Alongside with modern technology, professionals attempt to invent a great number of applications developed for golf. The initial benefit of these devices is that you could use them everywhere you want without moving. Besides, they support you well in improving your game as well as reducing your handicap. If you are looking for the effective ways to enhance your skill levels, here are applications you should take into your consideration. Most of applications are free, while some of them can cost up to $25, depending on what you want to upgrade.

Golf games to play
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Best Golf Games to play online for Mobile

  1. King of the Golf Course

This is a new flavor of mobile golf, which comes with fabulous features you can get from the arcade style. It is popularly played by top players and in top courses. You could use this application on the most spectacular PGA Tour courses such as Pinehurst No. 2 and TPC Sawgrass.

  1. Golfshot GPS by Shotzoom Software

For people who are looking for high quality free GPS golf application, the Golfshot by Shotzoom is an ideal option. There are two main types of GPS golf applications for you to choose from, including several upgrades and free versions. Upgrade versions require a little bit higher price, whereas, many users find that other free versions still work well.

  1. Score Keeper

If you are seeking for a customizable way to record your scores during the game, perhaps the scorekeeper is the simplest and best application. It is completely free to download and setting up the scorecard becomes much easier than ever before. Moreover, thanks to the equipment of a pro upgrade, you could do many tasks at the same time such as calculating your EGA handicap and more.

  1. Flick Golf HD

A popular game must come with the great ease of use. This is the reason why Flick Golf HD is a successful symptom in golf application. With this feature, users don’t have to spend much time on studying the application’s regulations. There is no need of taking complex timing or hitting bars. All you need to do is simply flicking the ball with your finger across the screen.

  1. Super Stickman Golf 1 & 2

It is awarded Appstore Best of 2013 from Apple. Super Stickman not only offers beautiful fairways, but also the guides to hit the ball into holes among many objects. Quickly enjoy it now.

  1. Golf

Here is an essential feature of the app world. Weather plays a necessary role in determining whether you could play golf or not. By updating the latest weather reports, golfers can bring suitable weather protection and right clothes to them.

  1. Golf Swing Mobile

The Golf Swing mobile is a friendly version of software to help you get better swing. This great feature results from the analysis of predetermined parameters. It is as same as GASP analysis, in which the analysis uses professional videos. Golf swing mobile is an extremely effective tool if you use it properly.

Golf games to play online
  1. The Rules of Golf

This is a must-have app to tell you what to do in the most common situations or unusual events. Thanks to these features, it helps prevent any confusion about the rules during your game. For example, you may ask yourself about the way to replay the ball when it falls in a water hazard, when the ball lodges on a rake prongs or penalty for marking the wrong ball. The handy device will answer all for you.

  1. Swing Profile Golf

The Swing Profile Golf provides all you need from a video capture app. It is recognized as the Best Market Research at PGA Merchandise Show 2012. High technology in this app allows you to use editing tools for analyzing your swing. Moreover, make progress by comparing your swing with other tour players.

  1. SwingPlane

Like other Swing applications we had mentioned above, the SwingPlane comes with the special ability of capturing swing and comparing it with other top results. You will find it fantastic to make use of advanced editing tools such as head position swingplane and key swing positions.

  1. WGT (World Golf Tour)

WGT brings the most realistic sensation of golf game in the world. It makes impressive by the best graphics and online competition. This virtual golf game lets you play famous courses nowadays such as Pebble Beach, St. Andrews or Bandon Dunes.

  1. iSwing

The smart iSwing app helps you capture or edit your swing on iPhone or iPad without any difficulty. With this app, playback your swing at 30 frames per second for a variety of analysis becomes greatly possible. Feel free to make changes on your swing through the handing editing suite.

  1. Golf Channel App

Users could be able to find out several apps in the Golf Channel, which help them learn how to improve their golf game in the best ways. The way this app supports users is offering stats and highlights from PGA Tour events.

  1. Golf Star

As one of the most realistic golf app, Golf Star comes with a great number of graphics and techniques to create fun golfing moments. You can challenge your friends to make more effort in playing golf.

  1. Golf Gamebook

Tracking your scores during the game becomes simple with this intelligent app. It not only helps you compete with your friends, but also trash talks with them in a fun way.

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