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Reviews and guides for Choosing the best golf towels in 2020.

Golfers must be familiar with carrying the golf towel along with them to their courses. The golf towel plays an important role in cleaning your clubs, which contribute significantly to help you have the correct shots. With multi purposes, it should be a must-have tool for serving the regular use of golfers. The ability to make golf clubs dry depends on many factors such as materials, sizes, types, etc…It requires you to choose the best golf towel that meets your needs and demands. Keep on reading our article and select your most appropriate golf towels.

10. Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel 16" x 24" - 3 Pack - Best golf towels 2019

Let’s have a close look at this attractive model. The Greenside Microfiber golf towel is an optimal option for all groups of golfers. Coming with various sizes and colors, the tool offers a great opportunity to all users. Discover gorgeous features of this golf towel as the followings.

It is very convenient for you to store the golf towel everywhere you want. You can attach it on the push cart, in your bag or your basket. To own larger towels with multi colors, gather them together and they promise to make you feel excited. Feel comfortable to enjoy ultimate benefits of the large towel layer by using its white side to clean your hands and the dark side for wiping the clubs.

Talking about the ability to clean the club, this golf towel makes impressive by the power of absorbing up to 400 grams liquid per square meter. This excellent feature results from microfiber weave material, which allows the fast speed of cleaning without any challenge. As a result, it takes you extremely short time to get dry clubs for the next use. These reasons explain why Greenside Microfiber golf towel belongs to the best golf towels you should purchase nowadays.

9. Greens Towel Microfiber Golf Towel with Carabiner Clip, 3-Pack

The next recommendation on our list comes from Greens Towel. At the reasonable price, this model meets the needs and demands of customers in many aspects. Order the product and enjoy all of its amazing traits.

This golf towel not only has the eye-catching appearance but also the great function to satisfy different tastes of customers. With the small size of 16x16 inches, putting the golf towel in your pocket is much easier than ever before. It is surprising that this small golf towel has the special capability of wiping your golf ball, your eyewear as well as an iron.

8. Nike Microfiber Golf Towel (19" x 41") - Best Nike golf towel 2019

Here is the best golf towels among a variety of options on the market. The model gains a high appreciation of both customers and professionals in the golf industry. See what you can get the benefit when using this elegant golf towel.

Like other top high-end golf towels, this model has the great absorption due to the soft microfiber material. Its size is big enough for keeping both the dry and wet part of the towel. How convenient it is! Another special feature of the model is the nice Swoosh embroidered trademark appearing on two towel sides. This trait makes the item outstanding from other models in the same category.

You can take advantage of this tool for serving different purposes. It works efficiently in cleaning your arms, your clubs, and your forehead. Microfiber is a big plus of the towel, which supports the short time of cleaning thanks to the large size and lightweight design. It takes you surprisingly short time to do all cleaning tasks above.

7. Simplicity 100% Terry Velour Cotton Hemmed Tri-Fold Golf Towel - Best golf towels 2019

If you are seeking for the best golf towel for sport, Simplicity 100% Terry Velour golf towel is an ideal recommendation. The appearance of this tool contributes a lot to your fitness performance. The followings provide all you need to know about this reliable product.

Made from 100% cotton, it guarantees to bring the maximum of comfort to users. This feature is a great advantage of the towel, which makes your clubs dry in a surprisingly quick time. With the tri-fold design, carrying the towel is much easier than ever before. You will find it convenient to attach the golf towel in your common bags. Other key features of the tool include high absorption, lightweight design, and the amazing durability. Simplicity 100% Terry Velour golf towel is also used as a towel for your lovely kitchen. It has high application in other fields such as hiking, cycling, jogging, etc…This is the reason why the towel is popular in both home, beach and other commercial occasions.

6. Center Cut Microfiber Golf Towel 16"x40"

For people who love the simplicity, this model is a smart choice. It has the perfect combination between design and function. As the best golf towel of Clothlete, Center Cut towel makes users feel happy in many aspects. Enjoy all fantastic characteristics of this product as below.

Touching this golf towel is easy thanks to the equipment of a center hole cut. No matter you play golf or attend other activities, this golf towel is a good companion. It has the strength of absorbing as much liquid as possible. You can use the towel for wiping your club heads, grooves, and grips.

In fact, the towel is so multifunctional for serving different tasks. It can wipe the grooves and the club heads with the damp side and dry your grips and hands with the opposite side. Feel rest assured that the microfiber material of this golf towel does not affect loose debris of the fabrics.

Another excellent feature of the model is the extremely lightweight design. Even when the towel gets wet, it is still lightweight for easy carrying and storing. In case you feel displeased with the new Center Cut golf towel, feel free to contact to its customer service to get a refund.

5. MLB Embroidered Golf Towel

The next option we would like to recommend to you is MLB Embroidered golf towel. Thanks to many advantages, the model becomes the best golf towel to defeat other brands in the golf industry.

Main features of the towel include embroidered logo, 100% cotton, swivel clip as well as the scrubber and a tri-fold design. Each of them plays an important role in improving your performance. Let’s enjoy all of them.

4. Callaway 2014 Tri-Fold Mens Towel - Best Callaway golf towel 2019

Finding the best golf towel is unchallengeable with this recommendation. The towel promises to make you feel happy in many aspects.

Made from durable and high-quality microfiber fabric, this golf towel can remove dirt and odor of the clubs in a surprisingly quick time. This is because the lightweight material of this golf towel is very effective in defeating the dimples existing in the club grooves. Moreover, using this item minimizes mildew odor efficiently thanks to the equipment of anti-microbial microfiber. How wonderful it is!

3. Tri-Fold Golf Towel

Coming with a variety of sizes and colors, this golf towel is an ideal option for all users. It is made from 100% cotton and associates the advanced carabiner clip. With tri-fold design, carrying the item is so convenient without any difficulty.

In a word, finding the best golf towels is a simple task with this advanced tool. The Tri-Fold golf towel features all golfers need for each time of going to the greens. Thousands of people feel happy with this invention. Hope you will become one of them.

2. NCAA Embroidered Golf Towel

Here is the best golf towel of Team Golf you can carry to your golf courses. The towel not only has the appealing design but also equips a great number of gorgeous features.

The first great characteristic of this model is 100% Cotton, which allows high absorption and fast cleaning process. Combining well with the helpful scrubber design, it helps shorten the time of cleaning your clubs. There is no difficulty in removing or attaching the golf towel from your bag. This result comes from the equipment of swivel clip.

Coming with the stylish design and impressive color, this tool matches well with your bag perfectly. The golf towel is also durable as well. Made from high-quality material, it can last for a long time of use. Feel wonderful to bring the towel to your courses to enjoy its multi-purposes.

1. NFL Embroidered Golf Towel - Custom golf towels 2019

There is no doubt that NFL Embroidered is worth calling the best golf towel for many reasons. It comes with the great design and nice features of a top high-end golf towel. Find out all impressive characteristics of the product as below.

The softness of this golf towel comes from the material of 100% cotton. When the towel is tri-fold, it is very compact for putting into your bag. There is a swivel clip for convenient attaching the towel to your cart. An impressive feature that makes the towel outstanding from the others is its embroidered logo. It helps you recognize the NFL towel from other golf towels available on the market.

You can see the best golf towels at a wide range of prices. These towels come from well-known brands on the current market. They not only make you comfortable but also improve your performance in an effective way. Hope you have the right choice with our suggestions above.

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