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Reviews and choosing the Best electric golf cart in 2019.

An electric golf cart is definitely responsible for keeping your golf clubs and helping you move from this course to another one. With the high convenience, this tool becomes popular all over the world. You do not have to spend much effort in moving the electric golf carts because they are completely self-propelled. There are a great number of electric golf carts available on the current market. They could be found in various colors, designs, features, prices, etc… Keep on reading our article and find out the best electric golf cart matching your budget and taste.

Top 5 Best Electric golf cart 2019 reviews

1. Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Caddy + FREE Accessory Pack – Best electric golf cart 2019

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Here is the best electric golf cart from Bat-Caddy you can find out on the market. This model gains the high attention of professionals and customers thanks to the excellent performance at the affordable price. Discover fabulous features of this model as the followings.

As the 7th generation model of Bat-Caddy, Bat-Caddy X3R electric golf cart inherits numerous outstanding characteristics of other previous golf carts. Although the cart is amazingly lightweight, it is very sturdy thanks to the stainless steel frame and high-quality polymer components. Reaching the ISO 9000 standard of quality, this model guarantees to make customers feel happy in many aspects. Remember that all components of the golf cart are made from aluminum or stainless steel. They contribute to building up the solid construction of the cart in a comprehensive way.

​A big convenience of the model is its great ease of setting up. It takes you a few minutes to complete the establishment without any difficulty. Feel great to take advantage of the electric golf cart due to the powerful battery that allows a long time of use. Moreover, controlling this golf cart is very easy in a large range from 90 to 120 yards. It is so convenient that you could monitor the tool without any requirement of battery power. This great feature comes from a smart seamless rheostat control.

2. Spin It Golf Products GC1R “Easy Trek” Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart, Silver

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The next recommendation in our list is Spin It Golf Products GC1R Electric Golf Cart. This electric golf cart is an ideal option for controlling from a far distance with a great number of gorgeous features.

Equipping an advanced Far Flung control choice, monitoring the golf cart from different directions is so easy without any challenge. Choose the most suitable speed of movement by using a handheld remote. There is a wide selection of speeds for you to choose from, including the low, medium and high level. You can walk or run behind the cart, which is dependent on your selection. The model is capable of roaming freely when necessary.

Another special feature of hand-held Faraway is the ability to deliver various directions such as turning left, turning right, stopping and reversing. With these amazing features above, this golf cart is worth calling the best electric golf cart nowadays. Feel confident to enjoy ultimate benefits of the model.

3. EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart 1994-2001 6″ Lift Kit + 12″ Wheels and 23″ All Terrain Tires


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This golf cart features all you need when going to the golf course. The model is not only sturdy but also multifunctional for doing different jobs. Find out dozens of gorgeous features when using the EZGO TXT electric golf cart.

Main parts of the golf cart include 4 chrome center caps and 4 chrome lug nuts. There is no requirement of cutting and welding. This is the reason leading to the great ease of setting up this tool. It takes you several minutes to complete all necessary steps of the establishment. Therefore, it is very convenient to take advantage of the electric golf cart. Even you are short or tall in height, adjusting the kit is so simple thanks to the extra height.

Associating with the smart design, it allows you to move on different types of terrains, even the hardest surface. You will find it durable for many years of use this machine. This excellent result comes from aluminum rims, lug nuts, and center caps. They combine well with each other in boosting the kit performance. The rims match well with the Wanda tires.

Another big plus of the kit is its special ability to minimize the level of noise. Feel confident to use the golf cart every time you want.

In a word, if you are seeking for the best electric golf cart, pay attention to the EZGO TXT model. It’s worth value purchasing this electric golf cart for many good reasons. Thousands of people feel happy with their choice. Hope you will belong to one of them.

4. Bat-Caddy X4 Electric Golf Caddy/Trolley/Cart


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Another reliable model of Bat Caddy that impresses most of the customers is Bat-Caddy X4 Electric Golf Caddy. The model is considered as the best electric golf cart among a variety of options. Feel confident to enjoy all of its amazing features.

With the unique design, this electric golf cart catches users’ eyes at the first glance. You can use the tool on every surface without any pressure of danger. It brings the great ease of use and the big quietness. Although the machine is powerful, it is surprisingly quiet for not disturbing other people.

The Bat-Caddy X4 also comes with big rear wheels for easily moving on almost types of terrains. You could control the speed of wheels without any difficulty. Therefore, don’t have to worry about slipping the electric cart. The freewheeling mode is responsible for turning off the power when necessary. This part contributes to enhancing the safety of the set in a comprehensive way.

How to Use Best Electric Golf Cart

For people who love the simplicity, the electric golf cart is a great recommendation. It is very easy to use an electric golf cart. All you need to do is ensuring the machine is in good condition before using. The motor of an electric golf cart often ranks between 3 HP and 5 HP. Remember to recharge fully the battery for the next uses. It is advisable for you to charge the golf cart’s battery after several days. Normally, you need replacing the old golf cart after 5 or 6 years of use. A big plus of the electric golf cart is its surprisingly quiet motor in comparison with a gas motor.

Most of the electric golf carts work effectively at 15 miles per hour of speed. The tool comes with 6 feet of height and a 4×8-foot footprint for reaching the best effectiveness. Therefore, you will find it convenient to manage the electric golf cart without any difficulty. Try to find out the best electric golf cart among thousands of available options. Moreover, read carefully the instructions of the manufacturer before starting using the machine.

In general, it is worth owning the best electric golf cart because of many positive reasons. Hope that our reviews above will help you easily have the most suitable electric golf cart for your needs and demands. Keep in mind that there are many factors affecting your buying decisions. You had better pay attention to the weight and the folding capability of a golf cart before giving the final option.

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