Tips for reading the line on golf green from professional golfers

To get the correct shots or put the ball into the hole, one of the techniques that the player must have is the technique of reading the line on the green.

How to read line on green

The slope of the green

When approaching the green, players need to observe the whole green and the surrounding area. Looking at the perspective will help you understand the slope of the green. Then note the overall contours, such as a flat green or floating soil, concave or multi-level structure.

The slope and the line on the green will determine the direction of the ball. When hitting the ball from a downward slope, the ball will roll straight down to the lowest point, so the force of the lever needs to be lighter. Conversely, you need to increase the force to get the ball up from the slope, by increasing the force to keep the ball from being interrupted when rolling on the green.

Walk around the Green putting area

If you just look at the putting Green, you can lose your chance. Taking advantage of the time your player is playing, walk around the green and explore the points below

Feeling about your feet

Walk around the putting green and notice what your foot says. Most golfer and professional do this. Do you feel your feet going up or down? Or are you standing on the slope?

Use your knees to see the line in golf

Instead of using the standard Aimpoint technique to find relative pressure on your feet, it is easier to use your knees. Walk along the green line and feel the direction of the knee. If one knee moves forward, this is a high face. The knees are bent more than the other knee; this is the slope.

Learn on the performance of the team

If you are playing a Fourball game (4 balls), you will have 3 or more opportunities to get valuable information about the slopes on Green. Or to find out how to hold a putter golf clubs properly, pay attention when your partner is playing their turn.

Feel the putt

The line on your green is an important factor affecting the putt. Therefore, you need to feel the speed when making a putt and find out whether you want to put the ball in the hole or make a stroke. The slower the speed, the more break points. Need to practice feeling before forming a habit of using your putter.

Imagine in your mind the ball line

There is one thing golfers need to be sure about, that is, it is not advisable to make a shot unless you have formed an imaginary ball in your head. The purpose of this is to visualize the ball in a straight line because the green slope will interrupt, make the ball follow the loop.

Besides, do not hit the ball until you have collected all the possible information from the green.

The above is all our share of how to read line on green. We hope this information can help players apply to their actual golf, thereby getting good results.


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