The game of golf is an activity, which involves precision, exercise, style, and outdoor fun. The game of golf is easy to play but mastering the techniques is near to impossible. The thing, which makes these game elite, is the dressing style of the players (how to dress for golf). The clothes of golf are stylish yet comfortable to play.

A golf enthusiast always wants to have proper golfing clothes for themselves. Every sport has its own unique dressing code to play well. Golf also holds a unique dressing code in order to play comfortably.

In Golf, you have to move your body from head to toe for a perfect swing. Therefore, flexible clothes are required to play well at the course. But in addition to comfort, you must take care of standards set of specific golf clubs and golf courses.

How To Dress For Golf
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Some of the common standards that are set by golfing clubs are like:

  • Shirts must have collars
  • The shorts or slacks must be elegant to pay respect to the sport.

All of these standards are set to reflect the elegance and tradition of the golf.

How To Dress For Golf


As we have discussed earlier that every game has its own unique dressing code in order to play comfortably so this also goes with the shirts you are going to wear for golf. It is a thing to remember that you can’t just wear anything on a golf course.

Shirts are the vital part of golf attire and needed to be chosen carefully in order to create an impact on the mind of your opponents and to get self-confidence. If you wear the perfect golf shirt, then people will get to know that what this game mean to you.

It also shows your respect for the game and its tradition. If you don’t wear the perfect shirt, then it will make you uncomfortable on the golf course and will create a negative impact on the mind of the people that looks at you.

If you want to choose the perfect shirt for the golf course, then these tips must be kept in mind.

1. Rules & Regulations of the Golf Course

You must be aware of the regulation about the attire of the golf course if you are playing regularly. There are many golf courses that have clothing guidelines in order to play. Although in recent times these golf courses became lenient regarding clothes and let the players wear what they want to but still they have some of the guidelines. So it is important to know them so that you could wear a perfect shirt on the golf course.

2. Choose to Create an Impact on the Opponent

This is true that attire can create an impact on the mind of the opponents and on your play. You should always choose that shirt, which looks classy as well as comfortable. It is suggested that you should wear shirt according to the climate so that it could not cause discomfort while playing.

For instance, if you are playing in a very hot and humid weather condition then choosing a specially designed golf shirt for hot weather is a necessity.

Wearing Personalized Shirts

personalized shirts
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You can create your unique identity by wearing personalized golf shirts. These personalized golf shirts will enhance your image and

personality on the golf course. The other advantage of wearing personalized golf shirts is that it increases the self-confidence while playing.

For instance, you can wear shirts of the same colour regularly, or you can wear the shirts bearing your name or logo. There are many golf stores that provide personalized shirts that you can choose among.

Pants V/s. Shorts

Having a couple of Golf pants or shorts will add a style to your attire. It is suggested to choose a stylish yet comfortable golf pants and shorts. Your golf pant must go with your full attire. They should be worn according to the climate conditions, and it should be perfect to play comfortably on the golf course.

On the other hand, if you choose a poorly made pant or shorts then it will fade after few washes and will look horrible on you after some days.

To choose a perfect golf pant or shorts these tips must be followed:

  1. Choose quality material: It is always suggested to choose pants and shorts that are made of quality materials. They material must be of high quality, but it must not be overly heavy. Your pant or shorts must be wrinkle free and with colour lock treatment. It is necessary to look at the seams and hemline carefully. Your pants or shorts must not have bulges or gaps. All of these factors ensure the inferiority of the material.
  2. Choose the one that properly fits: It is necessary to choose the pants or shorts with the perfect fitting. With irregular fitting, you can’t play perfectly. If you are wearing a pant to play golf, then it must be long enough to reach just above your ankle. If you are wearing shorts, then it is necessary that it must reach your knees. The golf pants and shorts must be tied with the belt so that it could add to the attire and let you play comfortably.
  3. Choose the one with good price: It is recommended to keep the price in mind before you choose your golf pants or shorts. Although the quality sportswear is quite expensive, so you need to look around for the best prices. You can also shop online for sportswear for better prices. If you want to buy through traditional methods, then you can look for the shops that provide discounts and avail various offers on the purchase.


golf shoes
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Like all other sports golf shoes are properly designed to play comfortably and effective. These days there are many types of golf shoes available in the market. Golf shoes resemble the tennis shoes but with the spikes.

You can choose among leather shoes or the one that are made up of fibres. But there are several aspects that need to be keeping in mind before purchasing golf shoes and these are:

  1. Technology and spikes of the golf shoes: Golf shoes have evolved through years. In the past times, these golf shoes contain spikes made up of metal in order to play over the golf courses but most of the golf courses have banned shoes with the metal spikes in order to protect their grass. These days shoes with soft spikes are available in the market. These soft spikes are made up or plastic or rubber so that you could play comfortably.
  2. A comfortable level of the shoes: It is always suggested to get comfortable golf shoes that are easy to wear. If they fit easily then you can play your shots well, can stand and bend comfortably. Shoes must be water proof and sweat proof so that you can play easily in hot weather also.
  3. Purchase branded shoes: Branded shoes are designed with the comfort and keeping aspects of the sport in mind. So always wear branded shoes that ensure the warranty, quality and material type of the branded shoes.


There are several types of accessories that also add to the attire like:

  • Wristwatches
  • Sunglasses
  • Caps

Our Say to the Golfers

All these aspects ensure the perfect golf attire, and it is always required to be followed. If you need some other questions regarding the perfect dress up, then you can use our comment box below.

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