Back pain is a common problem that golfers have high rate to experience during their life. No matter you play golf in the weekend or every day, the discomfort might occur on your back. It is one of the most serious reasons preventing you from good performance.

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There are numerous reasons causing to back pains, in which the main reason comes from poor golf swing. Improper swing causes many issues on our body, such as lateral or rotational power on the spine and too quick shear. In fact, many famous golfers have been suffered from back pains, even losing the important tournament because of pains in the back. In this article, we would like to introduce several ways to help you alleviate back pains and develop correct postures.

How Lower Back Pain Playing Golf

Correct swing faults

According to current studies of golf experts, wrong movements and swings contribute remarkably to your low back pains. Any improper swing will put a strong impact on your back. They could be listed here, including lateral flexion or excessive stretching of the lumbar spine.

Improve the core muscles

It is evidence that good abdominal not only helps relieve pressure on your back, but also develop your body strength. Poor abdominals affect the stability of golf swing or the condition of upper torso. One of the main reasons of weak abdominals is imbalance between 2 sides, in which one side is stronger than the other side. To check whether you get unilateral balance or not, you should pass though an examination of supine single leg. Below is the simple exercise to help you boost the core effectively.

  • Planks: Lying on the floor is the first step of the exercise to make your body completely relax. Let your hands free on the floor. Then, use your hands to push slightly your body. Put the wrists under your shoulders. Remember to make your core muscles get involved in each step above. Apply for 30 seconds, and then release your hands. You had better do this exercise 3 times per day for the best result.
  • Side planks: Another efficient method of building up the core is side plank. All you need to do is rolling the plank toward the left side. Your right foot should be placed parallel with the left foot. You must create the great balance on both your left arm and hand. Gradually raise your right arm to be suitable with your left arm. Continue this action in 15 seconds and turn to the other side. Practice 3 times per day promises to bring you the best results.
golf exercises for lower back pain
  • Hip and low back support: Bend your knees and put your hands under the left knee. Move it toward your head and release. Repeat this action 10 times. Do the same thing with the right knee. It is advisable for you to do regularly this helpful exercise. This plays an essential role in relieving your back pains when playing golf.

For people who love the simplicity, perhaps the method we are telling you now is an ideal option. After bending your knees 90°, hold fists between them. Separate your feet from each other then turn them toward each other. This action should be applied 10 times per day.

Try to get the neutral posture

Golfers with low back pains tend to bend their spine when handling the ball. However, it seems to be incorrect for you to follow. To have right postures, you need keeping neutral alignment. Hurt in anterior pelvic may cause back pain by lengthening the hamstrings. Avoid pushing you to work too hard because it associates directly to your back pain.

Support T-spine mobility

In comparison with the thoracic spine, your lumbar spine has the ability to endure weaker level of rotation and extension. Keep in mind that the lumbar spine cannot withstand big rotation. However, in fact, many people do not use T-spine mobility to get appropriate rotation, which is very harmful to our health.

Therefore, why we need improving T-spine mobility? The answer is that it helps remove unnecessary torques on your back.

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Strengthen hip mobility

There is close relationship between low back pain and hip rotation. The more you increase hip rotations, the higher chance you could relieve your back pains. Greater mobility in hip contributes to reduce pressure on your back. You should prevent the development of hip mobility into low backstretch.

Limit stretching

In order to protect your lumbar spine, all you should do is avoiding twisting around every time, excessive rotation and caring about special precautions of using downswing.

In general, people with back pains always need listening to the advices from doctors before joining any sport. Golf is a sport of leisure, but it can cause to anxieties and serious injuries with improper postures. To have the perfect therapy to your lower back, watch carefully available videos about stretching. They will be useful to help you deal with discomfort from back pains.

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