Top 10 Best Golf Belts 2020


Top 10 Best Golf Belts For Your Needs

Among golf accessories, the best golf belts are necessary for your repertoire. If you are wondering which one is the best, then take a look at our post below!


Unlike many sports, dressing while playing golf is a bit different. There are certain rules that require players to dress in decent ways. Here, a worth noting consideration is the belt. 

Don’t overlook it! It will facilitate the shooting strength and ability of players and customize their look. So, to aid in your decision, we’ve made a list of 10 best golf belts on the recent market. Keep reading!

10. Puma Golf Reversible Web Belt

Let’s begin with this Puma product! With maximum versatility and durability, it offers reversible construction for such ultimate golfing styles, more than other average web belts.

Made of polypropylene, it will give you extra flexibility while playing. And you can even cut the belt to fit your waist as well.

The silver-tone metal buckle has unmistakable Cat logo of Puma. On the buckle’s back, there is also a bottle opener. That feature will be helpful in case you bring your insulated cooler in the golf bag.


  • Stylish construction
  • True to size
  • Reversible strap
  • Durable webbed design


  • Can’t be machine washable

9. Nike Tech Essential Web Belt

The next item is among the most popular golf belts of the famous Nike brand and useful in your golf sessions on hot days.

This unit is made of webbed cotton that is soft but durable. It also features a military-style buckle with the “Swoosh” logo of Nike. The product is machine washable as well.

On top of that, it is reversible for left-handed people and will give users the optimal flexibility in golf, where they need lots of motions.


  • Adjustable closure
  • Customizable and flexible belt
  • An included bottle opener
  • 5 available colors


  • Not ideal for users with over-42-inch waist sizes

8. SlideBelts Ratchet Belt

This SlideBelts Ratchet Belt attracts buyers with a stylish look. Especially, it has no holes, so you will get custom fitting. 

Its stylish and completely removable buckle will let you adjust your belt sizes without hole’ limitation in the leather.

It is easy to use and can be interchangeable with the strap without much effort. With the good-quality genuine leather material and distinctive buckle, there will be finishing touches to any of your outfits. 


  • Looks cool but not gaudy 
  • Features animal-friendly and high-quality leather 
  • Gives style in various environment
  • Has the ratcheting buckle


  • A bit pricey

7. Meister Web Belt

Let’s continue with this fantastic belt! The original design, great value, and functionality have highlighted the Meister Belt. 

The belt looks out-standing with its bright color and will match your outfit well. Besides, there is a wide range of cool patterns and colors for different selections. That belt clip is also stylish and safe.

Its metal buckle has the “crown” logo of Meister on its front. Another convenient point is its bottle opener, which is hidden on the buckle backside.


  • Unfading
  • Sturdy 
  • Affordable
  • Good-looking and simple to use


  • Some comments about the loose clasp over time

6. Under Armour Webbed Belt

Do you know Under Armour, a famous name in the sportswear industry? Its Webbed Belt is a good product with practical use for golfers as well as non-golfers.

To help for snug fitting, it features customizable size options. About styles, you can select from various colors, which makes it easy to pick up an item that matches your hobby best. 

Plus, each belt comes with a brand logo buckle, which adds more styles to this nice-looking and webbed product.


  • Flexibility
  • Comfortable and innovative design
  • Comfort for daily use
  • Detachable buckle


  • A bit expensive

5. PGA Tour Perforated Fashion Belt

The PGA Tour belt features the unique design with multiple built-in holes. That design represents a hot and new fashion trend with many colorful choices. 

The silicone material is flexible and soft, which offers comfort to wearers. It also makes the belt become super mobile and allows users to play golf with no restricted feeling.

This best is 100% waterproof, and PGA approved, which means it would stay dry in various weather conditions.


  • Mobility
  • Easy cleaning
  • Different available sizes 
  • Breathable and flexible features


  • The size is a bit smaller than normal sizes

4. Marino Genuine Leather Ratchet Belt

Another well-constructed belt comes from the Marino brand. This model has high-quality and comfortable leather that breathes and repels moisture well. 

Besides, it is long for being cut down to the correct fit. The automatic and corrosion-resistant buckle is not flimsy but heavy and nice enough.

Those who need classic things for their pants will surely love this Marino fashionable and belt. It is also suitable for daily wear or special events.


  • Wrapped in attractive gift boxes
  • Risk-free guarantee of purchase
  • Reasonable price
  • Maximum durability


  • Some comments about the hard-to-release buckle after a long time of use

3. BC3109 Italian Calfskin Designer Belt

Would you like to stand out with a handsome golf belt? This BC3109 model is an ideal choice for luxury appeal and prideful golfers. 

It features the advanced Italian Calfskin with genuine leather on its backside. It also comes with a good-looking silver-plated buckle set. 

There are different colors and three main available strap styles, including lizard, smooth, and alligator ones. You will get a crafted, timeless design for comfortable use.


  • Durable
  • Soft leather construction
  • Awesome gift for golfers
  • Has different textured options


  • Pricey

2. Xhtang Automatic Ratchet Leather Belt

Do you know the belts of Xhtang have ranked among the greatest available? This Xhtang automatic belt doesn’t have traditional holes thanks to the ratcheting buckle.

With the useful slide mechanism, you can slide your belt easily into the solid buckle and then pull it through to get the right fit. 

The simple belt is perfect for pairing with all kinds of clothes. It is genuine leather that makes it nice to wear.


  • Durable 
  • Removable buckle
  • Automatic ratchet
  • Great for even formal settings


  • Its leather needs some breaking in

1. Bulliant Slide Ratchet Belt - Best Golf Belt

The final model is from Bulliant and offers such aesthetics. The classy construction and modern engineering will allow you to flaunt it wherever you want.

You will love this tailored genuine leather belt and the precision stitching for fashionable and alluring styles.

This ratchet belt is quite comfortable to use. The smooth texture inside the belt will not harm your clothes at all. 


  • Long-lasting and high-quality
  • Customizable
  • Elegant and stylish 
  • Scratch-resistant 


  • The heavy buckle

Comparison Table



Shipping weight

Puma Golf Reversible Web Belt


4.8 oz

Nike Tech Essential Web Belt


5 oz

SlideBelts Ratchet Belt


13.6 oz

Meister Web Belt


1.6 oz

Under Armour Webbed Belt


8 oz

PGA Tour Perforated Fashion Belt


9.6 oz

Marino Genuine Leather Ratchet Belt

Genuine leather 


BC3109 Italian Calfskin Designer Belt 

Calfskin leather

8.3 oz

Xhtang Automatic Ratchet Leather Belt


9.8 oz

Bulliant Slide Ratchet Belt 

Genuine leather

12.8 oz


Now, for those who are in love with types of golf belts, those are 10 best golf belts you can buy for your golf outfits. We hope our review will make your decision easier. If you find it useful, share it right now! Thanks for visiting our page.


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