Alongside with the blooming development of golf industry, there are a great number of golf instructors to transfer the love of golf to young generations. In addition to finding the golf course, golf equipment, etc…, having good golf instructor is an important matter that all players have to concern.

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How to Find a Good Golf Instructor

It is unchallengeable for golfers to find the right instructor for their needs and demands. You can meet potential golf instructors in many companies that invest in their monthly quotas in golf lesson revenue. There are many responsibilities on the shoulder of a golf instructor. A good golf instructor should make players feel comfortable in every situation. His major responsibility is educating you about golf swing as well as showing efficient researches. It is evidence that a good golf instructor will tell you the right things to improve your golf game.

Where to Find

Finding a right golf instructor is an essential task that may take you a little time. However, a big plus of the finding process is that you do not have to spend a large budget for doing this job. It is easy to assign free golf lessons or golf clinics at low price tag in many golf facilities. To have chance joining these programs, you need understanding and feeling comfortable with the golf instructor.

One of the most popular golf searching tools in America currently is the PGA. It provides effective ways to help golfers find a PGA certified instructor for their particular demands. Other reliable websites to help you find the great golf companion is Google and Yelp.


Before finding a golf instructor, you should make sure that there is close relationship between you and your instructor. Common personalities to share include mutual goals, game beliefs, methods to play golf, or personal needs. Sometimes, ask yourself about the ways that the instructor interacts with golfers. For example, what are forms that the instructor uses to contact with his/her clients? Does he use ancient forms or modern methods of communication? Does he make instant feedback or not replying to his or her client’s contact?

The simplest way to understand your instructor is making a research about him in your area. You can ask your friends about the referrals of respectable instructors. Common problems to concern are price, location, reputation and improvement during golfer’s progress under the guidance of this instructor. Other important factors to consider are the ability to use technology of the instructor or deliver timely communication to golfers.

Don’t hesitate to ask the instructor about dropping on a lesson or getting to know each other by phone. What you can benefit from a good instructor? A good instructor is willing to meet you as an individual, feeling happy to share a lesson first or talk about the game.

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Education and Experience

Look for the instructor with appropriate education and experience to improve your levels. In fact, there are different types of golf instructors. Most of them are called experts, who earn money from teaching golf. Some companies provide talents in the golf industry to serve the demands of learners. If you seek for experienced instructors from organizations, ensure that these instructors have active accreditation to be innovative in technology as well as active guidance. Besides, ask your clients about the achievement of the instructor when teaching golf during current years.


One of the most effective ways to share your experience with the others by using medias is video. As you know, video belongs to an integral part of the golf lesson. If you could not update these things immediately, you are behind the times. Depending on the content of video, it proves whether the expert is useful for you or not. If the golf instructor just only presents what is happening in your swing based on video, perhaps you may not gain high performance from this instructor.

There are a great number of forms of technology with the video. They could be listed here, including ball flight monitoring and swing path-tracing devices. You had better ask yourself if these technologies are helpful in assisting you to reach your improvement plans. Besides, does video include enough information to help you select the right improvement plan? Good videos should be understandable and adaptable to your overall strategies.


Last but actually not least, follow-up communication plays an essential role in the improvement of golf players in the modern life. It provides the vivid images such as actual swings or fast feedback. Nowadays, it is very convenient for you to select the best digital communication apps for instant communication. There are dozens of application platforms to help you upload easily photos and video, get follow-up instructions and lesson scheduling. Feel great to get the best communication form among a variety of options.

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