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Golf is an attractive kind of sport for players at different ages. According to a recent study, many seniors above 50 years old are getting involved in golf. One of the most common issues senior golfers have to deal with when playing golf is the loss of consistency. Therefore, what is the best golf swing for seniors? Keep on reading our article and discover the effective solutions to help seniors overcome this difficulty.

Golf Swing for Seniors

As you know, your distance and speed may be affected by the effort of hitting ball into the sweet spot. Consistency mentions to the way we correct our mechanics. Over time, the ability of remaining consistency will reduce. Age puts a strong impact on the activity of our whole body. However, not many people know exactly main reasons of problems related to swing. They remain practicing instead of changing or improving the swing. The other people realize this issue and attempt to try their best for reaching beautiful shots.

It is evidence that although some stars can play golf with wrong mechanics, they could not perform perfectly as same as with the right mechanics. This is because bad mechanics may cause several mistakes during the tournament. Therefore, if you are retired, following right mechanics is an important requirement. It is advisable for you to correct your mechanics in an effective way. This promises to improve your better skills for long-term goals.


  1. Start with the quick recommendations

There is no difficulty in adjusting the golf swing for seniors. You actually find it simple to practice and incorporate different parts of your body.

The first requirement is keeping your legs quiet. If your legs are over active, they will reduce the consistency as well as the flexibility of your swing. It is also efficient in salvaging a poor golf round. Pay attention to other important parts of our body such as elbows, wrists and hands. Stiff joints in these parts make it difficult to control the golf ball. This requires you to relax them in an appropriate way.

  1. Deal with the difficulty in moving spine and head

Most of seniors find that two components coming with hard controlling over time are the spine and head. When these components get older, they are less flexible as well. Some people choose stretching as a good way to solve this problem. However, the others do not act like this. Everyone always wants to be comfortable by having suitable movement and consistency. They try to minimize the movements of their body from stretching up to down or side to side. The rotation of spine depends on how you can keep your back flat. If your back is not flat, it reduces the number of spine rotation. To overcome this issue, seniors decide to bend their body in the down swing and stand up during backswing. A difficulty for seniors is that they do not have enough rotation in neck to put the head in right position.

  1. Keep foot in the right position

In order to remain the consistency of playing golf, you had better limit the overacting or unnecessary parts. The purpose of this activity is preventing backwards occurring in the backswing. There are several reasons causing to sway, including the lack of flexibility in leg hip, trail or right. One of the best ways to prevent swaying is putting your foot appropriately on the backswing top. Do not worry if you feel the body weight is not inside of your foot. All you need to do in this case is placing the golf ball out of the back foot.

  1. Place wrist position at the impact point

There are particular requirements between the lead wrist and the trail wrist. While you should keep the lead wrist flat, trail wrist should be bent a little bit. In case the lead wrist flips, it makes the golf ball tough the lowest point. Then, it is hard to hit the ball exactly. The ball may fly and hit the golf club’s edge or fall down the ground. As a result, it implies that if you put your wrists appropriately, you can get the maximum of consistence.

  1. Distribute weight in the right way

Players tend to own two separate ways of weight distribution. If the weight is not in center, perhaps it is in the follow through and vice versa. For better result, you should distribute your weight forward at impact. This is an important part is supporting the appropriate hitting. It permits the bottoming out of golf club after hitting the ball. This brings the opposite result when hanging back the back foot. However, you should not apply these principals with tee shots and the driver. By following our guides above, finding the best golf swing for seniors is much easier than ever before.

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