task to have a perfect grip. You should consult a professional golf instructor to master your grip.

4. Playing the Stance

Your standing stance will surely improve your skills to play golf more effectively and efficiently. The standing stance is a necessity for knowing the proper power, distance and aim to play the ball. You should stand with your legs apart than the width of your shoulders. You should have a straight back and bow accordingly so that your club could reach the ball easily.

While taking a swing for the club try to shift your weight from one leg to another. In the meantime, maintaining balance is a must. If you are using a putter, then stance will change accordingly. Your legs will be slightly apart and bend your knees in such a way that you are about to sit. Control the putter afterwards and take a swing.

5. Aim of the Ball

Aiming the ball also serves as one of the most important things in golf. Aim your club face towards the ball for a perfect hit. The ball will go in the direction where your club face is aiming at. Look at the target and take your stance perpendicular to it. It is seen that right handed players often hit the ball to the right which can be corrected through practising proper aim. This will also improve your stance and aiming capability.

6. Golf Swing

Golf swing includes the proper body moment to attain power to get the ball to the target by swinging the golf club. All of the above aspects play a vital part for a perfect golf swing.

  • It also requires a little of physics to aim the ball correctly and to take a perfect swing.
  • The golf swing can only be learned with more and more practise.
  • A perfect player of golf shoes is a must so that you must not slip while taking a golf swing.
  • You can take a help of professional golf instructor to know about the perfect golf swing.

7. Scores on Golf Course

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Each golf swing you take is counted as one stroke. Every hole on the golf course allows you to have average strokes decided for that hole. Your ball has to reach the hole in that average number of strokes. If you are playing with a player that is more experienced then you then you can have the handicap. These handicaps change after every round according to your golf score in each round of 18 holes of golf.

Our Advice

These are some of the general things that you need to know before playing golf. If you have additional aspects that you would wish to share with our readers, then please share them in the comment box below.

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