Top 10 Best Golf Putters 2020



A Putter is indispensable for a collection of golf items. We will show you now the top 10 best golf putters in this modern world.


A Putter is the most important in every golf course. How to choose the right and suitable putter is still a difficult question for all golfers in the world. However, we are here to help you with this top 10 best golf putters in this world that every golfer desires to have.


1. Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

Pinemeadow just showed a new product, the PGX SL. This putter has every latest feature from the previous product. It helps you to sink more putts with symmetrical balance.

Moreover, this can overcome the issue of height. Even if you are only 6’3 feet in height, the shaft would still work on you.

The lightweight is a perfect feature to reduce the mistake of hitting the ball.

Pros: Help golfers to have good grips // An overcome for height // Well-balanced

Cons: Designed for right-handed people only.

2. Quolf golf two-way putter

A simple design is coming to town. It has a unique look of a putter that you have never seen before. But, it uses amazing high-quality materials to make it sturdy and durable.

This provides golfers responsive swings. That is even easy to use for beginners, both right or left handed. Small size, along with lightweight, is another advantage that we might consider.

Pros: Both right or left-hand  golfers // Lightweight // Responsive swings

Cons: Height issue // Unfamiliar style

3. Odyssey white hot pro 2.0 putter, black

A darker look of Hot pro will catch your attention when you open the box. It also improves durability and reduces glare.

Heel Weighting ensures that golfers get more response and forgiveness across the face of the putter.

Besides, contrasting alignment aids enhance the consistency and accuracy of the hit.


  • Full shaft offset and heel weight
  • Good looking
  • Timeless blade head design
  • Contrasting alignment


  • Not come with the oversized grip
  • Expensive

4. Crestgolf Rubber Golf Putters

It has a variety of colorful look. That impresses golfers both old-hands or beginners at all age.

Moreover, with the shaft material of steel, this putter will amaze people with accuracy and durability.

And the most special of Crestgolf is that they produce putters with non-toxic material. For everyone who loves and wants to take care of the environment, this will be a perfect match for you!!


  • Suitable for every gender, age, and level.
  • Beautiful and good for the environment
  • Not expensive


  • Not very good

5. Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 8.0 Putter

Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 8.0 is one of the most wonderful putters by Cleveland. The face club is cooper. That improves the alignment and overcome the biggest issue of golfers when putting.

True Feel Innovation also is featured in this Putter. It is available in 3 shaft lengths. They use 2135 Technology in this putter. That sets this apart from other putters by this golf company. Regardless of the set-up, the alignment will have surprising accuracy when putting.


  • 3 shaft lengths
  • 2135 technology
  • Improvement of the accuracy of the alignment


  • High price
  • The finish is not the best

6. Wilson Harmonized Square Heel Golf Putter

If you are still wondering how to find the best blade putter, you must try this.

This model works well with all golfers. It features microinjection polymer inserts. This can be a solution to the feeling and comfort of golfers, especially with some vertical lines.

Wilson makes the heel weighting for maximum inertia. This makes alignment easy to practice.


  • Larger grip
  • Great balance
  • Reasonable price


  • Too light for professionals
  • The sharp edges can be dangerous

7. Orlimar Tangent T1 putter

The first element that you will impress in this model is its bold look. By covering its surface with light silver, producers know how to boost the golfers’ confidence.

High MOI design makes this putter impressive. Because with this feature, you will get some extra forgiveness. The soft TPU inserts will provide a soft and nice feel on impact.

Improving the vision of the target is also an advantage of this model. This will enhance your chance of hitting the ball accurately


  • The high MOI design
  • Good look
  • Well  balanced


  • Larger grip
  • The quality is not the best

8. Pinemeadow golf regular black zinc style putter

Pinemeadow is famous for manufacturing modern golf items.

As it's called, this putter owns a classic blade look with top-notch materials. The lightweight helps you a lot in alignment when hitting the ball. The zinc style in the face club helps it to enhance the quality of consistency for your shot. Delivering straight roll-off of the face, the putter improves a smooth and controlled stroke for the best result.

Pros: Lightweight // Classic blade look // Both available for right or left hand

Cons: Head easily falls off // High price

9. GoSports The Classic golf putter

It owns a timeless design that goes back to the start of the game.

Along with modern technology, this classic serves an amazing performance to all kind of golfers with an economical price.

With the size up to 35 degrees shaft, it can master your game with unlimited ability. Even tall people can use it properly because it longs 35”.

Moreover, this putter with the small look, it can be suitable for indoor games or practice at home.

Pros: Can work at everywhere // Suitable for all kinds of golfers

Cons: Not very excellent.

10. Odyssey Golf 2019 Stroke lab putter 

This putter combines a unique technology of weight distribution. This is the reason why it can enhance the accuracy of alignment a lot, also the dynamics of the stroke.

The white-hot inserts used in the Stroke Lab is a classic, which affects the sounds quite well. The sounds now are quieter, with a dull ”thud”.

Odyssey continues to focus on fitting their products. As a result, this putter comes with 2 different neck options. You have a variety of options to choose when you need whether a face- balanced putter or one with toe hang.

Pros: Well- balanced | 2 neck options | Lightweight

Cons: High price


A putter is integral in the part of a golf game. You cannot perform a course well without a good putter. Have you found the one satisfying you? Is it one of the best golf putters above? Have we helped you? Please comment to let us know your thought! 


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