For many golfers out there, whether you are a professional and amateur player, a good golf hat is a must-have accessory. In spite of their usefulness, cleaning your own golf hats can be a bit of a nuisance and is often neglected, especially for white golf hats. However, knowing how to clean a white golf hat can be a lot more beneficial than you think, and you’d be surprised to see how easy it actually is to have a clean white golf hat as if it was fresh from the store.

As you all know, keeping any white outfit or accessory clean and safe from stains can be a tough challenge. White is such a vulnerable color to wear and to wear white, one must pick up a few tips to clean white clothes and accessories. To answer the question of how to clean a white golf hat, it is in fact quite similar to cleaning a white piece of clothing, white shirt collars for example, in terms of principles. In order to clean your golf hat, you must first understand what might cause them to get dirty in the first place.

A white golf hat can get dirty easily especially during summer. It is usually covered with sweat, which makes it turn yellowish and smelly on the inside of the hat. The yellow stain can really be a pain to clean, and you may wonder how to clean a white golf hat when it is damaged by sweat and dirt accumulated from a long time of being in use. Below are some do-s and don’t-s for you to save your white golf hat and make it look like new.

How to clean a white golf hat


#1 – Check the material and washing direction of your hat    

It is important to check the washing direction of any piece of clothing or accessories that you want to wash, not just hats. Some materials are meant for dry-cleaning only, and not following the washing direction properly can severely damage your hat. White hats should always be cleaned separately to avoid color fading and mixing with dark-colored stuff.

#2 – Use stain remover to quickly get rid of the stain

Stain removers are usually available at supermarkets and convenience stores, and they can do a good job or removing dirt marks by applying directly on the mark. However, they do not work well with a stain from sweat and oil, so they should be recommended for a quick fix only.

#3 – Try the soak-and-rinse method

This is a popular way to clean white shirt collars, and it can be adopted to clean your white golf hat. First, soak your dirty hat in the sink with water (again check the washing label before trying this), next add a gentle type of detergent or bleach. Let the hat get soaked thoroughly for at least half an hour. Afterward, scrub the sweat stain or dirty marks with a toothbrush and then rinse your hat with clean water. Finally, air-dry your hat.

#4 – Use a piece of a clean white washcloth

Another method to directly tackle the stain or dirty marks without having to wash the whole hat is to use a piece of a clean white washcloth. First, you will need to prepare a mixture of water and a mild detergent. Next, you dip the washcloth in the mixture and rub it on the surface of any dirty spots of your hat. Continue rubbing until the dirt mark is gone. Then you dip your washcloth in clean water to rinse your hat off the detergent. Let it air-dry and you’re done.

#5 – Use baking soda

Have you ever heard of using baking soda to whiten your clothes? In fact, baking soda is a less known method of cleaning whites yet it has been proved to be extremely useful. It can also save you from buying expensive detergents full of potentially harmful chemicals. Sounds wonderful, right? You will need a mixture of water of about 2 liters and half a cup of baking soda. Next, you should soak your dirty hat in the mixture for at least half an hour. Then you take your hat out of the mixture and rinse it with clean water. Your white hat will get brighter.


#1 – Never wash your white hat in the washing machine, even on the gentlest cycle. It can ruin your hat while not removing any of the dirt or sweat mark.

#2 – Be careful with strong detergents. The problem with white clothes or hats is that they won’t stay white for long. They get dirty easily and look faded after several washes. Using a strong detergent can do more harm than good as it can make the hat all worn out and dull.

Those are some tips to keep in mind on how to clean a white golf hat. Nothing can look better on a golfer than a bright clean white golf hat, and knowing these tips can hopefully keep your hats look the way you want.


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