Top 10 Best Golf Alignment Sticks 2020


Are you on your way to create a super-accurate swing? Here you are, the 10 best golf alignment sticks for you to make your one! 


The golf alignment stick is the must-have item for every golfer. It is simple but useful and you can easily apply in many different ways to improve your skill. 

The alignment sticks basically help us keep everything simple and stick to the basics. This is all you need when it comes to making sure your fundamentals are in checks.

They are called “alignment sticks” for a reason to help you work on our alignment. There will be many ways you can do, but I confirm that this is the best for ball position, swing playing and start line. 

So, I list out here the 10 best golf alignment sticks for you! Choose your favorite and let’s start practicing! 

10. Shaun Webb Golf Alignment Sticks

This is the most well- known product in my list of best alignment sticks. And this is truly a high- quality product. They are made very subtly and meticulously, and you can feel it from the first moment. 

They are strong, solid and they last long. But it is also a disadvantage because the stick is twice times heavier than normal products.  

They each have removable caps so you can stick into the ground if you like. They are smooth to the touch and you will never find any signs of fraying. 


  • High- quality materials. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Stick well one the ground. 
  • Solid and last long. 


  • It is heavy 
  • High price 

9. Amy Sport Golf Alignment Sticks

Almost every player on the PGA tours uses Alignment stick when practicing. And many of them choose Amy Sport since it meets all their need of the best golf alignment sticks

Amy Alignment is 120 cm long, which is very suitable for the normal golf bags. It also has clear storage tube with a secure rubber cap that can protect your clubs from banging against the stick. 

You can connect them all with a small block that is provided with the set, or used as four points of reference on their own. It also works well when being put into the ground: no moving, no slipping.


  • Fit in the golf bag
  • Stick well on the ground 
  • Good at club protection.


  • Only one implement for attaching the sticks. 

8. Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick

If you are looking for an amazing swing, don’t forget Tour Sticks. It is one of the best golf alignment sticks that I want to introduce since it can help you all: proper alignment, proper ball position, proper swing plane and putting alignment. 

I highly recommend it for who is looking for a simple yet effective golf aid. 

Like the previous product, Tour stick has a rubber tip on one end for sticking in the ground. And it also has a moderate length that can easily fit with most of the golf bag. However, in my opinion, it is a little short when using. 


  • Solid and high- quality stick. 
  • Fit in most of the golf bag  
  • Variety of colors 


  • Length 
  • No storage bag (you should use rubber bands to keep it stable in your golf bag) 


These sticks are simply the best golf alignment sticks. They have one end having a flat tip, and the other end is pointed for ease of sticking into the ground.  

There is no word can describe how perfectly straight they are. That is why they can faultlessly finish their job of alignment without any difficulty. 

One small thing, they sell 2 sticks in a shortage tube that will keep them quietly in your golf bags. People usually pay less attention to this until they find out that there sticks and clubs are collided with each other and distorted. 


  • Perfect length 

  • Stick well on the ground


  • There is only one color to choose 

  • Good shortage tube 

6. Callaway Alignment Stix

This is the most flexible one in my list of best golf alignment sticks since Callaway can be broken down into half the size for easier storage. And Callaway also provides a storage container that easily fits into most the golf bag, too.  

Like many other sticks, they are the 48 inch length, perfectly straight and perfect for all levels of golfers. 

However, even though it’s made of steel, I am still worried about its durability when being hit by a strong swing. 


  • Flexible stick and easy to bring along. 
  • Including storage container 
  • Ideal length 


  • Not very solid and steady 

5. Frogger Golf 40" Alignment Stick

This is absolutely a high- quality product that has to be in your list of best golf alignment sticks. It is made of fiberglass – a little heavy but not easy to be broken even with a powerful hit. 

And Frogger stick is only 40inch long. It means it will not extend above your driver. Many people like it because it may look organized. But I wish it could be 3-4 inch longer. 

And I wish they made it white or red or blue or orange instead of dark green. Sometimes it’s invisible on the grass and doesn’t help with positioning at all. 


  • High- quality materials 
  • Could last long. 
  • Shot and fit with every golf bag


  • Difficult to see (it has the same color as the grass) 

4. Elixir Golf The Alignment Sticks

Every other product in our list of best golf alignment sticks has a rubber cap on only 1 head, but this one has 2. And the producers said they made it 2 to protect you and your clubs. 

I think it works. 

Its’s length is only 36 inch – shorter than Frogger. But like I said before, there are lots of people prefer shorter sticks since it makes the bag clear. And it makes itself portable and lightweight, too.

One more thing, with stick connector, you can easily cross 2 sticks at a perfect 90-degree angle. It is not too much to say “perfect”, cause it’s perfect. 


  • 2 rubber caps for better protection. 
  • Portable and lightweight stick. 
  • More accessories for easier use. 


  • It’s green and invisible on the grass. 

3. A99 Golf Alignment Sticks II

It is another version of Tour stick provided by A99 Golf. And the reason why there are 2 products of Tour Stick appear in my list of best golf alignment sticks is its quality. 

Again, this could be your best choice that can help with all: proper swing plane, alignment, ball position and putting alignment. And it is very easy to use with the ring for easier alignment and the rubber caps on both sides for easier positioning. 

This version of Tour Stick has only 2 colors: yellow and orange. Positively, they are all bright and visible on the grass. 


  • 2 rubber caps for better protection. 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Having a transparent tube to protect the stick. 


  • Only 2 available colors

2. PrideSports Golf Alignment Stick

Many factors that make PrideSport outstanding and become one of the best golf alignment sticks: collapsible stick for easy storage, 48inch length standard, bright color for enhancing training…

I am pleased with how well they travel with collapsible sticks, but I have to say that it limits their application as well: it will be easier broken and you have to be sure they are straight once you unfold them. However, it still durable and easy to use for what they are intended.  


  • Easy to store, especially on traveling 
  • The standard length of 48 inch 
  • Bright color


  • Can be broken easier since it is collapsible. 
  • Only 1 color: yellow 

1. SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks

What makes SKLZ different from other product in my list of best golf alignment sticks

It’s the rings around the stick. Each stick features with 9 rings for precise setup, ball alignment, and ball- striking. And that makes this alignment stick becomes the simplest and the most effective.

Maybe it is not very important for the professional, but it is very useful for beginners. So you can consider SKLZ if you just on the beginning step or if you want to teach your children.  


  • Good guild to position the ball and feet with rings around 
  • Ideal length 
  • Lightweight and easy to bring along 


  • Expensive price for a stick

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Without the right alignment, even the best swing will just be wasted. No matter how excellent your swing is, it will be useless if your alignment is not correct. That is why they make alignment sticks. And that is why I make a list of 10 best golf alignment sticks for you, too.  I hope that this article will help you master the art of alignment and create the most accurate ball. 


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