Greg Norman – Great white shark

Greg Norman is an Australian professional golfer. He had 331 weeks to rank No. 1 on the world rankings in the 1980s and 1990s. Throughout his illustrious career, Norman won a total of 90 championships worldwide, including 2 Cup of the Major (British Open in 1986 and 1993).

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Norman was born on February 10, 1955, in Mount Isa, in the Australian state of Queensland. Unlike most successful golfers today who come to golf very early, with Norman, it was not until he was 15 that he started to practice golf on a chance that his mother asked him to work as a caddie, and from there started head for a journey to become a golf superstar. With natural talent, within 18 months, Norman’s handicap from 27 went down to 0.

Professional career

His professional playing career has risen as well. Deciding to switch to professional golf in 1976, at the age of 21, Norman won his first victory after only four tournaments he attended in Australia’s tournament system. A year later, he officially joined the European Tour arena and also succeeded with the championship in the first season and also won the 20th place on the bonus ranking system of this tournament that year.

After taking the No. 1 spot on the bonus ranking of the European Tour in 1982, and realizing that his “apprentice” time on the European Tour was enough, Norman decided to join the PGA Tour in the United States.

By the end of 1966, Greg Norman had truly achieved the status of a superstar and entered the path of becoming a legend like today. That year, he won two championships at the world’s most prestigious PGA Tour system, leading the bonus rankings, and also winning the first Major trophy in his career.

It was a victory at the British Open after balancing the record for the lowest round of the tournament (63 strokes in round 2). That’s not to mention; he had to slip out of the reach of three other Major championships in this year even though all four tournaments took the lead until the final round.

By the end of 1986, Norman won a total of 10 prizes globally and officially took the No. 1 spot on the world rankings.

As a gentleman of a golf village, in addition to the outstanding talent on the pitch, “Great white shark” is still very much in love in everyday life. According to media reports, the shadows of his life include British tennis player Sue Backer, American flight attendant Laura Andrassy, ​​American tennis star Christ Evert and now Kirsten. Kutner works as an interior designer.


Fishing is one of Norman’s hobbies. He used to own a lot of large and luxurious yachts to serve that hobby. The most recent piece he owned was Aussie Rules, named after an Australian sport, similar to rugby. He spent $ 70 million to build Australia’s Oceanfast shipyard, the Aussie Rules, 70 meters long, full of modern-day legends.

He is also a wine lover. This hobby stems from golf tournaments in Europe. And so, he established a specialized company in this drink.




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