How to Hit a Golf Ball Far and Straight


How to Hit a Golf Ball Far and Straight

Many golfers are keen on making far golf shots because it helps them save not only time but also show their skills. Let’s discover how they can make that.

Practice hit the center of the club face

With the technique of making far golf shots, hitting the ball to the center and perpendicular to the clubface is the key to determine the distance of the stroke.

At this point, the entire energy of the blow will be transmitted into the ball, so the ball can fly away. Many golfers hit with the center of the club, so it does not make the ball to spin horizontally and not get much energy, the golf ball cannot fly far.

Professional golfers often hit the ball far away because they swing the club to reach the maximum speed at the time of contact with the ball. Amateur golfers often swing their clubs back quickly and slow down when they come into contact with the ball, which is not true for the dynamic process, so the golf ball cannot fly far.

The swing of the club back(backswing) and hitting the ball(downswing) is the time to decide for that stroke. When the golf club is still moving towards the back, the body then moves in the opposite direction to start the hit.

If the player can make that navigation in the right way, latency and speed will be increased when the club contacts the ball. Many amateur golfers are not able to make the golf ball fly far because they often slow down at the end of the backswing and then begin to gather strength for the shot, which creates less speed for the club.

Perform a step shift

When swinging the club to the top of the backswing, 70% of the body weight focuses on the hind leg. When you perform a stroke, you need to turn your hips backward in the left direction to limit horizontal slipping until the weight is distributed to both legs and then hand down to the front. To get the balance at the end, complete the shot through the ball.

The width is something that you have to be extremely concerned about because you have to maintain it during the swinging process; this is an important point when doing far golf techniques. It is the fact that you are maintaining the width that has been achieved since aiming the ball while making a swing and still combining to keep a connection with your body.

Starting backswing is when you use two shoulders to move the golf club far from the body, and the head is close to the ground, now need to rotate so that the left shoulder is right behind the finished ball.

Far golf shots are the popular choice of golfers. This stroke requires a lot of technical and not everyone can do it. However, if you want to do this, you can practice day by day because nothing is impossible.


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