Always wanted to golf? Well, you’ll definitely not regret it! It’s a sport that’s very fun to do, with you being able to increase your strength through swinging golf clubs, and enhancing balance and precision through trying to get a hole-in-one.

How to clean golf grips

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You also get to interact with different golfers around the field while burning calories walking around the greens. It’s definitely a sport to try. But before all that, you must have the proper equipment and know how to clean it properly! That is why in this article, we will show you how to clean golf grips.

Golf grips are very important when playing golf because it helps improve on your grip on the club. That way, it won’t slip or fall while swinging, preventing injury and a bit of embarrassment on the course. Plus, having a quality golf grip will enable you to have better games, improving on the sport and having you play effectively. Just like the other parts of the golf club, it’s just as important as everything else, as it helps improve your form and swing when playing golf. After all, this is the only one you’ll be in contact with the whole time when playing golf.

Why Clean Golf Grips?

Golf grips are one of the pieces of equipment you need in order to keep your golfing game experience great. Just like the whole golf club itself, it will need to be maintained. That means you’ll have to make sure that it isn’t loose and properly cleaned with the right materials. This is so that you won’t feel discomfort while playing, and that your golf clubs look neat for your next game. And like mentioned above, you will only be in contact with the golf grip, holding it tight. That is why it’s best to clean it for hygiene’s sake, especially if you aren’t the only one using it.

Why clean golf grips

​You may need to clean it due to using it often, and coming from some other environmental issues. You’ll be able to see the wear and tear of your grip due to oil residue, dirt, grime, and other things from your hands, or some dust that comes from the environment. It makes it look and be messy, which is why it’s best to clean it regularly. Cleaning is very simple and will make your golf grips last for a very long time!

What You Need To Clean Golf Grips

You won’t need much when cleaning your golf grips. All you need are the following:

  • Your golf grips for cleaning
  • Bucket to hold the water
  • Water for rinsing
  • Mild detergent or soap
  • Scrub brush (make sure it’s soft to avoid breaking the grips!)
  • Wipes or rags for wiping down the grips

How to Clean Golf Grips

To clean your golf grips, follow these steps:

    1. Check your golf grips for any signs of grime or dirt, focusing on those areas when washing. If ever it has too much wear or is already torn, cleaning will not help and it will need to be replaced.
    2. When you are about to start cleaning your golf grips, fill the bucket with water, recommendably warm water.
    3. Mix in the detergent with the water. Just a few drops will do.
    4. After mixing the solution, dip your brush into it and start scrubbing your golf grips. Be careful as to not scrub it too hard to avoid destroying it.
    5. Once it is scrubbed and free of dirt, rinse both the brush and the grips. Rinse the golf grips again with the rinsed brush to make sure there is no more soap residue.
    6. Rinse the grips again with clear water to remove all soap or detergent from the golf grips.
    7. Using the wipes or rags, dry the golf grips. You may air-dry them, but it’s recommended to use a wipe or dry towel and make sure they are dry as soon as possible to avoid any of the water or soap residue from destroying the grips.
Need To Clean Golf Grips

Take note that soap is optional. You can use just warm water to clean your golf grips. If it is too dirty with a lot of residue and other foreign things, then it’s best to add a bit of mild detergent or soap to ensure that it’s clean and free of germs and dirt.

Alternative to washing it with soap, there are also grip wipes that are made especially for your golf grips! They sell these in various sports stores, or you can purchase them online. It’s easy to use as well, being a quick and cost effective way to clean your grips if ever you are unable to go for the traditional soap and water. All you need to do is to wipe your grips down with the product. 

Plus, some have features such as it being able to dry quickly, so it’s less hassle than having to wash it down with soap and water. These are best for those in a hurry and unable to clean their golf grips, or for those who are already on the fields but need a quick way to clean them for an effective grip.

In Conclusion

Cleaning golf grips is very easy and won’t take over an hour. What is an hour of your time in order to keep your golf grips looking and feeling new? It’s important to keep it clean regularly in order to prevent it from wearing out and you having to buy another one. That way, your grip is great and you’ll be able to play better. What are you waiting for? Start cleaning your golf grips now to ensure a great game next time!

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