Arnold Palmer: The person who brings golf to the public

In the 60s, Palmer was a great propagator of golf to the public. Arnold Palmer is the third name that people think of the greatest golfers in history after Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. The working class, but Palmer won countless successes with aristocratic sports, and he has brought golf to the public.

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Palmer was very successful in the years 50-60


Like many other legends, Arnold Palmer (born September 10, 1929) came to golf very early. His father, a professional Latrobe Country Club golfer, gave way. And it didn’t take too long; Palmer quickly revealed his talent. On the outside, his rough hands didn’t seem to fit the golf club, but in fact, it was full of power.

At 17, Palmer won the West Penn Amateur title. Palmer then received a scholarship from Wake Forest University. A promising career, however, he soon left when he lost his close friend and colleague Bud Worsham for a car accident. Drop out; Palmer went to join the sea police force. And then the golf career is still attached to Palmer. During his time in Cleveland, Palmer, there were several amateur events and successive titles.

Out of duty, Palmer has plenty of time for golf. By 1954, he won the US Amateur Championship and switched to professionalism ever since. He married Winnie Walzer later and won the first professional award at the Canadian Open. Success goes on with Palmer. At the age of 28, Palmer won the first Masters. At that time, he was the youngest champion on Augusta.

Professional career

During the years from 1960-1964, Palmer won another 6 times in Major competitions. In the period from 1960-1963, he almost dominated the PGA Tour with 29 titles. In addition, he led the American team to win the Ryder Cup in 1963. And Palmer is the first golfer in the world to earn $ 1 million from tournaments.

It can be said that in the 1960s, Palmer was a great propagator of golf to the public, especially the popular class. Palmer initiated sports television programs and was one of the founders of the US TV Channel The Golf Channel. Palmer created a huge attraction. Each event with his participation always had a very different atmosphere.

To the point that ESPN writer Ron Flatter wrote: “Arnold Palmer became” King “- a king in the masses.” That is why he was called by his intimate name Arnie. In 1962, at U.S. Open, the Palmer incident defeated Nicklaus after a series of play-offs created a terrible fever. Palmer in every place becomes special.

Palmer is the first millionaire on the golf course


Not only on the golf course, but Palmer is also an outstanding businessman in the sports village. He does all the business. Former golfer Charles Sifford said that every professional golfer should pay homage to Palmer. Until not until the 80-90 years later, Palmer still proved the bravery of a man full of energy, constantly rising.



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