Top 10 Best Golf Socks 2020


Top 10 Best Golf Socks for Golf Enthusiasts 

Can you go to the golf field without a couple of socks? No, you can’t. So we are here to help you with the top 10 best golf socks for golf enthusiasts.

Golf is an elegant sport that comes from the nobility with many rituals and standards. Good golfers always pay special attention to the golf custom, from the simplest accessories such as golf socks. Some people don’t care about socks, but it plays a big role to help you become confident: a pair of socks not only helps you to protect your feet but also an important item that will show your sense in fashion.

So, let take a look with the 10 best golf socks below, and choose your one!

10. Zensah Limited Edition Running Socks

Zensah is a famous brand that well – known for its high- quality products, including this type of socks. Zensah socks are made of anti-odor proprietary fabric with silver ions – that strengthen the ability of moisture wicking and make you feel comfortable all day. 

Zensah’s design is also a good point that you should consider. They make the socks anatomically for left and right foot with seamless toe. The socks will perfectly fit with your feet without any obstacle.

One more thing that makes Zensah become the best golf socks is the 36 special patterns. So there may be 1 minus point: it will be a challenge for you to choose your right one.


  • Effective compression
  • Good sweat absorbing; do not slip out even with hard movement.
  • Good feet- protection (anti- blister….)
  • Unique design.


  • Square toe-end (there will be excess fabric inside)
  • High price 
  • Small size: you should order at least 1 size bigger than your normal

9. Novelty Fun Crazy Golf Sport Crew Socks (4 Pack)

Famous for Happypop collection, including dozens of funny and creative designs, Novelty has conquered many fastidious customers. The “Math socks”, “flamingo socks” or “golf socks” will be an extremely interesting highlight for your golf outfit. And since this is one of the best golf socks, it becomes an ideal gift for your son, your brother or even your father. 

These socks also fit perfectly with your feet and don’t slip down even with hard- workouts. It is not too thick and good at controlling moisture, so it always makes you comfortable. 


  • Attractive design with more than 30 patterns
  • Moderate thickness, good at controlling moisture 
  • Affordable price 
  • Beautiful packaging


  • It is not professional- sports socks, so it can’t protect leg and foot as good as other brands 
  • Difficult to wash: it can shrink down, so you have to wash inside out with cold water.

8. Under Armour Men’s Elevated performance 

What is your problem with the normal socks when doing golf? 

  • Does it slide down inside your shoe? Under Amour can help you with arch support. 
  • Is it sweaty and smelly? Under Amour has high- technologies of moisture wicking and anti-odor. 
  • Does it get stuck on your small toes when wearing? Under Amour use seamless toe construction. 

Is that enough? It is exactly the best golf socks for every golf enthusiast. 

And Under Amour available in both: no show and crew heights with 4 main colors: red, blue, black and white. 


  • Comfortable and easy to wear with L, R mark and seamless toe  
  • Perfect moisture wicking and anti-odor 
  • Never lost their shape after washing. 
  • Soft, thick, and supportive.


  • High price for a pair of socks

7. Argyle design golf socks 

These are the long knee high socks with argyle diamond design. And that is perfect for golf outfits. The high cotton content makes these socks comfortable and durable when doing exercise. Moreover, the long socks offer better protection and warmth you’re your legs. 

The most common problem with high socks is that it is easy to slide down after a period of use. But this one doesn’t: it will remain on your legs for hours. 


  • Super classic design that fits with almost every custom
  • Moderate thickness, it can wrap the legs well and last long.


  • Color is sent randomly.

6. My Soxy Feet Athletic Performance Ankle socks

When doing exercise, your feet often sweat and make you feel uncomfortable. So this is the best golf socks for you: it has the Coolmax structure that keeps your feet well ventilated. And it also can protect your feet with high- stress zone cushioning (for example, your feet will not be blistered after long time running). 

Among many brands of socks, this is the best golf socks ever: these socks are high quality, very comfortable, durable, and attractive. 


  • Good at protecting feet from impact. 
  • Good at moisture wicking 
  • Durable and attractive


  • Expensive compared with other brands.

5. NIKE performance cushion low rise socks

Maybe I don’t need to talk too much about NIKE’s product quality anymore. This is just the best golf socks for golf enthusiasts. It is a little higher than your ankle; it can cover entire of your feet, not too compressed that always make you feel good. 

This pair of socks is also a cotton mixture, so can wick moisture better, warmer and it doesn’t shrink like other types.  


  • Good materials: 63% of cotton makes these socks perfect. 
  • Good quality for the price.


  • The size is not right: you should check carefully before buying 

4. Swiftwick: Performance one 

If you read to this part of my post, I am sure that you can list out some criteria to choose the best golf socks: fabric material, compression, durability…..

This Swiftwick product is made of signature olefin fiber. It is designed to fit your feet perfectly: not too tight, not blistering. And the seamless toe will bring the most comfortable feeling when using. 


  • Fit perfectly 
  • Compression socks 
  • Stay dry after and during workouts 
  • Thin, but still enough for doing exercise.


  • The only con is that it is pricey. 

3. No show tab golf socks by High Falls footwear 

This is the strong evidence that you don’t need a famous brand to buy the best golf socks. These socks last very well without any annoying tendency to slip down your shoe​​​. It has a nice thickness that doesn’t make your shoe tight but not flimsy, too. 

They fit around your ankle instead of over (like other brands). And they can protect you from blistering even if you play 4-5 times per week. 


  • Strong but soft on the skin. 
  • Well priced 
  • Good fit for casual wear as well as sportswear.


  • The fabric may be exposed after a long time of use. 

2. Swiftwick – FLITE XT ZERO

Another product from Swiftwick that can become the best golf socks for golfers: fast dry, non- slip, ultimate stability…. It also nicely fits with your feet and provides the moderate compression for your workout. 

And, like any other socks from the swift wick, it is specially built for fitness, running and golf with the signature fibẻ, contoured compression fit, medium cushion, and anklelock – no slipping down in your shoe. 


  • Perfect foot protection
  • No show cuff height: sit below ankles
  • 6 colors for choosing  


  • it has a high price 

1. Bluemapple compression socks

“Say goodbye to your pain” – this is exactly what the socks can help you. It lightly padded at the ball and on top of the foot. They control the swelling perfectly; they can reduce plantar fasciitis, shin splints, pulled muscles… So they are the best golf socks for people who have vein, low feet or ankles down issues.

Also, Bluemapple uses anti-odor and anti-static fabric to make the sock. That is why the socks are always fit perfectly with your feet, and make you comfortable even after hours of doing exercise.


  • Can reduce feet and leg swelling.
  • Can help users to recover after doing exercise.
  • Using soft materials to make the user comfortable in longer durability.
  • Good design with great color.
  • Good compression


  • There is no cushioning in the heel.
  • Difficult to choose size since the size for men and women is alike.
  •  Bulky toe seam.


In brief, this article has introduced you top 10 best golf socks for golf enthusiasts. Even if you want to be a professional golfer or not, don’t forget the socks. It helps you keep warm in winter, absorb moisture, protect your feet from external impact. And it can even show your personality as well. 

And if you used one of these products, please leave a comment and share with others!  


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