How to Become a Caddy
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In this article, we show you how to become a caddy.

Golfing is a very popular sport, with many people picking it up as a way to relax or spend leisure time with themselves or family and friends. It is popular not only for relaxing, but many people actually compete and join various serious competitions, with thousands of fans watching and following their games! Many people take golfing seriously, as they are athletes themselves. You’ll even get to see children picking up on the sport and joining competitions themselves! It definitely is a great sport to try, especially if you would want to reap the various health benefits it has.

Golfing doesn’t only burn calories when walking around the golf course, but you also get to hone your various skills such as coordination and balance, as well as build strength as you swing your golf clubs! There are different jobs when it comes to being a golfer, with a caddy being one of them. This is actually an important job when it comes to golfing, as the caddy is one who assists the golfer in carrying the clubs and roaming around the golf course with him as he caters to the golfing needs of who he is working for. It’s a demanding job, but it’s definitely worth it for many reasons!

Why Become a Caddy?

Becoming a caddy may be a bit dreary for some, especially because of the high demands golfers can make at times. It’s tiring, it can be intense, but many people also aspire to become a caddy not just for a stable job, but also for the following reasons:

  • A caddie is able to hone their skills in golfing by watching the golfer they are working for swing and aim for the hole, playing the proper game. Observing is one of the things that will help you improve on the game, which is what exactly a caddy can take advantage of.
    How to become a professional Caddy
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  • Because many golfers are also big names, many caddies can take advantage of that and create a network, meeting with new golfers and making relationships.
  • The pay is not as great as compared to other jobs, but it is stable and depending on your service and the golfer you work with, you will be able to receive good tips!
  • You get to reap many health benefits and burn calories as you walk around the golf courses carrying golf clubs. You are also by the fields, making it great for fresh air and relaxation.
  • If you work for local golf courses, you also have the chance of advancing and being hired to work for big time golfers!
  • The hours are great, as you will be working during the day rather than the graveyard or night shift. That way, your schedule won’t be as hectic, and you’ll be able to sleep properly.

Being a caddie has definitely got a ton of benefits you are able to reap.

How to Become a Caddy

Interested in becoming a caddy? To become a caddy, you must first have the following:

  • The qualifications the golf course of club is looking for, may it be height, weight, educational attainment, any previous and physical aspects.
  • Other documentations that will prove you are eligible for the job, such as a resume, clearances, or letters of recommendation.
  • Knowledge on golf. You are becoming a golf caddy, so it’s absolutely important that you know the different types of golf clubs and other aspects of golf in order to assist your golfer properly.
  • The skills of customer service and a positive attitude. You must also have the passion to truly become a caddy and learn the game of golfing to avoid being bored or feeling bad about your job.

Here are the following tips and ways on how to become a caddy:

  1. Learn all about golfing by watching and observing games. Also, observe how golf caddies work! This is in preparation of the job, as well as knowing what to expect when working as a golf caddy.
  2. There is an organization called the Professional Caddies Association that will help you learn how to become a good caddy and maybe get you work for the big time golfers! It will look great on the resume, and you get to learn many more things.
  3. When working as a golf caddy, it’s best to be by the golf courses as early as possible to get a good golfer to work with, as well as choose good golfers who want to become professionals.
  4. Look for openings around the classified ads or by asking around in your local golf courses or country clubs. You can even search online if any areas around your town are hiring or looking for private golf caddies (These charge more than being a caddie in a golf course!)
  5. When caddying, create a network and be friendly. Work hard and become a memorable caddie to good golfers, and hand out your business card for them to contact you.

Now that you are prepared, you can follow these tips and steps on how to become a caddy and land that dream job of yours!

Become a Caddy
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In Conclusion

Being a caddy is no easy job. You are waiting on golfers and carrying heavy load, both physically and mentally. But it is a great job to have, especially if you love the game and aspire to be a better golfer. Through these tips on how to become a caddy, you will be able to become both a better golfer and get hired for that job you’ve always wanted. Just make sure that you reach all the qualifications and that you are ready for the job! You definitely won’t regret it.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the classified ads and visit your local golf courses for any open slots and apply today! You won’t only get a stable job, but you’ll also reap a ton of benefits. Just make sure to be prepared for the interview and the job itself.

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