Reviews and guides for choosing the best golf swing analyzers in 2019.

Considering about buying golf swing analyzers, you always have a variety of options as the way you want. What you need is the foundation knowledge of Golf Swing Analyzer to choose the best one at your disposal. Due to the high- advanced technology tools, now you can possess your ideal product. Golf Swing Analyzers is one of the best golf supporters created to assist the golfers in enhancing golf swing ability.In fact, there is recently no practical tools to measure the exact parameters number of the Golf Swing. Thus, the following devices are innovated in data analyzing, video recording and skills training for the golfers. Here are the best golf swing analyzers with typical features for you to get references.

1. Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer - Best golf swing analyzer 2019

The very first device we would like to introduce to you is Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer. This product allows you to have 360- degree angle for replaying and reviewing your swing from any sides. You can also record your swing with our HD quality video, then zoom in or zoom out to see your different swings. Zepp Golf 3D, the best golf swing analyzer, is designed to have training tips and swing analysis for you to improve and be aware of your mistakes. Drills are available hence you can learn from skillful golf instructors as well.When you perform about thirty swings per week, a text of your detailed swing analysis will be sent to your phone.

Another marvelous function is that Zepp Golf 3D set up with apps for iPhone, iPad, and even Android. So now you can choose your favorite types of smartphones conveniently without worrying distinct operations for Zepp Golf 3D. Moreover, golf glove is attached to this analyzer and data can be transmitted wirelessly to your smart devices such as smartphone or iPad.

2. Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Compared to Zepp Golf 3D, the second version also features recording, reviewing and replaying your video in 360-dgress angle. You can record your swings through our HD video and compare them directly to Pros.Whatever you are doing, moving or at any position, the system will capture your motions. Furthermore, training systems with experienced golf coach will provide you useful quick lessons, thus you can be aware of your imperfections and improve faster. Instant evaluations also lead you to know which aspect or skills you need to focus on. Instead of asking for some else or searching internet information, you obviously can turn into a good player in a fast way.

A plus point of this amazing device is that 3D swing analysis of Zepp 2 is able to calculate an essential characteristics of your swing including backswing, speed, and plane of club or tempo.So you will understand your swing clearly and may have an accurate swing based on analyzed details data. An aspect you can’t dismiss is prompt and repeated assessments will help you to recognize which skills and techniques you must improve the most and concentrate your training. Thanks to these functions, we are sure you will make further progress because you own one of the best golf swing analyzers!

3. M-Tracer MT500GII Golf Swing Analyzer

If you do not want to get some entanglements or you feel too messy, M- Tracer MT500GII is your best choice. Simply, this best golf swing analyzer is incredibly lightweight! It can be fastened onto your club, so we make sure it no ways gets you irritated during your playing. In similarity with above two tools, it offers you a 360- degree view so that you can adjust your swing at your disposal.Besides, it has various metric gluts for you to select. The functions are easy to adjust and the results are immediate.

In addition, it owns a perfect recalibration to each your swing, thus we are confident of that it can measure and analyze the important aspects exactly including attack angle, club path, face angle, and club-head speed. It will not disappoint you because M- Tracer MT500GII is accurate to within one-tenth of a degree.So just base on this data, you can achieve your precise swing as you expect. Of course, it uses Bluetooth operation so it sends data wirelessly and instantly to your phone apps. So what cool things you are waiting for? Why don’t you come and get it at once?

4. Blast Golf 360 Swing and Stroke Analyzer

The next device we are going to share with you right now can get you mad at once and rush to store to buy it right away. That’s Blast Golf 360 Swing and Stroke Analyzer! Do you know this excellent tool is displayed on Best of the 2016 PGA Show and get awarded as one of the best golf swing analyzers? Blast Golf is invented by golf experts and its app has the accurate metrics designed by professional players. Besides it features tips videos and instant drills to help players improve their skills and abilities.

Moreover, the Blast Gold have a precise motion sensor, hence it is aware of the time you are moving and catch your key 3D action metrics in time. Therefore, you don’t have to modify your swing or making your stroke. With Smart technology, it easily connects to your smartphone or tablet. Another feature is that it records your swing and save your performance metrics instantly and you can replay to watch it anytime.An amusement function you will fall in love with Blast Golf at once is that you can effortlessly share your achievements with your friends through Facebook, Twitter and e- mail by only one touch. Will be so cool that after you hit your right swing and post to Facebook to share with your friends?

5. Epson Golf Swing Analysis System M-tracer for Golf Mt500g2

This product, Epson Golf, contains outstanding features that definitely satisfy you. One of the remarkable functions is this tool connects to the high-accuracy M-Tracer sensor, designed by Epson, and offers high-precise and high-speed golf swing calculations. Hence you can measure your golf swing based on this modern sports technology.The high-advanced sensor is attached to your grip club and give you a high precision swing measurements. Your phone will receive data automatically through Bluetooth.Golf swing will be calculated immediately and all the swing figures are instantly saved.

The great thing is this best golf swing analyzer, Epson Golf offers a detail of analysis about the face angle and the incident angle so you will get a deep comprehension of your swing.Besides the device can spot variations in your swing at any rotations which are not captured by a camera. It analyses your swing tempo as well, thus you effortlessly to have a wide understanding your swing tempo and ways to accomplish a perfect swing.

Furthermore, you can sign up an account to figure out names of other players or choose the comparison screen to see the differences. You can make comparison your measurements with pre-saved swing figures from a professional player.The function of viewing at 360- degree angle is indispensable, of course.In addition, it is quite portable and fastened tightly to your golf club and club grip. It provides the data accuracies of attack angle or club path. Don’t worry, it will analyze and calculate the best of your swing. In case, there is error or problems of speed or lag, it will report to you. Epson Golf is also designed to access to data through phone apps.

How to Use a Golf Swing Analyzer

​Using a Golf Swing Analyzer can be easy as a cake to professional golf players, yet brand-new players and amateur golfers no need to concern as what you have to know is to follow our easy instruction steps to analyze a golf swing correctly and effectively

​The very first step is to attach this portable tool onto your golf glove and turn on Bluetooth technology from your smartphone. The following one is to press on start button of the golf swing analyzer. The system will automatically receive your swing data and calculate the speed of the shot swing, club position, attack angle, face angle, and club-head speed accurately. This number data after being estimated and analyzed will be sent to your smartphone, and what you need to do is watch them on your phone app. To different Golf Swing Analysis, there will be distinctive Golf Swing software for your phone. You can download them from Play Store.Getting your swing analysis from the best golf swing analyzer, you know how to hit your perfect swing, right?


To sum up, to be a winner or champion in sports, the accurate technique is one of the decisive factor leading to success. Having a right Golf Swing Analysis will help you to have better insight about your swing performance to improve and make progress fast. Though it cannot replace high-tech coaches or golf experts, the device is an ideal swing analyzer tool. You can use along with your golf instructor or simply use it when you play golf in practice by yourself. Golf Swing Analysis has a diversity of types with different and typical features you can choose freely. And 5 distinctive types we mentioned above are the best of the bests we made a research. We are sure it can meet your product demand and match your taste!


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