Psychology Tips While Playing Golf

Psychology Tips While Playing Golf

Psychology Tips While Playing Golf

While playing golf, sometimes you will feel stress, or sometimes you make a bad golf shot because you are too nervous. Here are some psychology tips while playing golf for you.

Tip # 1: How to start the first best tee box

The first tee box can often cause players to be stressed, which will definitely affect the swing. The tip to fix that is slowing everything. Slowly, speak slowly, breathe slowly, move slowly and think slowly.

Psychology Tips While Playing Golf

Tip # 2: How to hit Hole in One

If you want to hit the hole in one, you have to focus on one and only one thing is a “hole.” Do not care about other things, like water, sand, trees, and wind. When standing in front of the ball on the green shot.

Imagine dividing the green into 4 parts, focusing on the part with the flag, if possible, divide it into 4 smaller parts, focusing on the flag section, ideally, you should divide the green to the size the same as the flag hole. Now only focus on one thing, everything no longer exists, only you and the hole.

Psychology Tips While Playing Golf

Tip # 3: Choose a stick when hitting

For amateur players, it is normal when the ball contact is not good, and not achieving a fixed distance like on the training ground. So when choosing golf club to “on green”, choose more than 1 number, for example, with that distance you think that you are playing the iron stick 8 is appropriate then choose iron stick 7 to hit.

Tip # 4: What to do when you feel stressed

When you feel stressed, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, sing quite, or linger in your throat. You can repeat the phrase “easy.” Some people may smile, or laugh; they tend to think about some funny things.

Or you can do some movements like shaking your hands, relaxing or bracing your legs. In short, you can do anything which can help you eliminate stress without letting others notice.

Psychology Tips While Playing Golf

Tip # 5: Keep your head from lifting early

Every player likes to turn left to see his ball rolling into the hole or fly away. This makes you lift your head early. Note here is not to lift the head, but the shoulder still has to turn around. Instead of trying to hold back to keep your head from lifting early, you should listen.

– Listen to the sound of the ball falling into the hole

– Listen to the sound of the stick hitting the ball

After hearing this noise, only and after this time you can look anywhere you want. If you pay attention to listening to the sound, your head will remain natural, and your body will not be stiff, your swing will be smoother.

There are some psychological tips to help you feel comfortable while playing golf. Here are just a few in many tips, and you can find other useful ones by yourself. Hope you have a great golf day.


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