Teaching kids how to play golf is one of the best experiences you can share in the game. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing the happiness on a child’s face hitting balls into holes for the first time. However, it is quite challengeable to make kids feel familiar with the game and remember all-important rules on a course. This is the reason why we are here today to help you leave positive impression of the game with your kids. It is evidence that kids who grow up playing golf will actually love golf in their entire life and pass it to the others.

How To Teach Kids Golf
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How To Teach Kids Golf

Keep it fun

This is probably the first essential factor when teaching kids to play golf. Make sure that kids are freedom and can do everything they want. Instead of attempting to introduce proper swing mechanics from the beginning, let kids feel that it is just a game. If your kids want to be creative, give them the chance to say what they want to do.

Some of them hit the ball between their legs, whereas, the others have creations in doing other crazy things with their balls. In addition to inspire the love for golf in kids, encourage them to express their talents in other areas such as music or art. Golf experts advises that you should provide more play, less teaching to your small children at the first time playing golf.

Start Short

You had better start teaching your kids by introducing some basic rules of the game. These rules might not include the club and the ball, but the moral core of golf. For example, teach them not to step in another player’s line, tend a flag, or make the order of putting from far to close holes.

Here are our guides to make a perfect short game with your kids. There is nothing wrong with a young golfer when making a bad shot. The best place to start putting is on and around the green, not the range. As you know, the key target of the game is getting the ball into the hole. A good putter will lead to a good golfer. Before learning a full swing, try your best to chip and pitch well. There is no difficulty in doing these actions because most of shots occur around the green.


Take small gifts to the golf course is always a good way to give fun to kids. It makes kids feel that the game is something fun without any pressure. Even they do not make a good shot; a small gift at the end brings amazing results. A little ice cream is the lovely gift that everyone will actually fall in love. Doing a little dance is another good way to encourage your small kids for the better effort.

Find an Instructor and Right Equipment

After your kids understand the core values of the game, give them an instructor. You could find a good instructor by online method or the introduction from other partners.

Moreover, there are dozens of golf clubs for your kids to choose from, including different sizes, colors, designs, etc…Advise your kids to select the most suitable clubs for the best performance. Many companies nowadays launch a set of clubs for small golfers from 3 to 6 years old. These clubs are not too heavy and unbalanced as same as clubs for adults.

What to Wear

Most of big golf clothing manufacturers equip junior clothing line. You could find out reliable companies specializing in producing golf equipment for kids such as hats, outerwear, shirts, and other options for both girls and boys of different ages.

Benefits that Kids Can Get from Golf

Allowing your kids to get involved in golf is one of the greatest gifts and rewards that you can give them. As you know, kids in the modern life are too familiar with computer games and unreal people.

Golf brings fantastic moment of a healthy outdoor activity, which teaches young golfers about public settings, social interaction and how to get along with other people. It looks like a small life with processes, rules and etiquette. For example, if you are out of bounds, it means you are making a transgression. It is similar to our real life with strict regulations to follow. Here are the reasons why kids should play golf, a background for their success in the future.

Kids golf lessons

No Age, Shape and Size Limitation

People at different ages, shapes and sizes can play golf as a wonderful sport to get involved. It is easy to recognize that golfers are various in all shapes and sizes. A golfer who is strong, lean and tall may not be quickly successful. This is the reason why a little boy can find the happiness when playing this sport as same as his father does. Unlike other types of sport, you could start playing golf whenever you want. It is never too early or late to enjoy this game. Enjoy great moments of hitting balls during your entire life.

Minimal Risk

Safety is an extremely important factor to consider when letting your kids play golf. With low impact and non-contact sport, golf helps minimize the risk of injuries to kids. It is safer than other popular sports such as soccer, football, baseball, etc…The serious injuries seem non-existent when playing golf.

Positive Environment

Playing golf with adults provides a positive environment for kids to learn. Kids have chance to meet successful people and get the valuable experience from them. Furthermore, golf course is also a good destination to spend all day for relaxing.

Great Friendship

It is challengeable to know whom you will meet on the golf course. A golf course is the easy and ideal place to make friend. Parents actually want their kids to hang out with successful people that they meet on the course. Best of all, golf helps build up lifelong friendship all over the world.

Good Background for Business

Through different adults that kids meet every day, they can learn more than you think. The stories that kids heard when they are small support significantly in their later success in life. Most of stories focus on preparing careers for kids in the business world.

Be Outdoor

Golf is an outdoor activity, which drags your kids off the couch. Instead of letting kids sitting many hours in front of the computer or smart phones, golf helps reduce obesity in kids. Golf encourages young players to enjoy the fresh air, live in nature and develop lifelong exercise habits.

Important Life Skills and Lessons

When it comes to playing golf, kids will learn many important things that are very useful in their daily life. For instance, they are taught to be familiar with changing traits such as discipline, persistence, respect and integrity. This is because golf is a small world to teach people how to conduct themselves on the golf course.

Teaching kids golf

Golf Scholarships

Let your son or daughter starts playing golf early, it helps increase the opportunity of gaining scholarships from college funding. The earlier kids start playing golf, the higher chance they can get these college scholarships.

Fun Moments

Perhaps this should be the best reason for kids to play golf. In addition to the remarkable improvement in physical, playing golf is a good way to improve mental skills, meet new friends and find out more opportunities.

Time for the Entire Family

Golf is a sport that can involve your entire family to share memorable moments. Even your family has many generations from grandparents to little children; spending time on golf is a right decision.

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