Golf is one of the most popular yet the most extravagant and royal sport that is played by the elites. However, it is not limited to the elites as everyone can enjoy a game or two if they are familiar with the techniques involved. Here, I’ll be talking about how you should begin learning Golf and which aspects or details do you need to consider to become a good golfer.

How To Play Golf For Beginners

Golf is all about rules, techniques, and the right timing. The perfect swing and hit will get you the advantage and to master it all, you need to get training from a certified golf tutor (WGTF or PGA). For easy and quick learning, I would recommend that you find a golf academy or a player/professional living nearby who is willing to take up students.

Try to get enrolled in individual training where the tutor can easily teach you about the stance, grip, posture as well as the mechanics of the swing. It is going to be expensive, but worth every penny spent as you get the opportunity to learn from a professional.

Apart from the training, here are some very important things that you need to do before you head out to play:

1. Get a Set of Golf Clubs

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Getting a set of clubs is the first step of learning to play golf. After all, you wouldn’t want to borrow the set every time you need to practice the stance, grip or the shot itself. Getting a new set of golf clubs would cost you somewhere in tens of thousands of dollars.

Depending on the size of the club set that you are buying, the price may vary. You can decide the size of the golf clubs that you are buying by testing out which one is more comfortable. I would recommend buying it with a professional trainer.

Buying golf clubs is expensive, like magnanimously expensive. Thus, I would recommend, and I prefer to start my learning journey in golf with a used set of golf clubs. Now you may not get a golf choice of size in the used clubs, but you will certainly save a couple of grand there which can be used in your golf training.

2. Learn the Rules

To play like a pro in a few months or at least be versed with the terminologies used in the sport, I would recommend you learn the theoretical aspect of golf as well. This would mean perusing through the long list of rules and regulations of this esteemed sport. You can easily get access to the set of rules of Golf from the official USGA website.

For learning the rules and the terminologies, I would recommend that:

  • You keep a hard copy of these rules from the USGA website with you at all times, especially when practicing golf.
  • Try to read them and get well versed with the basic rules.
  • Not just the rules, golf etiquette to carries a lot of importance.
  • Golf etiquette is one of the reasons why the sport is highly respected and regarded as one of the toughest sports that have been made for the elites.
  • Always follow the rules associated with the golf game. Dress according to the game; don’t interfere or walk on other players’ line.

With an understanding of the rules and the gold etiquette, you have already learned half the sport.

3. Take Your Time with the Basics

If you have to know it all, you just can’t miss the basics. Golf is totally based on learning and using the basics well. Imagine playing a swing shot that goes horribly wrong just because you didn’t grip the club well enough and your stance was totally wrong with the incorrect angle between your feet. That is what lack of basics does to your game.

In basics, you should focus learning on:

  • How to stand?
  • How and how much to bend?
  • How to grip the club?
  • How to select the club?
  • Which shot to take?
  • How to take the perfect swing?
  • How to putt?

Remember, basics are always going to help you out irrespective of the level you play at.

The best way to go through the basics is to get individual personal training from an accomplished trainer or golfer. Only the individuals with prior professional playing experience can teach you how to use the basics well. However, it doesn’t end here. Make sure you practice the learned move or stance and shot whenever you get a chance.

4. Practice Before You Go Like a Pro

Practice does make a man perfect, and when it comes to golf, it is all about honesty, judgment and practice combined with the knowledge of the sport. So before you are going out to play in the full course with your friends or colleagues, make sure that you have had the playing experience from a 9-hole golf field.

Practice definitely helps a lot. You might not be able to win with a few days’ practice, but you can certainly finish the game at a decent position.

5. Driving Range Practice to Learn Better

It is said that the best learning is done by oneself. In the case of Golf, it is absolutely true. Only you will be responsible for the selection of the club or the shot. Therefore, you need to be confident and sure of what you are doing. This comes from practice, but not the regular practicing in the course.

For the best learning through practice, it would be better if you go to a driving range. There, you can easily observe the trajectory of the ball after shot and witness how different power affects the trajectory. Also, you will get a better idea as to how factors like wind and humidity affect your game or shots.

6. Working on the Short Range

It is great to take a 200 or 300-yard shot. If you are taking the perfect swing and have finally brought the ball to the greens, you have more than 80% of the work done. But what about putting the ball? Yes, that requires efforts and practice as well.

As any beginner proceeds, they only try and focus on taking the long range shots. With practice and time, they do get around the swing shots that land perfectly but they are unable to use the putter finally to end the game. So you need to make sure that you do not make the same mistake.

7. Stay Motivated

Tiger Woods didn’t get it right the first time, nor did Gary Player. Do you know what made these golf beginners into golf legends? Motivation, the right frame of mind and of course, a lot of practice.

All I am trying to say is that you will make mistakes, some of them very terrible indeed. But you do not need to lose hope at all. Stay motivated and always be inspired by the greats like:

  • Woods
  • Gary Player
  • Tom Watson
  • Arnold Palmer
  • And, much more

The best way to remain inspired and motivated is to see how these legends did it and how they took their shots. Seeing and learning is the best way to perfect your game over the time.

So now that you know the Secret Seven tips for the beginners to learn golf, you should also know what you should avoid doing so that you can learn at a better place and play the game with the best spirit.

8. What Should You Avoid?

How To Play Golf For Beginners
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What really makes the beginners learn fast is their curiosity, and when you have interest, curiosity paves the way for passion for learning. However, too much of excitement can lead to some very common mistakes that undermine your learning journey. Some of these mistakes that you should really avoid are as follows:

  • Don’t get distracted: One of the major reasons why people do not learn in the stipulated time is that they get distracted by others playing the shots. Losing focus is not what you need: not at all in the beginning stages.
  • Always say or yell FORE: Surprised? That’s what you say when your shot is about to approach a group of people playing at a distance away from you. It is better to warn them than actually to hit them with the ball.
  • Don’t go for a new set of clubs: If you are a beginner, there is no point in getting a new set of clubs since you would not really be able to use them in the best possible way and might end up destroying them to some extent. Get a used set and practice well.
  • Mind the weather: Always mind the weather and take appropriate protection against sun or lightning. If the weather calls for it, call of your game for a while and take a break. Better be safe and play later!


So that pretty much sums up how you should begin your learning curve in the sport of Golf. Try to follow these tips and suggestions as well as the ones given by your trainer and you will find yourself improving at an unprecedented rate. Last but not the least, welcome to the golf playing club!

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