How to select golf clubs for beginners


People who begin to play golf have to pay attention to golf clubs. For every beginner, the big question is that how to select golf clubs for beginners.

How to select golf clubs for beginners

The material of golf club

Wooden golf clubs are used for teeing and on Fairways also. Also, to understand the golf club specifications, the player should pay attention to the top of the golf club when choosing one.

New players should choose a club with the big head because the large sweet spot area makes it easier for players to control the ball. For driver clubs, also known as the no.1 club, the maximum size of the head is 460cc; new players should use this maximum head-sized club.

Iron golf clubs are used to hit the golf ball in close distances; clubs are made of high-quality iron material and are mainly numbered from 3-9. Some iron golf clubs also have more special names such as Wedges – Sand wedge (SW), this golf club is often used to hit the golf ball out of the sand.

Also, there are Pitching wedges to play around the green. If proficient, many golfers use both Gap Wedges (GW) and Pitching Wedges (PW) and Loft Wedge (LW) also.


This is the most used club when playing golf.

There are 3 main types of club heads: Type 1 is the traditional type that looks like blades, type 2 is heel-toe, type 3 is a mallet. The length of each type is also different: standard type, belly type, and the broomstick.

Choose golf clubs based on feeling

The feeling when choosing a golf club is something unclear. It is considered as a description of the club’s response that a player feels when holding a club and performing a stroke. You should not choose clubs that are too hard or too soft, lengths are not normal, and you feel uncomfortable with them.

The set of golf clubs is a companion, an indispensable weapon when you go to the golf green, so choosing a suitable golf clubs set is the most important things you should pay attention to.

Golf club head

You should choose golf clubs with a club head made of stainless steel rather than other poor quality alloys. For new players, you should choose the weight of the club must be distributed on all the parts and the head of the club should be large to easily hit the ball.

Listen to expert opinions

When you want to buy a new set of old or new golf clubs, you should consult with more experienced people. The key point is still how to choose a set of clubs that best suits your abilities, not just because you see professional golfers use a set of golf clubs and you want to buy the same.

With amateur golfers, people who have just started golf, the most suitable option is the suitable club for all golfers.

You can see golf clubs are the essential things when you join golf sport. To play this sport well, you should buy yourself a suitable golf club set which makes you feel confident on the golf green.


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