When it comes to exercise, having a sport to play consistently is one of the best ways to stay fit and become a better version of you! There are tons of sports and exercises to choose from to be fit and reap the many mental and health benefits it is able to give you. From swimming to running, you’ve got tons of possibilities! If you’re looking for one that is stress-relieving and at a lower intensity but still working on those muscles, then golfing is for you! Walking around the greens, breathing fresh air, working on your arm and leg muscles… There are definitely tons of benefits you can reap from golfing! And whether you’re a senior or child, man or woman, anyone can start playing and improve on their skills!how to fix a golf slice

When you are golfing, you’ll notice that there are a ton of ways to swing a golf ball. But with that being said, there are also mistakes people make when doing so. One would be making a golf slice! But what exactly is a golf slice and how can you stop doing it? In this article, we show you what it is and how to fix a golf slice for you to become a better golfer!

What is a Golf Slice?

A golf slice is a type of golf shot people do, with the ball going sharply to the right (for right-handed people) or left (for left-handed people). It’s a common mistake made by anyone, and it can be very irritating and take a toll on your score. With a golf slice, you end up having to take more swings in order to hit the target, or even worse, having your ball go through obstacles almost impossible to get out of! It’s irritating, it shows lack of practice, and it can downright be a stressing situation, especially if the slice goes somewhere very off!

That is why it’s very important to learn how to fix a golf slice, making sure that you are able to practice the best golf swing you can while avoiding the golf slice. But of course, you should also take note that golf slices can happen at times, no matter who you are. It may happen when you’re beginning, or it can sometimes happen if you’re an expert golfer! You just need to practice in order to avoid it as much as possible. You can do this through various exercises and through knowing the proper position when about to take your swing. But how? We show you these exercises and tips on how to fix a golf slice and make sure you’ll be able to get your golf swing right!

In order to start practicing these positions and exercises, you need the following:

– Golf club, tee and golf ball. Use what you normally do when playing golf in order to get used to its feel

– The proper space. It can be in your garden or any golf course, as long as you have enough space to practice your swing without breaking anything.

How to Fix a Golf Slice?

If you are trying to fix a golf slice, it will take some practice. Make sure that you do these exercises a few times a week or before you play a golf game to get used to the swings and position. Here are the exercises you should follow in order to fix your golf slice:

  1. Make sure that your position goes towards your aim. Check your stance and the position of your body and feet, making sure it is aligned to your target. The distance between your feet and ball should also be taken into consideration, as well as how you grip your golf club.
  1. For proper position, make sure that you grip your club with the left hand (if you are a right-handed golfer). When gripping with your right hand next, make sure you see two knuckles of your left hand showing. Compliment your right hand grip to your left, forming a V shape. Keep the grip light but strong. Make sure that the ball is inside your front foot so you will be able to strike the ball properly. Focus on a good shoulder tilt through positioning your head a few inches behind the golf ball. When you make the swing, make sure that your left shoulder is seen under your chin, making the proper shoulder turn. Swing inside-to-outside to avoid the slice and straightening the ball, making sure that it will go to the target.
  1. If you are still suffering from golf slices, then it may be due to your equipment. Take a look at your golf clubs for any damage or cosmetic issue that causes a golf slice. If ever, it’s time to either have it repaired or replaced. You can purchase quality golf clubs or have them replaced by professionals or in golf and athletic stores.

What is a Golf Slice?

In Conclusion

Golfing is a great sport anyone can begin playing! But with that being said, you must also learn how to play it with efficiency. This calls for learning how to properly swing a golf club and be able to practice how to avoid making mistakes. One of the most common mistakes for beginners and expert golfers alike would be the golf slice. While it’s a common mistake, it can fortunately be fixed through various ways. As long as you are able to practice and try these tips on how to fix a golf slice, you will be able to make sure that you make the perfect golf swing without mistakes. So what are you waiting for? Begin practicing the perfect golf swing and fix your golf slice today! You’ll definitely thank yourself in the long run with better precision and aim for your target.

Did you enjoy the article or have anything to add when it comes to fixing a golf slice? Then comment down below! We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about golf slices and other golfing tips.

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