Top 10 Best Golf Bucket Hats

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Top 10 Best Golf Bucket Hats for Playing Under The Sun

You love golf but you are scared of the sun? Don’t worry! Here are the 10 best golf bucket hats for a sunny golf field. Read it, and you will not regret!


Golf is an elegant sport, and it has high requirements event with outfits on the field. Clothes, shoes, socks and even hats all have their own interesting rules.

That is why every golfer, whether professional or not, always have to pay attention to every little detail, including hats.

Since bucket hat works more efficiently in shading and absorbing sweat, many professional golfers have chosen them as a highlight of their outfit.  And here are the top 10 best golf bucket hats for you to consider.

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Check it out and let us know what is your favorite!

10. Nike Golf UV Sun Bucket Golf Hat 

Nike is the first option I think about when mentioned the best golf bucket hats. There is nothing to complain about Nike products besides their price. With the firm brim, Nike bucket hat can protect you with full coverage without impeding your swing.

Moreover, it has adjustment strap built in so you don’t need to wrap under the chin. And it is very light and breathable with a mesh inner liner. It also allows you to easily wrap and put in your bag when traveling.

It provides UVA and UVB protection from the sun in the areas covered by the hat. But I recommend you should use sunscreen to protect your skin.


-    Firm brim for better coverage.

-    Proving UVA and UVB for better protection from the sun

-    Lighter and more breathable

-    Elegant colors: black, gray and blue.


-    High price

9. Coolibar UPF 50+ Men's Women's Matchplay Golf Hat - Sun Protective

If you are looking for the best golf bucket hats and other golf accessories, you must know about Coolibar.

And this hat is the special product of Coolibar for golf and tennis battles only. They have the size from S to XXL that fit for both man and woman. Even though, it still has an elastic drawcord at back for an adjustable fit.

On the first impression, the hat is light, but the brim seems fairly sturdy. And the fabric is absorbent, easy-to-clean and quick-dry. It still looks like a new hat even after many times in the washing machine.


-    Providing various size for both man and woman

-    Elegant design with a moderate brim

-    Absorbent and quick- dry material.

-    Easy to clean.


-    High price

8. Evoshield Logo Bucket Hat

Are you tired of monotonous colors like black and white? Evoshield camo hat will be one of the best golf bucket hats for you. (of course, they still have white)

Like other bucket hats, it has a firm brim that provides better sun protection. And an adjustment is available around in case you have a smaller head and need to tighten it.

But what makes this hat special is the top: the top is vented and allows the breeze coming through. Say goodbye to the wet and flat hair! You will always feel cool and comfortable with this hat.


  • Creative and fashionable pattern.
  • Firm brim and adjustment are available.
  • Vented top and breathable materials.


-    There is only one size.

7. Adidas Men's Victory II Bucket Hat

With 2 classic colors of black and white, Adidas is one of the best golf bucket hats ever. It is perfect to protect you from the sunlight with the wide brim that can provide the shade on face, neck, and ears.

Adidas is kept comfortably on your head even on a windy day by a drawstring. It also uses moisture-wicking sweatband that keeps you dry and cool.  So don’t worry about the sweat.


-    Classic colors of black and white.

-    Wide brim for better sun protection.

-    Adjustable string.

-    Good at sweat absorbing.


-    It has only 1 size.

6. Kangol Men’s Striped Lahinch Updated Version of the Classic Bucket Hat

In my opinion, this is the first option in the list of the best golf bucket hats, in the fashion area. With the classic design, famous brand and moderate price, this is always the priority for a gentleman, even its’ ability of sun protection is just acceptable.

No UVA or UVB protection, and the small brim are the two minus point of this hat on the golf field. But it is made by 100% cotton, which is perfect for sweat absorbing.

And, this is not the one for the washing machine, you should wash it by hand.


-    Classic, elegant and fashionable design.

-    Good and moisture- wicking

-    Do not obstruct vision

-    Moderate price


-    Hand- wash requirement

-    Small brim

5. Cobra Golf Sun Bucket Hat

This is the only one made- in- Vietnam product in my list of best golf bucket hats. And thanks to the origin, it has a reasonable price.

This is a very nice hat to protect your ears and neck even if you don’t play golf. And the real product looks like advertising, so don’t worry.

There is a mesh lining and eyelet vents on the sides to keep you cool and comfortable when moving. There is no adjustment or chin strap, but the sweatband gives a nice fit with normal head size.


  • Cheap price
  • Good appearance.
  • Good at sun protection and circulation


  • Easily blown away.

4. DPC Outdoors Solarweave Treated Cotton Hat

Another hand- wash hat, but keep considering, it is still worth to become one of the best golf bucket hats for you.

With the Solarweave UV protection with UPF 50+, this hat is the perfect choice to protect you from the sun. Actually, the producer says that this had can protect you even after 100 hours of accelerated exposure.

I don’t care that much, but right after an hour trying, my head is cool and I feel very safe under its wide brim.


-    Best sun protection.

-    The wide brim provides shade for neck and ears.


-    Hand- wash requirement.

3. Sun Cube Premium Boonie Hat

Like other hats in our list of best golf bucket hats, Sun Cube provide perfect sun protection with wide and firm brim and using UPF 50+ fabric. This is the ideal hat to keep you cool during the long time playing golf outside.

I also like how light it is. The top is around with a flat top. And it also made with mesh side panel and moisture-wicking spandex sweatband, so the ability to absorbing sweat is good, too.

The hat is sturdy, too. It is not wrinkled or deforms when folded, placed in a bag or washed by washing machine.


-    Firm and sturdy hat.

-    Good at sun protection.

-    Lightweight and wide brim.


-    The real size is smaller than advertising.

2. EINSKEY sun brim bucket hat

The second product in my list of 10 best golf bucket hats is EINSKEY – the only water-proof hat.

This has 3.7-3.9 inch brim that can offer your face and neck the great protection from the damaging rays. It has internal moisture-wicking and mesh vents outside to keep your head cool.

However, as I said before, it is waterproof so it’s capacity for absorbing sweat is just ok. And the adjustable chin strap is available to keep the hat on your head. But they have only one size, so that might not fit well if you have a bigger or smaller head.


-    Wide and firm brim for better coverage.

-    Waterproof and suitable for drizzling weather

-    Packable and fit for both men and women.


-    Only one size Only one size

1. Coolibar UPF 50+ Men's Shapeable Wide Brim Hat

Another Coolibar in my list of best golf bucket hats, but for man only. Because of that, it’s size is bigger than the product above.

It provides great sun protection for head and neck but never hindering your vision. It is also an ideal hat for traveling: it is easy to pack, wrinkle-resistant, and wearable on the road.

And, like any other hats, this one uses breathable moisture- wicking fabric with air holes and ventilated panels when walking. In some cases, you can use this hat as a magical bag thanks to its circulation ability.


-    Perfect design for traveling

-    Providing a big size for a man

-    Ideal circulation ability.

-    Good at wicking moisture.


-    Very high price for a hat.


Don’t forget the hat when preparing for a nice playing! A hat does not only to protect you from the sun. A hat is a good tool that helps create the greatest condition. And it is a good way to show your personality as well.

Above is the summary of the 10 best golf bucket hats for a battle under sunlight. I hope that this article can help you to choose the suitable one. And thanks to that small hat, maybe your practicing will be better.


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