Top 10 Best Golf Mat 2019


In addition to the golf custom, club, tee, glove, hat and so on, the best golf mat is one of the most useful tools helping the golfers to practice. If you do not have any chances to play in the luxurious grass or you do not have much time to do so, purchasing a golf mat is a great idea. 

The golf mat not only helps you practice anytime in any weather but it is also a great training support for you before any real courses. When purchasing a good golf mat, you should pay attention to many factors such as its size, color, price, material especially its quality. If you are about to seek an appropriate golf mat, keep reading our following and have the right decision.

1. PGM3660 3' x 5' Emerald Par Golf Mat

The first model I would like to recommend to you is the best golf mat ever- PGM3660 3' x 5' Emerald Par Golf Mat. Why is this model purchased by all groups of users?Discover its features as below.

This golf mat is made from woven nylon turf, which increases the quality as well as its lifetime. Not just for a few drives, it is absolutely used for hundreds of drives and thousands of shots. In addition to the good surface, that model consists of a 5mm foam backing. That backing keeps that mat fixed and prevents the golfers from slipping while playing. Hence, it seems to be a real fairway that provides you the most natural feel.

Furthermore, it is made in the USA, so it is engineered with the highest quality in the affordable price. When purchasing this product, you can get one new rubber tee for free that support for the best practice.There is no doubt that that model is one of the best golf mats on the market.

2. Golf Mat 4' x 5' Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat

If you are seeking a product with both purposes of indoor and outdoor play, Golf Mat 4' x 5' Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat is the best golf mat. For many professional features, all users trust it as the best companion.

Unlike many kinds of model, this mat is designed for thermal welding and bonding process to minimized the delamination. That contributes mostly to the quality and lifetime of the product.

Made in the USA, the model can soak up the club sock that helps the ball to go the correct direction. In each golf course, this contact between the ground and club has a big effect on the distance of the ba on the fairway. Besides, the manufacturers declare that it is 30% denser than any other kinds of golf mats nowadays.

Ranking first by the users along with 8 Year UV Protection warranty, that mat certainly is truly used by a variety of users in the world.

3. Callaway Ft Launch Zone Hitting Mat

Here is the best golf mat in the market all over the world. The Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat certainly satisfies your needs and demands.The big plus of this product is its construction. Using that golf mat, you will like you are playing in a real grass ground. In addition to turf surface, underneath that model is ultra- durable rubber material which prevents the club from damaging and minimizing shock as well.

Callaway weights heavier than other kinds of mats on the market. That heavier weight reduces the slip and helps the golfers have the correct shots. Besides, you can use any types of tee because the patented tee holder can hold any tees. How convenient it is.

4. 48" X 60" XL SuperMat Tee Golf Turf - Holds A Wooden Tee

If you are using a wooden tee, you want to find a suitable mat for your tee. Let’s come to- 48" X 60" XL SuperMat Tee Golf Turf. Coming with a specialised design for a wooden tee, the tool offers a great opportunity to all users. Discover gorgeous features of this golf mat as the followings.

With 1.250" Thick and 4' x 5' Golf Mat construction, it ensures the quality according to the standard to all users at any levels. That construction also helps the mat to fix, so protects the users from gliding. With wooden tee, the mat is recommended as the best golf mat ever on the market all over the world.

5. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)

Another option we are likely to show to you is the best golf mat- Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green. It is highly appreciated by both customers and professions. Let’s find its attractive characteristics together now.

A different feature that you can easily recognize that model is its shape. Kidney- shaped design together with carefully manufacturing process make the surface comfortable and smooth. As a result, it creates the best feeling for the users. If the users feel well, they will have the precious shots and win the game.

Furthermore, there are three practice cup cutouts and two sand trap cutouts in the mat. These features diversify the practice of golfers. Besides, you merely have to go anywhere to catch the missed balls. With these trap cutouts, catching balls never annoys you any longer. What a useful golf mat! What are you waiting for? Come to us and enjoy it!

6. Rukket Mat Attack Tri-Turf Portable Golf Hitting Mat (25in x 16in)

The selection you can not skip for your practice for your coming professional course is Rukket Mat Attack Tri-Turf Portable Golf Hitting Mat. It comes with the great design and nice features of a top professional golf mat. Find out all impressive characteristics of the product as below.

Using that golf mat, you can practice three turf styles in only one mat. The combination with three different turfs, the users will have a chance to get accustomed to different kind of stands. Therefore, it absolutely improves the results on the real courses. Besides, we use a real golf tee in the mat instead of a plastic one, which betters the golfer’s practice.

The fairway is designed as the same as the real one on the course. No matter how inside or outside you are, it brings you nature feel like you are out on the real drives. Other feature makes the mat attractive is that it provides additional practice characteristic. It means that you will be always kept in a standard feet width and shoulder width. This has important implications when you go into the official game.These features explain why that mat is the best golf mat ever. Purchase and explore that magic benefits immediately.

7. 60" X 60" XL Tee Golf Mat - Holds A Wooden Tee

There is no doubt that 60" X 60" XL Tee Golf Mat is the best golf mat among a variety of mats on the golf markets. As the best one, it makes users feel comfortable and convenient whenever they use.

Quality is one of the first factors highly concerned when the users purchase a product. Because the mat is made in the USA, we guarantee it high- quality and long lifetime. Therefore, you can freely use and practice without damage.

Designed in suitable thick with the smooth surface made from Nylon My-Tuff Yarn, that model can be used for all kinds of clubs. The clubs, hence, will be protected without staining. If you are using a wooden tee, it is perfect to be the owner of that mat. The reason is that 5 feet x5 feet size can hold any sizes of that tee with 4 times rotation. Furthermore, it is very easy for you to hit the balls relating to your elbows and wrists. Do not hesitate anymore to become one of the first owners of this wonderful mat in the world.

8. Golf Mat 3' x 5' Dura-Pro Plus Premium Commercial Golf Mat

For people who love the convenience and much concern about the diversified function of a product, you can take a close look at the best golf mat called Golf Mat 3' x 5' Dura-Pro Plus Premium Commercial Golf Mat.

In indoor or outdoor practice, you can freely use it without bad impacts. Made in the USA based on thermal welding and industrial bonding technology, it is built with high quality. The quality is surely priority when choosing a product because if you use a low- quality product, you have nothing in your hand. That construction certainly lengthens the lifetime of this model.

Be denser than other mats, the users will always keep in balanced position, so they feel more comfortable and confident. To ensure the correct shot direction for the users, we make it so as to absorb the club shock as well as protect you by an eight year UV.​

​For its convenience and application, that mat is used popularly by schools, ranges and golf drives. The best golf mat will benefit you a lot.

10. SKLZ Accelerator Pro - Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return (9 feet x 16.25 Inches)

Finding the best golf mat is unchallengeable with this recommendation. The mat promises to make you feel happy whenever you use it.

Which makes SKLZ Accelerator Pro differentiate it from other strong rivals is its special design. Without interruption in the train, the mat makes the ball return automatically. Thanks to it, you never need to go ground to catch the ball. It not only saves your time but also brings you comfort and convenience.

Using that golf mat, you have a chance to practice in three distances: 3, 5 and 7 feet distances. That obviously promote your ability in every aspect in term of squaring the face, back swing and follow through as well.

Another feature you will crazy about it is that it is very portable. With the construction of 9 feet by 16.25 inch, you can put it in nearly anywhere you want like in a room or on the patio.

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Coming from well- the known brand on the golf market, they are all the best golf mat in the golf industry. Although they are different in features, they are all built with high quality and good appearance. Not only does it make you comfortable and convenient but it also promotes your practice every day. With our above review, hope that you will have the best decision for yourself.


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