How to Hit Out of a Sand Trap?How to Hit Out of a Sand Trap

When it comes to playing golf, you will definitely reap a ton of health benefits! From breathing in nature from the golf course down to exercising your muscles when walking and swinging golf clubs, golf is one of the best low-intensity exercises you can do. Plus, anyone of any age will be able to do it! You get to spend quality time with yourself or loved ones as you relax or destress yourself. It’s definitely a sport anyone should try. If you’re a beginner in golfing, then there are some things you will need to learn about golfing as well. One of them would be how to hit out of a sand trap. It’s a bit difficult to do this at first, but with constant practice, you’ll be able to get out of a bunker or sand trap when playing golf in time. In this article, we show you how to hit out of a sand trap!

Why Learn How to Hit Out of a Sand Trap?

Whether you’re a beginner or skilled golfer, there will be times you accidentally target your ball towards a bunker or sand trap. And it can be very infuriating! You would think that there’s no way out and you will need to repeat the game, but fortunately, there are ways you can get out of that sand trap! This is very important to learn, as you will want to make sure you play a great game without ruining your score. Nor would you want to waste your time and feel frustrated if you need to start over again. With proper practice on how to hit out of a sand trap, you will become a better golfer in time!

To practice, all you need is your set of golf clubs, a golf course or space around you to practice on, as well as your golf balls. It’s best to practice this on an actual sand trap or bunker to know the feel when learning how to hit out of it.

How to Hit Out of a Sand Trap?

When hitting out of a sand trap, you will need to practice certain strokes and exercises. Here is what you can follow:

– Take in the right attitude before you go over to the fields. Be positive that you’ll get it out, or you never will! This is the first step to make sure you’ll be able to hit out the ball from the sand trap. Next, choose the right club before making your hit. A 60 degree lob wedge is recommended.

– Take proper stance. Pull your left foot back and open your sad wedge, turning to the right. Your face should almost be looking to the sky. The ball should be faced forward near your left heel.

– Aim about a card’s length by the ball and swing by 80%. Do a sliding motion and make sure you throw a scoop of sand before you hit the ball to make sure it will move. Hit it two inches behind the ball. Take a half-back swing, rotating your shoulders. It’s similar to hitting the ball normally as if you were by the greens, it’s just the sand that makws it feel a bit different.

– Take note to position your lower body correctly and that you hit the sand more so than the ball for the impact to make the ball move. The pose will be awkward, but this is the best pose to do in order to make sure you let the golf ball out of the bunker itself. Let your feet be on the sand, your stance shoulder-width apart, and flex your knees.

And these are the simple and easy-to-do exercises you can do in order to learn how All it takes is regular practice and you will be able to get out of sand traps and bunkers in time! It’s recommended to keep practicing a few times a week to get effective results.

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In Conclusion

Golf is one of the most fun games to play no matter who you are. If you’re a beginner, then it’s best to learn how to practice getting out of bunkers and sand traps! It can be infuriating to get stuck in one, which is why with the proper practice, you will reach your goals and be able to hit your target accurately, even if you do come by some obstacles! So what are you waiting for? Are you frustrated when it comes to hitting your ball into sand traps? Then go get practicing golf today and become a better and more efficient golfer! You’ll definitely enjoy and have more fun in the long run.

Did you enjoy this article or have any other suggestions on how to hit out of a sand trap? Then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to think.

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