Top 10 Best Lob Wedges 2020



The wedge helps a lot in showing your ability of the technique. We have done whole research to find out the top 10 best lob wedges of the year.

A golf course cannot be perfect without a wedge. Known as the soul of the game, wedges help golfers solve the difficulties. From small chips to the pitches 50-70 yards, golf wedges can handle all. But can finding out a suitable wedge be hard with beginners? We are here to suggest you top 10 best lob wedges golf clubs for beginners.


Compared with the MD 3, this new wedge has only a slight difference. Callaway still has a high opinion in a simple and modern look. But loads of shelf are the highlights with 4 red or silver dots. This gives MD4 a more futuristic look. 

But there is a new change in MD4. That is the co-operation of Callaway and Cleveland’s staff players. And it is where the technology called ”groove in groove” shines. The main grooves are saw-cut and horizontal milled to a precise tolerance.

With 60-12 degree bounce, golfers can control on full shots and have more spin out of rough through the progressive groove formations. 

Callaway says this combination of grooves plus micro-grooves that helps grab the ball’s cover to increase spin.


  • Variety of grind options

  • Futuristic look

  • New technology to improve the spin and full-shots


  • Expensive

9. Tour Series Men’s Edition 60 degree Lob Wedge

With its shining silver look, Tour Series amaze every golfer in the world. It is available in both hand and all sizes. 

It brings golfers comfort with 60-degree loft with a durable stainless steel head. Golfers share that they usually find it difficult to make a nice hit with a too heavy head of the wedge. You do not need to worry with this one with a smaller and softer head. 

Backspin is not a problem anymore. Tour Series owns a soft face that puts more backspin on the ball.


  • All sizes and available in both hand
  • Reasonable


  • Not very famous

8. Pinemeadow Lob Wedge

A product by famous Pinemeadow, this wedge has popularity in its infancy. This company takes the custom request to make this new lob wedge. 

It comes with 5 loft options, all in 4-degree gaps, but especially is its lob. With 60-degree loft, spreading your yardage is not an impossible thing anymore. The bounce selection is wedge- specific. The 14-degree bounce sits well with its loft, and it plays beautifully out if bunkers.

It feels very excellent around the green and let you work with the ball peacefully. No matter how long distance there is, this lob wedge has great work. It makes a nice, sharp sound at impact.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sound nice and sharp 


  • Not very good quality metal
  • Inconsistency

7. Wilson Staff Harmonized Black chrome golf wedge

The Wilson featured a unique lob wedge that provides golfers with more versatility on approach and chip shots.

Owning a classical style, Harmonized Black has 60-degree loft. This allows players to open the clubface for high lofted shots.

Not only that, it owns a special sole grind that appeals to a variety of players. With the 2 different options of finish: anti-glare and classic high- polish, the durability of this wedge is better than ever.


  • Inexpensive
  • Famous company
  • High durability 
  • Classic look


  • Available in right- hand only
  • Easily has markings from the ball

6. Ram Golf Pro Lob Wedge

This lob wedge is included in a set of 3 wedges by Ram Golf. Owning a unique look with a silver cover, Ram makes their wedges stunning and modern. 

Like other lob wedges, this has a 60-degree loft. That helps a lot in control the line of the ball as well as distance when you make the hit. Not only the long distance but within 100 yards can you make a perfect shot with this one.

Besides, stainless steel heads give great feel and consistency. Especially with 8- degree bounce, the club will give you the confidence you need to lower your scores.


  • Inexpensive
  • Short- distance shot can be easily performed
  • Stainless steel head


  • Must be in the set
  • Only available in right-hand 

5. Stealth Club Covers 28110 Lob Wedge

As a new face of the community of lob wedges, Stealth Club Lob Wedge can impress golfers with its unique look. Owning a single black cover, it is a nice choice for strong and sporty people. Besides, this cover can protect the club head quite well. It never jams into the bag and connects to the shaft. 

Not only that, this lob wedge is short enough for you to tuck in the pocket during play. Always a secure fit with bold, readable numbers for quick identification without a logo, this wedge makes people enjoy playing, especially a beginner.


  • Small size 
  • Easily tuck into a pocket
  • Inexpensive


  • Not very good for professional

4. Olimar Spin Wedge ST1

Olimar surprises golfers all over the world with this latest product. 

With 60-degree loft, it can maximize the ability of backspin of the wedge. Now the spin around the green cannot be a problem anymore. 

Moreover, it has a stainless steel head, like any other high-quality wedges now. Along with the dual-milled face, this creates additional surface roughness. The weight is minimized for a higher hit when the gravity can concentrate more in the center. It has all the features that golfers desire to, such as larger grooves and consistent traction.


  • Affordable
  • Good features
  • High consistency and lower weight


  • Not very famous
  • have a formal look

3. Cobra King Mim Wedge

This new replacement to Cobra King before has a sleeker look and new construction technologies. 

Cobra has said that this wedge allows you to create the most “precise shape possible”. It also provides an unbelievable feel and turf interaction. 

Grain structure and softer feel can be the reason why this wedge owns such great consistency. 

With 60-degree loft, it follows the predecessors but has a great improvement in the grind. This provides extra toe-relief to make it even more versatile. If you are facing a flop shot, you should adopt this wedge for even a low bump or run up the green.

Cobra’s wedge always looks pretty smart, classical. That is also a plus point for this.


  • Classical look
  • Precise shape
  • High consistency


  • Expensive

2. Ray Cook Golf Shot-Saver Alien

From Alien technology, we have a new face in the golf community- Shot Saver. It offers the most revolutionary, uniquely shaped wedge of our time. 

This oversized wedge has 2- piece construction combines an extra large sweet spot and wider than the average sole. This means we can create a higher moment of inertia. It also improves the accuracy and the impact on the force of the hit.

Moreover, it glass bead satin, non-glare face with high chrome finish also a highlight for this product. You can make easy shots and fix your mistake in technique.


  • High Accuracy
  • Affordable
  • Non-glare face


  • Large, difficult to bring along. 

1. Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge

If you are a high handicapper and you are looking for the best lob wedge, try out this set.

Bear in mind that both old- hands and beginners need a good wedge, Taxan made it with both accuracy and comfort to use. This set includes 3 wedges with different lofts, and of course, the 60- degree lob. 

The 60-degree lob adds some versatility to your golf club set with the stainless steel head. It is one of the most impressive features of the wedges. The steel club increases the spin and accuracy of the hit. 

Unlike others, this lob own high-quality true temper steel. This makes performance consistent and is suitable for different kinds of people.


  • Excellent control 
  • Affordable set 
  • Accurate wedges


  • The paint on the lettering begins to chip off after a few months
  • Longer than others
  • Only for men’s right hand


Above is the result of top 10 best lob wedges. We hope that does help you in finding a suitable lob for each game? 

Is one of those your best lob wedge? Please let us know by a comment on this review!


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