Top 10 Best Golf Cart Batteries


Top 10 Best Golf Cart Batteries for Smooth Transportation

If you are looking for a golf cart battery, you should check out this article. It provides the necessary information about top 10 best golf cart batteries.

If you are golfers, you find it convenient to move or store your necessary items in a golf cart. A good golf cart helps you have a great course, which is influenced by different factors such as tires, brakes, engine, suspension, power cables, etc. One of the most important factors that determine the performance of a golf cart is the battery. 

There are plenty of cart batteries on the market. In this article, we would like to introduce you top 10 best golf cart batteries.

#10 Trojan T-105 Golf Cart Battery

The next model comes from a reliable name in the industry of battery- Trojan. Appeared in the 1920s, Trojan guarantees to bring a significant belief to users through a system of good services. 

The most impressive feature of this battery is 750 cycles- a surprisingly high rate of discharge-charge. In case the battery has an issue, you could feel free to enjoy 2 years of warranty from the manufacturer. The longevity of this battery is great thanks to deep-cycle elements. 

This item is excellent for those who want to own a high-quality golf cart battery at a reasonable price. 

#9 Exide Battery 24MDP Battery

You never go wrong with this battery thanks to its excellent durability and quality. One fact is that this battery can be used in different types of terrains, even the toughest ones. Why is it so effective? It results from a cast-on-strap for boosting the strength and reducing the vibration. However, a small minus of the battery is quite lower life cycle in comparison with other models in the current market.

#8 Lifeline Marine AGM Battery

If you are looking for an easy to use golf cart battery, Lifeline Marine battery is a good option. It works well with many available chargers nowadays. 

The cycle of this battery is so impressive with 750 cycle. It means you could take advantage of 80% discharge. This is the reason why this product runs smoothly to support the performance of the golf cart. 

#7 Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart

This a safe choice for using in the winter. The battery makes use of AGM technology to remove unnecessary liquids. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the heat when using the item during a long time. A good point of Amstron is that it offers low maintenance to its products and Amstron GC2 6V is no exception. You don’t have to spend lots of money on maintaining the battery in case of fixing. 

#6 Electric Mobility Butler Wheelchair

You could use this battery for both small vehicles and golf carts. With the average rate of voltage, it works well with a cart weighs about 500 to 600 pounds. This helps prevent power loss when necessary. 

On the other hand, it is simple to set up this battery, thanks to the small size. Combined with nut and bolt appearance, it is easy to use this item. There is no leakage when using this battery because of the modern AGM design.

#5 PowerStar MR107 12V 70AH Marine AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery

When it comes to PowerStar, it is highly appreciated by the great warranty about quality. With high amperage, it allows the battery to combine with different carts. Another impressive point of the battery is a low-pressure valve of safety, which increases the higher safety when installing and using this model.

Besides high quality, it is a good priority thanks to the strong plastic case for outside usage or working under different weather conditions. The product also has 2 years of warranty, which is suitable requirements for a cart battery. 

Therefore, if your golf cart is large, you should put PowerStar MR107 12V 70AH battery in your consideration. 

#4 Chrome Battery YTX14-BS

There is no doubt that this battery equips a variety of great characteristics for fitting most of the golf carts. No matter your golf cart weighs only 500 pounds or 1000 pounds, it is suitable for many situations of golfing. This is the reason why this battery is a good option for many vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, jet skis, etc. 

Furthermore, it has less maintenance due to Absorbed Glass Mat technology. The installation is easy, as well. This item is suitable for use in a home with many vehicles. 

#3 MMG YTX4L-BS 4L-BS Lithium Ion Sealed Powersports Battery

What are special about this item? Although MMG YTX4L-BS 4L-BS Lithium Ion battery is surprisingly lightweight, it makes impressive by offering 2,000 charge cycles. Therefore, you could use this battery for serving different vehicles within the small space. 

Moreover, there is no difficulty in installing the battery. It takes you a short time to complete setting up the item. With this battery, you don’t have to worry about a low power cart and the pressure of carrying heavy batteries.

#2 DieHard 50748 Group Advanced Gold AGM Battery

As a pride of DieHard, this 50748 battery promises to satisfy users in many aspects. It has high durability and amazing power for great transportation. It allows you to make use of the battery for several weeks without charging. 

Besides, thanks to 20x vibration protection, it helps improve the smoothness when you drive. Using this battery is a friendly way with the environment because of spill-proof design. It ensures that there are no acid leaks when installing this item. How wonderful it is!

With the average size and high power, this model is ideal for most households. 

#1 Universal Power Group (35Ah)

The first model comes in our list is Universal Power Group 35Ah. It works smoothly and strongly at 12 volts 35 ah. Besides, this battery has a high protection thanks to the combination of spill-proof and shatterproof. The slow rate of discharge is another awesome factor helps extend the longevity of your battery. 

You will be surprised by non-corrosive AGM battery when using this battery. It lengthens the longevity of this model effectively. Therefore, you could drive your golf cart everywhere you want without any pressure of tough terrains. 

To sum up

In the end, before purchasing a golf cart battery, you should consider different factors affecting your decisions such as corrosion-proof, spill-proof, and shatter-proof. Make sure that your golf cart battery works well because it brings the memorable experience of playing golf. 

Hope that these mentioned-above batteries will satisfy you a lot. However, you could choose other models that match your needs and demands. 


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