How to choose the best golf simulators for Home in 2019

Your family is preparing for a long day trip in a remote area. You feel kind of boring because you don’t know what to do in the afternoon and in your leisure time. Well, a very interesting and competitive sport shall satisfy you a lot.

Every family member can participate and have fun. What are you waiting for? In the scope of this article, I would like to introduce you 10 best suggestions about golf simulators, which are widely known as putting. I bet you will be very surprised at what these golf simulators deliver for your health and entertainment.

Top 10 Best Golf Simulators For Home 2019 Reviews (updated)

1. Rapsodo R-Motion and The Golf Club Simulator and Swing Analyzer: Shop now at Amazon
2. Optishot 2 10 x 10 x 10 golf simulator basic package: Shop now at Amazon
3. OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator: Shop now at Amazon
4. Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle | 10x7ft Haack Golf Net: Shop now at Amazon
5. Spornia 3pc Golf Bundle | SPG-5 Golf Practice Net: Shop now at Amazon
6. Golf Net Bundle 4pc: Shop now at Amazon 
7. Golf Putting Green Grassroots Mat: Shop now at Amazon
8. 77tech Golf Putting Green System Professional Practice Green Long Challenging Putter Indoor: Shop now at Amazon
9. Indoor Golf Putting Green – Portable Mat with Auto Ball Return Function: Shop now at Amazon
10. TANGKULA 8 FT Putting Mat Indoor Outdoor Golf Practice Training Mat Green Grass Turf Ball Return: Shop now at Amazon

Top 10 Best Golf Simulators in 2018

1. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green – best golf Simulators 2018

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Briefly looking at this green putting, you shall imagine that it seems like a kidney. The Putt-a-bout Grassroots Par provides high quality and smooth surface which ensure that every putting is great. This kidney shaped putting 9 feet in length and 3 feet in width giving you three cups to aim at.

The middle cup stays at the farthest. However, in my opinion, it is the most easily achievable destination for players as what you need to do is control your putting force in a straight line and there you go. The golf ball is in the cup. The remaining cups lie on the two sides which might cause you more difficult to get your ball in the cup.

This Putt-Bout-Grassroots Putting weighs 3.5 pounds leaving it light and portable to bring along on every long day trip. It doesn’t take you time and effort to open the package and enjoy the game. Rolling up and unrolling this putting is a piece of cake.

Furthermore, with the built-in sand traps, you don’t need to worry about your balls running far away for each missed shot. Besides, the green color offers you peace of mind and relaxation. When you purchase this product, a package of 12 golf balls is attached.

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2. Amzdeal Dual-Track Putting Indoor Golf Simulator

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This putting is more familiar with us and provides us with interesting experience while playing together. The golf mat is 0.3 thick and made from woven nylon turf. The surface is smoothly wrapped around and under with rubber pad. As a result, this putting is stable on unbalancing grounds. The base is 10 cm high leaving you a realistic experience while doing putting skills.

One more thing that I like a lot about this green putting is the gravity automatic ball return mechanism. Despite the simple and basic design, your ball will automatically roll back to you via the track on the side of the mat. For this reason, you don’t need to walk to the hole and retrieve the ball for many times. You save your time and effort. Your game will be ready anytime.

What is more, on the top of the putting, there are two holes at different sizes. One hole is 8 cm wide, and the other is 6 cm. You will feel challenged to get your ball in the two holes.Consequently, you can focus more on the game to achieve the holes.

This Dual Track Putting Indoor Gold Simulator is easy to roll up and unroll. It is 1 feet in width and 8.2 feet in length. The weight is 6 pounds. You can carry it on your journey for camping and picnic.

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3. SKLZ Accelerator Pro – Indoor Putting Green

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SKLZ provides you with an amazing and convenient green putting for indoor and outdoor activities. You want to have some practice and fun. This golf simulator is no doubt a good option to consider.

First of all, your game will not be interrupted thanks to the continuous ball return. It means that when the ball is in the cup, the ball automatically goes back to you. As a result, you don’t need to walk to the other side of the mat to take the ball out of the hole and start playing from the beginning. Besides, when you keep putting without placing the golf ball again and again after each putt, you easily maintain your stroke and gesture to make next putts.

Secondly, the true-roll and smooth surface deliver the realistic experience as if you were playing golf in the field. This putting is 9 feet long, and 16.25 inches in width are leaving it suitable for most rooms and space. More than that, there are precise alignment directions on the mat surface so that you are able to make putts accurately into the only hole.

4. PGM3660 Emerald Par Golf Mat

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A simple and basic golf mat still offers you an amazing experience with golf. The mat is made from woven nylon turf which is 3 inches wide and 5 inches long. It is about 12.6 pounds. As a result, the PGM3660 Golf Mat is a good choice for portability and durability. There is no doubt that the mat assists you a lot in rolling up and unrolling, thereby saving you time and effort.

What is more, the thick backing (about 5mm foam grip backing) minimizes ball shocks when you make putts into the mat. Thanks to the smooth and high-quality surface, the ball runs easily, and you can estimate your force to make it far. Obviously, this is a product for outdoor activities and a helpful partner for those who start to play golf.

One rubber tee is included when you purchase the full package. Furthermore, you can leave this mat for next use without rolling it up. It is durable and seems weather proof. This is a huge advantage of the PGM3660 Golf Mat compared with other golf simulators in the market.

5. Golf Putting Mat, OUTAD Indoor Golf Training Mat Putting Green System

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This is a high-quality golf putting provided by OUTAD. It is 0.5m wide and 3m long. When you purchase the full option package, you are able to obtain one set of golf flags and disk.

The simulator surface is smooth which makes it a great choice for golf players to place it anywhere in their house and enjoy funny moments. As what you can see from the design, this mat offers artificial green grass to make it more real to the players. You feel like you are playing golf in the field. These grass greens are 4cm long.

Furthermore, this mat is convenient and easy for rolling up and unrolling. You cannot find any difficulty in unboxing this green putting out of the package. The premium back will reduce creases on the mat surface. As a result, you can play golf on it both indoors and outdoors. This is a good way for the lazy people to do some exercises when they feel bored.

The putting product from OUTAD is also facilitated with the EVA system in the back, leaving it high elastic and flexible. The base is 8mm thick which helps the mat stay sturdy and stable on different grounds.

6. StarPro 10’x3′ 5-Holes Pro-Am Professional Practice Putting Green

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This StarPro green putting is no doubt another good choice for golf players to enjoy. As you can see from the image, there are five destinations for the ball to aim at. For this reason, this mat is suitable for more than one person to play at the same time. The rule is simple. Players have to direct the ball into each cup. Flags are provided in the full package when you buy this putting. Each flag is 5 to 12 inches long.

What you probably like the most about this green mat is its smooth surface. The platform is natural and soft yet stable and convenient for you to roll up and unroll. It is obviously a good game for family members and friends to enjoy.

The StarPro green mat is 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. The green color delivers a realistic practice and experience for you. Different directions require different body stroke. For this reason, you shall feel more interested in the game. What is more, as more people get involved in the game, the competitiveness increases. There is no doubt this is a high-quality product for both indoor and outdoor activities.

7. Golf Practice Putting Green

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This is a high quality and user-friendly product for golf players. There are 4 inches deep practice cups with four different colored flags as remarks. Each flag is 30 inches high. When you purchase the green putting, written instructions for putting installation are provided. The material for the mat is made from either synthetic or nylon.

For each package, three cups are included. As a result, you can play with different players at the same time. The competitiveness and attractiveness of the game become bigger. You will focus more on the game. Furthermore, the mat is only 6 pounds heavy, so it is easy and convenient for you to bring along on every camping and traveling occasion.

8. Rukket Portable Driving Range 3 in 1 Golf Set

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A portable and full package for golf players shall satisfy you a lot. A practice net, a chipping target and tri-turf hitting mat are all included in the package. This is one of the best quality golf simulators in the market. The features are made from durable material with a golf ball automatically rolling back to you.

In case you are wondering how to open up the practice net, don’t worry. A detailed EASY FOLD instruction with clear explanations can help you a lot. Furthermore, folding any pop up net is not a big problem. What about the durability of the hitting net? Well, it is the best quality and highly stable. You can try to bend and fold it harder. The net still shows good flexibility.

The golf mat is equipped with three different grass colors to save your backyard grass. The surface of the mat is smooth. It is 25 inches long and 16 inches wide. The mat base is sturdy and good at traction to maximize each putt.

What is more, the chipping target provides you with three holes at different sizes to make your game more interesting and challenging. One thing is this chipping target is removable. So, if you just want some practice, uninstall it. If you want a game with your friends, hang it on.

9. Putting Domestique – Best Golf Simulators


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This is a premium and high-quality golf simulator for golf players. The putting mat is 10 feet long and 1 feet wide. On the surface, you can see the track visibility to help you estimate the distance from the starting point to the cups ahead. Besides, the ball can easily and automatically roll back to you. As a result, you don’t need to walk to the cups to take the balls. Your game can run continuously.

What is more, there are three holes or cups in total which are various in sizes. The largest cup is 115mm wide, and the smallest one is 75mm. The mat base is well equipped with a non-slip coating material to prevent any instability and wrinkle.

It is very light (only 3 pounds). Consequently, the mat is portable and convenient for you to move everywhere. You can use it both outdoors and indoors.

10. Big Moss Golf COMPETITOR

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This green putting is 9 inches long and 3 inches wide. It is about 20 pounds. Therefore, it is light and portable for movement. You can place the mat anywhere in your house and your backyard. The sturdy base makes the mat stable and helps you control your putt more precisely. There are three holes with different sizes to challenge your putting skills.

The mat surface is smooth. However, when the ball misses the cup, it will not roll back to you automatically. Therefore, it might take you time and effort to collect all of the balls back to the starting point. You are not able to play continuously because of such interruptions. Don’t worry. Walking to take balls is also good for your health!

To sum up

What do you think about my 10 suggestions about best golf simulators for home? They are both premium golf mats serving your requirement for playing sports with convenience, health benefits, and entertainment. What I am concerned the most is probably the price. If you prefer simplicity and portability, you might consider Big Moss Putting Golf, Golf Practice Putting Green or StarPro product. However, trust me! These mats will not dissatisfy you at all. If you find this article useful, leave your comment here. Now, let’s cross-finger and head to the game!



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