There is one undisputable truth in best professional and amateur golfers. It is that these golfers frequently fall victim in their pursuit of constant improvement and trying to make faultless the golf swing although the playing method is perfected. As a result, they mix their thought bug with golf swing which ultimately kills the originality of the way they swing and eternally changes their playing style.

Although it is not a happy situation but it is true that most leader golfers and instructors are doing harm than achieving any good, in improving the knowledge, by advancing it to the top performance level.

How to improve your golf swing

Original or Genuine Swing Style Dilution

For example, real styles of golf swing of Tiger Woods in now out of existence due to the diluted technique adopted by him in his pursuit to getting better. From this what can we learn? The answer is never doing what he tried to do.

How to improve your golf swing
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Let’s begin with a significant question.

What precautions and method you will adopt to help you from now on to take right decisions to prevent you losing your original or genuine style of golf swing?
Looking at the golfers and golf history and those who played their best games, one thing is sure that they have adopted a style of the golf swing that nobody else had.

Depending on your exposure and the approach you adopted to learn the game and playing method, it shall reveal whether your golf swing is original or authentic style.

If It is Not Broken, It Needs Not be Fixed

  • A significant and rational approach to improving the golf swing does not necessarily mean that you become casual in your method of improving it. A significant difference to note is that golf swing can be changed but essentially can’t be improved.
  • Each triumphant female and the male golfer have believed actually in following constant This decision was never based on the cost of diluted skill to take part in the game.
  • This means they made excellent changes in golf swing by out of the box thinking and expert’s advice. They would consider whether to change their technique or not after understanding the end result fully.
  • Mostly they never adopted any change, which actually is the cleverest thing one can achieve.
  • When you become an experienced player and start playing really well, generally the changes you desire for your golf swing are not decided on the looks instead it’s based on standard technique and adjustments in the vital essentials that execute the golf swing.

Explained above are few basics that every time will show a high influence on the way golf is played by you, basics learnt by you and familiarized during the career, as the steady position of the club and your body  combined with an efficient schedule before taking a shot, and pace and timing of golf swing.

Flow, Feel, and Form; Three Stages to Change Golf Swing

How to get the perfect golf swing
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The changes you make in the golf stroke must take you towards an identifiable feel different than the actual stroke. It has no sense to make your golf swing look flawless unless it demonstrate that and gives a feeling which  you carry till golf course and   with extreme confidence allow it  to flow.

  • The core of your genuine golf swing is the ‘Feel’. Your inherent familiarity and body alertness exerts pressure on the golf club and in turn club transmits back that pressure in the body that affects the way swing goes back and forth and the golf ball is hit.
  • The feel will have to be guarded at all cost as it is a unique thing like prints of your fingers.
  • Your golf swing alertness must be thought as feel, and the amount of change should be decided, and also how much that change will influence your skill and how to play at the level of competition.
  • Generally, golf swing variation is described by a three stage approach understanding the process of change of golf stroke. These are Flow, Feel, and Form.

Hence, on the basis of our three stages, the aim of change in the golf swing is for deriving flow from the feel and form from the feel. The best feel can only be developed on a robust mechanical base.

To Change Structure or Form of Golf Swing

The first stage is changing few components in your present structure of golf swing but remembers the difficulty of change procedure of the golf swing and how much change mechanism you will fit into your present golf swing design.

  • Change in the structure should be thought as the number of parts of the body that is required to be changed, trained and accustomed to making the golf swing work successfully.
  • If a number of parts is changed, the more difficult the structure becomes, and hence it is harder to replicate and time.
  • The putting is the easiest stroke to modify, and the very difficult is changing the full swing.
  • Get clarity on your vision about the goal you’re concentrating at, and dividing the change into small identifiable and convenient parts.
  • Each component of the stroke has to be fitted together like a riddle, and your repeated performance are the bond that cements it and transforms it to an identifiable feel that can be repeated.
  • Repeat the change you are introducing by looking the mirror and find out to realize the feel connected with moving back and forth the golf club by the method you are trying to. Repeat every day the golf waving motion several times every day, purposely, slowly and accurately.
  • It’s important to take the assistance of an experienced and capable golf teacher to direct you to this vital element of progress process.

The golf instructor’s key role is to train you to develop the stroke technicalities, and your job is to repeat it to extend it in a familiar feel, to finally in the flow condition.


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