How to Correct a Golf Slice

Golfing is one of the best sports just about anyone is able to do. Children to senior adults alike are able to find fun and relaxation when walking through the fields and finding strength in their swings. It holds a ton of benefits one is able to take advantage of, and it isn’t just the fact that you are breathing fresh air!

How to Correct a Golf Slice
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You’ll be able to burn calories from walking around the golf course, plus enhance your endurance and strength swinging golf balls. You also learn about values such as patience and control, making you a better person both in the golf course and outside of it. Beginners can easily pick up on the sport, only requiring the proper equipment and preparation before playing. While it isn’t an easy sport to pick up on, it’s definitely a fun and challenging experience.

You are able to interact with fellow golfers or spend time with loved ones as you head on to the fields, competing or playing a leisurely game. But if you’re one who wants to improve and become a good golfer, then you must be able to know about the common golfing mistake beginners do and how to correct them. One of them is how to correct a golf slice.

Importance of Knowing How to Correct a Golf Slice

The first thing to know is: What exactly is a golf slice in the first place?

A golf slice is a shot that curves very hard to the right when flown in the air. It could be the left, for those who swing to the left. But basically, it throws your game off course because the golf ball doesn’t go to the direction you wish to have it go to. It’s frustrating and you aren’t alone!

Many beginners to advanced players still suffer from the same frustrations and chance upon golf slices every now and then because of a wrong way of swinging. Some get frustrated because they don’t know why they end up with a golf slice, and some don’t know how to stop! Fortunately, there are numerous ways to prevent that through a few drills and practice.

It’s important to know how to correct a golf slice in order for you to have a good game where you won’t be going through the hazards or looking for your ball in other places, wasting both time and effort. You will also be able to learn how to be an effective golfer with these drills that will help hone your swing and therefore, prevent any of these golf slices from happening.

When you want to learn how to cure a golf slice, you will need the following:

  • Adequate space for you to practice your drills (Can be in your backyard or a golf course).
  • The golf clubs you usually use, or made for the weather you are practicing with that day.
  • Golf balls
Importance of Knowing How to Correct a Golf Slice
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How to Correct a Golf Slice?

To correct a golf slice, you have to improve on your swing. You are able to follow these tips and exercise drills for a better swing:

  • For right-handed golfers, grip the club with your left hand first, then make sure that you grip the golf club correctly. You should be able to see at least two knuckles of your left hand (three if you have a big slice), as well as a V shape formed by your left index finger and thumb. Your right hand grip should be similar to the left, complimenting it. The grip should be light, but tight enough for it not to let go when swinging strongly.
  • Your golf ball should be positioned well, meaning it should be inside your front foot, around your heel area. This will help increase the chances of having your ball go upward instead of to the side, making it go straight to the direction you want it to go to, and with greater distance. Your head should be a few inches behind the ball for that upward swing.
  • Position yourself and prioritize the way you move your shoulders, so as to have a good shoulder turn when swinging the club. With the position of your golf ball and club, you will be able to have a natural tilt of the shoulders and proper stance.
  • Swing your golf club until you see your left shoulder under your chin. Make sure that when you swing, it should be on an inside-to-out path, meaning you should rotate the toe of the club over the heel when swinging. That way, you will be able to have a straighter shot, preventing it from going to any direction.
  • Keep practicing this type of swing until you are able to get used to it and you are able to swing without that darn golf slice keeping you from a good game.

If you are just a beginner, then it may be recommended to have a golf instructor help you with the proper positioning and stance when swinging, in order for you to improve on your swings before correcting a golf slice. You will be able to find teachers around the golf course or online, where they can go to you.

In Conclusion

Learning how to correct a golf slice is very important, as this is one of the common mistakes all golfers go through. Your goal is to be able to go the distance and direction you want your golf ball to go to, which is what these tips will help you with. Through practice and precision, you’ll be able to both prevent golf slices from happening, and you’ll also become a better golfer and improve on your game.

What are you waiting for? Start learning how to correct a golf slice and be the effective golfer you wish to be! Practice makes perfect, and in time, you’ll be able to swing your golf balls and create shots without the slice or hard turn. Enjoy your time in the golf course!

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