Golf is a very interactive and easy going game. People from all the age groups can play this game and perform well. It doesn’t require a high physical movement or abilities. All it needs is a stroll down the garden and a swing of the arms with the club in the hand.

Golf is a club and ball game that was first played in the 15th century, in Scotland. This game doesn’t need a particular standard area or a court. It is played on a green course where either 9 or 18 holes are arranged in progression. There are different terrains such as hazards, rough and fairway in the course.

Each hole is played once, both in a 9-hole or an 18-hole game. The ball is brought into the play by striking it from a teeing ground. This first shot, called drive, is a long shot, intended to hit the ball for more than 200 meters. The distance from tee box to holes can be very long, and golf carts can be used for the same.

The player can take any number of strokes, in a stroke play, to hit the ball into the hole. The one who does that in the least strokes is the winner. The other for is the match play, judged by the lowest score by an individual in all the holes combined in around.

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Each sport requires different equipment to play with. So is the case with golf. The basic equipment player needs are:

Golf Clubs

These are the sticks that are used to hit the golf balls. A club has a long shaft, with a grip on the top and a club at the bottom. Different types of clubs are used to propel the ball to different distances. Long clubs with lower degree lofts are used to drive the ball a long distance. At the same time, a shorter club with a higher degree is used for shorter distances.

Golf Balls

It is a spherical, white colored ball, with numerous dimples covering it. It is made by keeping physics and aerodynamics in mind. This allows the ball to fly further when it is hit, and not deviate. A golf ball shouldn’t weigh more than 1.62 ounces and be 1.68 inches in diameter. It is usually white colored.


There is equipment that is used by golfers. There is a tee that is used in the first shot inside a tee box. The ball is kept on a small peg that elevates the ball a bit higher. Player may or may not use that. Golfers can have special shoes called golf shoes that have a plastic or metal spike on the base and give good grip.

A golf bag is used to keep and move the clubs and other personal stuff of a golfer on a golf course. They have a certain type of trolleys that can be pulled with. Also, the golf carts can be used to move the player and the belongings around the course easily.

When is Golf Season?

Golf and Fall

Fall is the season of relaxation. The air is crisp, and the colors come alive. It is the one preceding the winters, so it’s a good chance to get as much practice as possible, as there will be a break after this season. Thus, the golfer can make up for the upcoming break.

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Playing golf in fall is a very good experience. First of all, the weather is just amazing. There is a layer of gold all around. Also, it doesn’t cause fatigue and keeps one fresh. It is a great season for catching up with your old friends and having a great time.

You can also invite your work colleagues, or have some quality time with kids and grandkids. This is a season to play free golf and get some relaxation time without being tired a lot. A person should try to go golfing at least thrice a month in this season.

8 Best Golf Destinations and Seasons

There are various different golf holiday destinations in the country where you can go and spend some time golfing and enjoying. Some of the best ones are:

1. Bandon Dunes, OREGON:

Bandon has four big courses and a beautiful scene around. These courses cost you almost same to play. There are also certain offers to attract you. They provide a 50% discount on the second round, and a free round thereafter. The best season to be here is the summer as it enhances the beauty and is easy to be around

2. Reunion Resort, Kissimmee, FLORIDA:

This place can be called a family place. There is the Disney World for the family and the Annika’s Academy for the golfer. Reunion has three champion courses to practice on. The best time to play golf here is the winters. The weather is pleasant, and the breeze is cold. The golfer can play, practice and enjoy also in winters.

3. Phoenix, ARIZONA:

Phoenix is in the heart of a desert. It can be easily called desert golf. It has a course with a total of 27 holes. Along with golf, it also has a swimming pool and an art collection. With golf, a person can also experience wildlife by going both north and south of urban Phoenix. As it is a desert, winter is the best season to play golf as the climate cools down a bit.


The best time to golf in the scenic beauty of New England is the fall. The scenes during the fall are just beautiful and soothing. You drive the golf cart around on a bed of golden and red leaves. The best courses for golf are located at Stove, Sugar Leaf and Sunday River. These are mountain resorts, and thus with the onset of winter playing gets difficult.

5. Pinehurst, NORTH CAROLINA

It is basically sandy woodland, which has 9 golf courses in it. Some of these are pretty famous. The last year’s US Open was held at one of its courses. It is one of the holiest golf places in The USA. The best time to play here is either spring or fall.

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6. Saddlebrook, FLORIDA:

There is a good cold weather during winters in Florida. These golf courses are very well kept and quite challenging. There are mainly two courses surrounded by greenery and worth playing at. One can go and relax at soft sand beaches also if he wants. Again, winters are the best season to enjoy golf here.


On Oahu Island’s north shore Turtle Bay is a peaceful and great resort. It has two good and underused golf courses. Along with golfing, one can take full pleasure of the mountains and the beaches. Going to the east shore, there is a good mountainside course. Due to high temperatures in summers, winters are the best choice for golfing here.

8. Pebble Beach, CALIFORNIA:

The Pebble beach may not be the world’s best golf courses, but the two courses have a beauty of their own. Various holes in the courses follow the scalloped rocky shore that is located between Monterey and Carmel’s golden beach. The best season to play would be fall. The mist and the golden surroundings make the experience surreal.


Golfing is a great game to let the burden go off and have a relaxation. It provides you with a mental peace by putting you inside a green environment. These were the best locations and their appropriate seasons available in the country. If you liked the suggestion, you would love to go and play there.

Do share this blog with your colleagues and friends to strike an appropriate time to take a golf vacation. If you have some more suggestions, please comment below in the comments section.

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