Did you know your favorite game golf was originated long back in time during the 15th century? In fact, there is a mystery followed by a huge debate regarding the origins of this game. Though it is known to have originated in Scotland, many of the historians claim that golf traces back to a Roman game called ‘Paganica,’ which, just like golf, had to be played with a bent stick and a leather ball.

A golf course has to have either 9 or 18 holes and each hole should have a ‘teeing ground’. The teeing grounds are set off by two markers, which demarcate the limits of ‘rough’, ‘fairway’, ‘tee area’, and other hazards. The ‘putting green’ is the area around the hole where the grass is trimmed in sa way so that players can make precise strokes. This area is again delimited by the fringe with a flagstick and a cup.

Golf is popularly called the gentleman’s game and is mostly played during leisure hours. The objective of the game is to drive a ball into as many holes as possible, using the least number of strokes. The iron-tipped wooden sticks used in this game are called ‘golf clubs.’

Here are some amazing facts about golf that might surprise you and fall in love with the game all over again.

 Top 10 Amazing Facts About Golf

  1. Playing golf means spending a good deal of time outdoors. Basking in the fresh air and sunlight with constant exposure to the greenery relaxes not only our body but also our mind. Exposure to sunlight helps the body to convert sunlight into Vitamin D; apart from that golf reduces stress, helps in driving anxiety away and has multiple other health benefits.
    Amazing Facts About Golf
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  2. Golf is a great way to socialize because it allows you to stay connected with your friends in a very exciting and ‘gentlemanly’ way.
  3. Golf is a great way to burn calories and get rid of the extra fat. Since a golf course stretches for 30-200 acres, it requires a lot of walking.
  4. Playing golf works as a substitute for the free hand exercises that are necessary to keep a body healthy. The walking, carrying the club, swinging it, gives you a little exercise every time and keeps your heart rate up.
  5. Playing golf is not only good for your heart but also your brain. With the increase in heart rate, the blood flow increases which in turn stimulates more cell connections.
  6. Golf requires a great deal of attention and concentration. Spotting the small white ball yards away, mapping its distance, etc. improves your vision and concentration a lot.
  7. Help your body get a good sleep by exhausting it first. Playing golf exhausts you and you automatically get a feel sound sleep, in order to re-energize your muscles and limbs.
  8. Golf is a sport that primarily focuses on strategy, accuracy and coordination
  9. Golf cannot be played without being creative. You need to make good use of your imagination before you make any shot, considering the placement of the ball.
  10. Studies have shown that playing golf decreases your mortality rate. Regular golf players have proven to have 40% decreased mortality rate, which means an increase of 5 years in life expectancy.

The Other Facts, Yet Amazing and Untold

  1. Golf is not only the regular game; it is a completely new language on its own. Learning the terms and phrases of the game is actually as important as learning the rules and swing technique.
  2. Usually, in other sports, there is an appointed referee or umpire to enforce the rules of the game. However, golf stands out among all other games as it depends on the players to call penalties on themselves.
  3. Near about 2000 calories can be burnt by walking while carrying clubs and 1300 calories can be burnt when riding in a cart, for an 18-hole round.
  4. Playing golf for a considerable amount of time improves your static and dynamic balance control and therefore your confidence.
    golf facts
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  5. There are events held in order to help you improve your performance by providing free or low-cost instructions from professional PGA and LPGA.
  6. Michael Hoke Austin, an English-American pro golfer, has recorded for making the longest drive in the history of golf. Hoke drove the ball 15 yards to make this record, during the U.S. National Seniors Tournament 1974.
  7. The first 18-hole golf course in America was constructed on a sheep farm in 1892 by a businessman and golf lover Charles Blair McDonald and his colleagues.
  8. Long back in time when golf made its advent during the late 14th century, the golf balls were made entirely of wood. Wooden balls were used to play golf till the beginning of 17th century.
  9. Apart from Javelin, golf is the only sport that has been played on the moon. Alan Bart “AL” Shepard, Jr. is said to have performed a one-handed swing which sent the ball out of the moon’s zero gravity atmosphere.
  10. Another interesting fact is that the government of China has banned the construction of any new golf course. However, the local communities have found out illegal ways to avoid the ban.
  11. Oakland University’s Kassandra Komma has recently scored two ones in one round.
  12. Though Phil Mickelson is the renowned left-handed golfer of all times, he is right handed originally. Mirroring his father’s swings allowed his ample success and therefore never needed to use right handed clubs.
  13. ‘Condor’ is an extremely unusual shot that has been verified as less as 4 times. A hole-in-one on a par three is a rare chance, whereas a condor requires making hole-in-one on a par-five.
  14. Great men like Dwight Eisenhowen, John F. Kennedy, and Barrack Obama have direct links with playing golf. Often overlooked Woodrow Wilson is also a dedicated golfer who has experience playing with black golf balls in the snow.
  15. To surprise you more, famous singer Celine Dion is an avid golfer and owns a course herself.
  16. Playing golf had been banned in Scotland, where it had originated in 1457 by the nation’s parliament. The parliament believed playing golf interfered with the military training and had repeated the ban twice more after that.
  17. Even prior to the tees were introduced in the golf game, golfers used to hand-build sand piles which worked in place of the tees.
  18. Alice Miller completed 18 holes in 1 hour, 26 minutes and 44 seconds. She currently holds the LPGA tour’s ‘fastest round’ record.
  19. A nine hole golf tournament takes place in Toonik Ryme, North Canadian territory Nanavut’s annual festival.
  20. The record for the longest record putt in a golf tournament is held by Bob Cook.
  21. A legendary figure of golf, Sam Snead, is popular for his 82PGA TOUR victories, seven major championships, and longevity.
  22. The record for playing most poles of golf in one year is held by Richard Lewis. He played 11,000 holes in one year.
  23. At the age of eight, Tiger Woods got his first hole-in-one.
  24. International Golf Club in Massachusetts holds the world’s longest golf course (8325 yards).
  25. The dimples on a golf ball reduce turbulence and allow the balls to travel further.
  26. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Russian astronaut Mijain Tiurin was the first one to drive a golf ball in space.
  27. Bangalore in India built the first golf club outside Britain in 1820.
  28. History says that King James IV was the first monarch to have purchased a few golf clubs.
  29. A regulation golf ball consists of 336 dimples.
  30. Japan’s Satsuki Golf Club has the longest golf hole in the world.

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