How much does it cost to build a golf course?” is a challenging question for both the clients and the investors. It is difficult to say an exact finger because the expense for golf course depends on various factors such as the course size, the demand of customers and the competence and fame of the architect. With experience and suggestions from professions, we carry out the following article to support you whenever you want.

How much does it cost to build a golf course?

What quality do you want?

Quality is one of the most important factors deciding to the golf course expense. It is undeniable that the higher-quality golf course the customers want, the bigger expense they have to pay. The quality of a golf course is influenced by the quality of each construction material like soil, greens, grassing, tees and so on which contributes significantly to how much does it cost to build a golf course.

In fact, the customers have to pay only 50.000 USD for grassing in building a minimalist course while the number is double for a high-end one. According to a report about the cost of building an 18-hole golf course in Ireland as well as Great Britain, the average cost of this construction is mostly influenced by the quality. 2.2 pounds is the average cost to build a low-quality course while the number reaches to 5.9 pounds to construct a high-end one.

Which size your course is?

Increasing or decreasing the size of the golf course is has an effect on the expense of making a golf course. Bigger size means that the demand for construction land of construction items definitely rises. Especially when the course is located on the expensive land, it raises the cost a lot. Furthermore, the investors also use fewer materials for the construction process. In fact, it costs NZ $4000 000 less in making a Par 70 or even a Par 71 golf course than a Par 72 one.

To construct a large golf course, it takes about two or five years while the architect only needs to use one to three years to make a small course. As a result of the fewer construction time, the course will be played faster. Particularly when the players have to pay fees for playing, the owner can benefit a lot. Therefore, the customers should take consideration of the golf size when dealing with the question “how much does it cost to build a golf course”

Who makes the golf course?

For the demand of competent and famous architects, the customers also have to pay more. Compare to normal architects who has no fame, the cost of renting a well-known and famous designer is much higher. However, the golf course which is designed and constructed by a competent architect ensures higher value and better quality. Considering what architect makes the course is also as a way to find out how much does it cost to build a golf course.

Good site for lower cost

The problem about how much does it cost to build a golf course can be immediately solved when the clients and investors move their eyes to the site of a course. Actually, a good site not only enables the investors to save extra expenditure but also helps them to save the construction time.

A good place for a golf course guarantees perfect drainage and irrigation which reduce the demand for building extra drainage system, moving earth and so on. Consequently, the designer can rapidly determine which place is the best for a golf course, then starts the construction without time delays or extra resources requirement. This enables the course to be finished on time and be ready for an important opening.

The question “how much does it cost to build a golf course?” is not very difficult to answer. Nevertheless, it is definitely not easy for both customers and designers. In fact, the cost of establishing a golf course depends on several elements in terms of quality, size, type of architect and site. Combining these factors together delivers the most suitable course construction expense. Hope that our article will be useful for you. Do not forget to visit our website for further useful suggestions.


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