Top 10 Best Golf Drivers 2020


Are you having trouble in choosing the suitable drivers for your performance? Let’s check out these top 10 best golf drivers that blow our minds now.


Golf is getting more and more integral in our real life when it becomes the most favorite sport of the majority of people. But choosing a good enough driver is never easy even if you are an old hand in this sport. Drivers are now available with such a diversified number. However, not every driver performs as well as it is told. And owning a deplorable driver can embarrass you with others in the game.

Knowing the demand for choosing a good driver, we have done whole research on several products to find out the top 10 best golf drivers that can satisfy both beginners and old-hands.

#1. PING G400 MAX

Be known as the forefront; Ping G400 Max own everything you need to best perform in front of your friends.

Ping drivers are always freaking golfers out with their tremendous innovation in every product. And Ping G400 Max is the latest child of this marvelous family. With the improvement of concentration of gravity from forward-center to rear center, G400 amazes people with its ability to hit the ball in a straight line than never before.

According to old-hands, they find G400 easier to use as well as it’s a great performer. Because not only the changing of concentration of gravity, but it also owns a small raised areas at the top of its head that reduce the air friction and improve the speed of the ball.

But, as people always say, the quality deserves a worthy amount of payment for it. G400 is not cheap at all so that you might have a careful consideration of this product.


  • Needless strength of muscle
  • Own a straight line of the ball
  • Newest technology and modern


  • High price

#2. Callaway Rogue Draw

The second product we want to introduce is the Callaway Rogue Draw Driver.

The famous design of Jailbreak of Callaway has been a desire for every golfer due to its modern and beauty. But Rogue amazes people more when Callaway decided to innovate its section. Now Rogue owns a sand-clock section, which means it is no more difficulty in energy-transmitting.

Also, Jailbreak now coordinates with X- Face VFT, helping the surface of the driver thinner. With that combination, Rogue breaks the record of COR, speed of the ball as well as the max distance of a hit can reach higher than never before.  


  • Best of fixing a slice
  • X-Face combine with Jailbreak
  • Speed of the ball reach higher


  • No changing of swing
  • Extremely high price

#3. Cleverland Drivers

The drivers of Cleverland have always been famous for its all-sided.

However, with Flex Fin, Launcher Hb brings a whole new appearance. Flex Fin plays such an important role in making the driver flexible and easily rotate, which help the ball go further and faster. What’s more, the design of HiBore at the top of the driver with high restrained force, which improves the step of sending the ball and the stability.


  • Affordable
  • All-sided
  • Flexible


  • Not famous
  • Not the latest technology

#4. Cobra 2018 Golf Men's King F8 Driver

A redesigned section of Cobra makes King F8 modern and fashionable than never before. What’s more, this redesign helps the mid or high handicap golfers control their drives easier in the fairway.

With this technology, the surface of the drivers is covered with titanium. And that is the reason why F8 can control so well the drives and speed of the ball.

Also, F8 has the lightest and thinnest club face among the drivers nowadays. As a result, the gravity is no more a problem to the effect in the ball, also improve the accuracy of the drives.


  • The thinner and lighter club face
  • More forgiveness for mis-hits
  • Improve accuracy


  • High price
  • The cover in the surface might distract people

#5. TaylorMade driver

If you are beginners and don’t know how to choose a driver, TaylorMade is a great alternative for you.

The new technology of Y-track keeps this driver modern and luxurious, no less than other expensive drives. It contains two more sticks ( about 11 grams), which means you can adjust the gravity by yourself, as well as orbit or speed.

This driver, according to Today’s Golfer, is built to generate the ability of inexperienced golfer as much as possible by improving the speed of the ball.


  • Low price
  • Suitable for inexperienced
  • Flexible


  • Not very good
  • Cannot change the weight distribution
  • Short longevity.

#6. Titleist Driver

Owning a traditional appearance, Titleist always amazes golfers with its innovation every product.

Titleist is on top of several drivers in every event. But, they know how to improve their products by adding the latest titanium crown. This helps the driver control or enhance the ball speed by at least 20%.

Besides, they come to their idea into sight before all competitors. That helps a lot in impressing their customers.

Pros: High ball speed // Inexpensive

Cons: Not much available

#7. Honma Tour World TW747 460

Following the classical appearance, Honma will be true love for all traditionalists out there. Lightweight combines with 4-Fang technology, its strategic position changes, deploying 4 metal studs. Besides, it can improve the strength along the face. This means greater distance can be made when you hit the ball.

Not only that, but TW747 also provides golfers with a Proprietary Adjustability Systems. The desired shot is a dream comes true when these systems allow the golfer to adjust the loft of the club.

Pros: Flexible // Classical


#8. Wilson Staff C300

If you desire to own an adjustable driver which can adjust right on the course, and C300 is a perfect choice for you.

C300 allows you to adjust the loft and the face angle by a twistable cylinder. You can change the loft in 6 different positions with this little trick.

Besides, the weight of the driver is adjustable too. That does not mean you can fix a swing problem, but you can improve the ball path well.


  • Adjustable
  • Reduce glare


  • High price
  • Cannot generate the extra distance.

#9.PGX Golf Putter by Pinemeadow

Pinemeadow provides golfers with numerous and reasonable drivers.

In the club head, there is construction and information to let you know what the best distance or loft angle to use is.

As a result, It will be a nice choice for beginners. Not only having a stunning looking outside, but Pinemeadow also makes this driver with stainless steel and big surface. Therefore, it is not so hard to play this sport for beginners.

Pros: Easily use // Low price

Cons: Not very good

#10.Bridgestone Tour B JGR

The innovation in weight and structure makes B JGR outstanding from other drivers in the modern world. A thinned-out crown gives at impact, helping the golfer hit the ball higher than other drivers.

Apart from that, loads of weight in the heel make it easier to square the face. Bridgestone made B JGR pattern deeper than the predecessors, helping reduce spin on those high shots for better distance.

Pros: Lighter weight // Ball path higher and reach better distance

Cons: High price


The drivers can change our performance from bad to good or reverse. We hope that our research has helped you a lot.

Have you found your best golf driver? Is it one of these above? Please share with us by commenting on this review.


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