Are you keen on playing golf and seeking for modern equipment of golf? If you are serious about this matter, keep on reading our best golf GPS watch 2019 review. As you know, GPS watch plays an important role in supporting your performance by accurately showing you the hazards, greens, and more. 

Wearing the watch on your wrist and you will see its ultimate benefits. There are tons of GPS watch options available on the current market. They vary in different categories, including brands, prices, designs, functions, etc…Our review will help you overcome the difficulty of choosing the most suitable golf GPS watch among a variety of options.

1. Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch with Worldwide Courses (Black) - Best Golf GPS watch 2019

Here is the best golf GPS watch you should wear for each time of going to the golf course. Although the watch comes with slightly bigger size, it is very lightweight for easy using and carrying. The followings are ultimate benefits of this modern golf watch.

This model offers a wide range of band colors for you to choose. For females, they could select white band for having the beautiful appearance. How wonderful it is!

As we have mentioned above, this golf watch is very easy to use on your wrist. It features a variety of modern traits to boost the performance of golfers. After you turn on the device, it shows you the course in an automatically way. You can take advantage of the alarm for checking tee time. By looking at the digital card, users are able to check their fitness scores. Besides the typical features of a golf watch, Garmin Approach S2 also plays a crucial function as a smart watch. Other supportive features of the watch include accurate time measurement, available golf courses, and great GPS receiver.

2. Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

As the best golf GPS watch of Bushnell, this model performs excellently in many aspects. Discover gorgeous characteristics of the Bushnell Neo as the followings.

​In addition to the extremely lightweight design, this tool also makes impressive by high accuracy of measuring distance and long battery. The most impressive feature of the Bushnell Neo is the ability to show you the correct distance to the front, center, and back of the green. There is no difficulty in using the watch. Just by pushing one button, you can see the next hole for hitting. Besides, it is amazing that the battery can last for 15 hours without any requirement of charging.

It is evidence that this GPS watch is an ideal option for the older. This is because the model equips a clear display with large numbers. It allows you to read the display in all conditions, even under the sunlight. Another big plus of the tool is that it provides up to 33,000 available courses without a fee. Feel free to enjoy your course perfectly.​

3. Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch - Best Callaway golf watch 2019

The next outstanding recommendation on our list comes from Callaway. This model equips a full package of an advanced golf GPS watch. It is easy to use, reasonable, compact and good-looking.

Putting the watch into your pocket is a simple task thanks to its compact size. The sleek design is the first noticeable feature of the watch. For people who love the simplicity, this golf watch is a great option. A big advantage of the tool is high-resolution display, which allows you to read the score directly under sunlight.

Moreover, you have a good chance to enjoy other gorgeous features of the device in a comprehensive way. There is no requirement of downloading the golf courses. They are free and available with this smart tool. Besides, the equipment of an unlimited ProMode course adds an extra valuable feature to your watch. These traits help you track your shot successfully. Getting the data from other former games is much easier than ever before due to the added perk feature. At the affordable price, this golf watch offers many features of a top high-end version. It is worth calling the best Golf GPS watch in the golf industry.

4. Bushnell NEO XS Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch - Best Bushnell golf watch 2017

This device is considered as one of the best Golf GPS watch options people can find out on the market. The watch has the perfect combination between design and function. The followings are its fantastic characteristics.

​Bushnell NEO belongs to the slimmest Golf watches currently. With the sleek design, it is so compact for easy wearing and carrying. Combining well with a soft rubber band, it implies that wearing the watch is so comfortable on your wrist. Another fabulous feature of the model is its surprisingly long-lasting battery. You can take advantage of this tool for 3 rounds of the game, parallel 12 hours. The battery is so durable for lasting in a long time.

Other key features of the tool include checking tee times, showing date and playing a role as an odometer. Don’t have to worry about the ease of use of this watch. It equips only 5 buttons for boosting the high simplicity. Let’s enjoy ultimate benefits of the tool.

5. Garmin Approach S20 Golf Watch - Black 

Have a close look at the next popular version of Garmin. This is Garmin Approach S20 Golf watch. Once this model enters the golf industry, it proves the excellent ability to train the skills of golfers. Check out numerous features of this Garmin best Golf GPS watch as the followings.

​A typical feature of Garmin golf watches is the lightweight and stylish design. It is no exception for the Approach S20. Coming with the soft rubber band, adjusting the watch is so easy without any challenge. About charging the watch, it takes you a short time to complete this task. All you need to do is plugging a USB cable and waiting until it is full of battery.

With the clear display, checking all information is easier than ever before. It shows you accurately the distance from the middle, back and front of the hazards and the greens as well. Moreover, the smart device also allows you to get emails, texts, alerts and calls.

6. TomTom Golfer GPS Watch

If you are looking for the best Golf GPS watch, you should pay attention to TomTom model. The standard function of this watch is the ability to tell you the accurate distances from the back, middle and the front of the hazards and the greens. There is a huge source of available courses for you to select, which is up to 40.000 ones. Feel wonderful to enjoy your favorite course. You could feel rest assured that the information is easy to read under all conditions.

A big plus of the device is the wireless connection with your Smartphone. Furthermore, it is also easy to use thanks to the equipment of a square button. Just by pushing this button, you can select your favorite programs. It is basic but helpful, right. Move on the battery life, TomTom offers 10 hours of battery life, which is long enough for you to enjoy different rounds. Wearing the watch on rainy days is possible due to 5 ATM water resistance.

7. Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch

As the latest version of Garmin, the Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf watch meets the needs and demands of customers in many aspects. It has new improvements from the previous model, Garmin Approach S3.

Like other top high-end golf watches, Approach S4 works effectively in showing you the accurate distances from the greens to the doglegs. High accuracy of distance measurement is one of the most impressive features of this smart tool. With 10 hours of battery life, you have a chance to enjoy 2 rounds of your game in a fantastic way. Additionally, you can pick your ball from 10 meters of water due to its great water resistance. There is no requirement of downloading the golf courses when using this smart tool. The golf watch provides up to 30.000 preloaded courses for serving golfers at different skills. With these reasons above, Garmin Approach S4 becomes the best Golf GPS watch currently.

8. Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch (Preloaded with US Courses)

Although Garmin manufacturer discontinues this device, it is still the best Golf GPS watch you should purchase for many positive reasons. The followings are awesome features of this smart device.

​The basic function of this golf watch is measuring distances from the points to the greens. It is able to deliver more than 16.500 available preloaded courses to users. With the standard design, using this golf watch is unchallengeable. You only need twisting the tool and feel free to get the necessary information. Other additional features of the watch include alarm, odometer, time zone and time set.

However, the tool lacks the course images, the hazard distances, as well as the record scores like other models. Pay attention to other models if you are looking for a GPS golf watch that associates these features.

9. SkyGolf SW2 GPS Watch

Upgrading from SkyCaddie watch, the SW2 GPS watch is more outstanding in design and battery life. Look at all fabulous features of this best Golf GPS watch as below.

SkyGolf SW2 continues to remain its round style and sleek design, which makes it outstanding from other models in the same category. Feel comfortable to wear this watch all day thanks to the light and soft strap. When it comes to charging this tool, you only need plugging a USB on your computer. In addition, SkyGolf SW2 is a great option for people who love a variety of database with 35.000 courses.

10. TomTom Golf- Golfer 2 GPS Watch

The final best Golf GPS watch in our list comes from TomTom. This tool features all basic characteristics of an advanced golfer GPS watch. Find out what you can get the benefit when using this smart device.

With the modern design, this device attracts most of the customers at the first glance. You have a good chance to discover up to 40.000 available courses when using this watch. Moreover, it is very comfortable to wear the watch on your wrist. In addition to the accurate measurement of distances, it also convenient in offering the great ease of use. Long battery up to 15 hours is another impressive feature of this tool.


In a word, it is quite challengeable to decide the best Golf GPS watch among tons of available options. It is a waste of money if you buy the wrong device that is difficult to use and less efficient. Pay attention to different factors affecting your decisions such as battery life, preloaded courses, distance measurement, etc…Hope you will have the right buying decisions with our suggestions above.


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