Jack Nicklaus- “Golden Bear” of the Golf World

Known as Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus is one of the greatest players in the history of golf. In this article, we will provide you with some information about his life as well as his career.

Jack Nicklaus.

Jack Nicklaus

Early life and amateur career

On January 21, 1940, Helen and Charlie Nicklaus became parents with the birth of their son, Jack William Nicklaus. Nicklaus grew up in Upper Arlington. Spending his childhood and youth here, he had played various sports and was quite successful in basketball, football, and tennis.

When he was 10, he played his first golf match at Scioto Country Club. Within that year, due to an injury in a volleyball match, he joined the club to recover and was guided by Jack Grout, who would become his lifetime instructor.

Until he was 17, he had won 27 events held in Ohio. At the age of 13, he was the youngest competitor in the US Junior Amateur. At the age of 16, he was successful against professionals and won the Ohio Open in 1956.

With the intention of following his father as a pharmacist, Nicklaus majored in pre-pharmacy in Ohio State. However, he changed his mind and studied insurance later. He wanted to remain an amateur golfer and selling insurance to earn his living. In November 1961, he decided to become a professional player to support his family. From then, the professional career of one of the greatest golfers began.

Jack Nicklaus

Professional career

At the early stage of pro-life, he made a great breakthrough and performed extremely well in 1962-1967. He defeated Arnold Palmer in 1962 US Open, which is also his first PGA tournament. This made his public debut and the beginning of the rivalry between Nicklaus and Palmer.

He won two of 4 majors, PGA events and Masters in 1963. Nicklaus and Palmer, representing for the USA, won the Canada Cup in France. Though he didn’t win any majors in 1964, he set a record for the lowest score in the final round.

Jack Nicklaus

1965 and 1966 marked his second and third winning the Master, and he was the youngest to achieve this. He won the 1967 US Open, and 5 victories in his competition in 24 worldwide events.

His performance declined a bit in 1968-1970, as he won no major championship in this period except the Open Championship in 1970. His career rose again with the winning of 1971 PGA Championship. Until 1977, he won several majors and set many new records. Nicklaus won the fourth US Open and fifth PGA Championship.

In 1981-1985, he remained top 10 in major championships. At the age of 46, he won his sixth Masters in 1986, and this was the final title in his PGA span.

After retired the PGA tour in 1986, Nicklaus continued his career as senior by Joining the Senior PGA tour in 1990 when he was 50. In 2000, he played his final US Open. He ended his professional career at Open Championship in 2005.

Jack Nicklaus


Jack Nicklaus is one of the legends in golf. He had a successful professional career, and his name will be heard in many years in the future!






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